GOAT Pet Speaker from Shark Tank

goat pet speaker shark tank

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs is a Disney classic that we all must have grown up watching. One thing that stands out in this fairytale apart from the obvious is the fact that how Snow White was able to talk to animals. Don’t we all have moments when we wish we could communicate with animals? Or if not all of them, then maybe at least to our pets?

Well, this is something exactly what Michelle Winowich thought so too. Working closely in the pet industry for many years along the way of her career, she had gotten incredible experience in the need-based industry segment, where products are innovated and branched out to pet parents to make their lives more tech-savvy.

So she thought about why she couldn’t come up with something with the assessment of the technology that helps all pet parents speak to their pets. This obviously meant that she needed a tool that helps pets get a voice, just like we have seen in Disney fairytale movies like Snow White. Thus, having struck this idea, she started working on it until she came up with GOAT Pet Speaker.

The product was patented and became a huge success overnight. Thanks to the mobility, ease of use, and emotional factors of pets, it made an irresistible combo that customers couldn’t keep their hands off. By the time she realized that she had to cater to the business aspect of it all, too, she had already earned a whopping $5 million valuation for her company.

Hence, Michelle decided it was time to get her company an investment to help her manage operations as she used her earnings to expand the business. So on Season 9 of Shark Tank, Michelle dressed as Snow White and showed up to a much-amused bunch of sharks that almost thought it was a prank at first.

However, Michelle introduced herself and elaborated on her career and experiences in the pet industry that led to the innovation she proudly acclaims as GOAT Pet Speaker. She proceeded to make her pitch for a quite huge sum of $499,000 in exchange for a mere 9% equity in her business. The sharks chuckled sarcastically upon hearing the number.

However, nothing subdued Michelle’s excitement and enthusiasm as she went on to support her claims with a demonstration. She took out her phone, and just with a few swipes on the screen, the pet speaker chimed to a much-surprised bunch of judges. She then brought out her pet dog and placed the speaker around his neck, and it was like a magical transformation.

All of a sudden, the dog could speak, and Michelle spoke to him. The judges were impressed but showed concern with the sales number and repeat orders, and to top it off, Mark Cuban goes out just because he “hates the pet industry.” Michelle continued, showed them the app that made it work, and handed off the sample to the judges.

Daymond showed interest but went on by asking why she was dressed as Snow White, to which Michelle replied that Snow White spoke to animals, and it ties the fairytale to the GOAT Pet Speaker. Now the judges were just laughing hysterically, and it just felt like a joke. Anyone else would have been embarrassed to continue but not Michelle.

However, most of the judges follow suit with Mark and go out except Robert, who counters her aggressive pitch with 33.3%. Michelle countered and lowered it to 20%, but Robert was unhinged, and so Michelle accepted. She was skeptical at first but satisfied that at least she got a deal. She left with a smile having shook hands with Robert and looking forward to working with him.

The GOAT Pet Speaker went on to become an even bigger success and expanded its product line to include Dog Treats. However, like many businesses in the US, Michelle’s business also succumbed to the pandemic. As of 2022, there have been no updates as to even the business is active or not. The website is also down, and social media seems dead as of June 2022.

Our Review of GOAT Pet Speaker

G.O.A.T. Bluetooth Pet Speaker Black Cat

Although the website was dead, GOAT Pet Speaker was still available on Amazon. So we grabbed the black cat version with big green eyes. Safe to say, you instantly get the gist as to why the product is such a huge hit with pet owners. It hits the emotional cords of every pet parent who wishes their pets would talk to them.

Moreover, the speaker can also play music when synced to a device via Bluetooth. You can personalize your pet’s voice and accent, have them tell their name, etc. It is a fun game for kids and adults alike, making it an excellent gift for any pet owner. You can, too, purchase it on Amazon for almost half the original price and see the magic transformation yourself.

Pros of GOAT Pet Speaker

  • Bluetooth connection
  • Dedicated app
  • Personalization for pet profile
  • Built-in clip to attach to the pet collar
  • Fast charging lasts up to 4 to 8 hours.

Cons of GOAT Pet Speaker

The only con with the GOAT Pet Speaker is a lack of innovation from the business perspective. Even though Michelle was earning significantly and bagged a great deal on Shark Tank, she kept rolling with the same original design she had created and made no technical upgrades. That is one of the biggest reasons people got bored, and she had no repeat orders.

Who Is GOAT Pet Speaker For?

GOAT Pet Speaker is for pet owners and makes a great gift for any pet parent. You can purchase them on Amazon for half the price and gift them to any pet owner you know or keep one for yourself. It is a cute little device that will instantly tug on your emotional cords, and you will be thrilled to be able to understand your pets.

Are There Any Alternatives?

Hunger for Words Talking Pet Starter Set

Nowadays, you must have seen pet button sets available along with a dedicated mat to place and stick each with the corresponding words. It takes a bit of training on the pet owner and pet’s part. But it is a great way to communicate with your pet, who can now press the dedicated button for whatever they are trying to tell you.

Our Final Thoughts

It is still not apparent as to what became the reason for GOAT Pet Speaker Company shutting down (or has it even shut down, just taking a break). There are no updates anywhere, and it just seems that Michelle has found other things to keep herself busy. However, until the stocks last, the products are still available via Amazon. So it might be your last chance to buy any. Cheers!