Toybox Labs from Shark Tank

Toybox Labs shark tank

Toybox Labs is a firm that creates ingenious 3D printers for children. ToyBox labs toy printers come with a wide catalogue available to customers online. Children can use the Toybox printer to print any item from the catalogue, which can be done using a mobile application or online.

The Toybox is unique in that there haven’t been many items like it before, and it allows people to experience technology in a new way. Furthermore, Toybox Labs has prioritized sustainability and safety since the printer produces biodegradable and non-toxic toys.

Even though the Toybox Labs agreement with Kevin was never finalized, the business is currently operating well thanks to a contract with Beano Studios. They managed to release a cartoon series that was available on US Netflix. Additionally, the business raised 2 million dollars from six venture capital companies.

The company’s biggest breakthrough came in 2021 when they agreed to a contract with the Warner Brothers. The business continues to grow and earns a sizable 24 million dollars in annual income.

Jen and Ben, the Toybox Labs founders, come to Shark Tank hoping to acquire a one hundred and fifty thousand dollar investment in exchange for a 5% share in the company.

They displayed their product before handing out samples to the sharks. They highlighted how the company started thanks to an Indiegogo campaign and how they had raised three hundred thousand dollars so far.

Jamie notes that the 299-dollar price tag is a bit excessive for a toy that children could grow bored of eventually. Mark is the first shark to pass since he shares Jamie’s worries and thinks children would lose interest in it throughout the four hours it takes to produce one toy. Daymond decides against investing due to liability concerns.

Kevin decides to put forth a 150,000 dollar proposal for a 10% stake in the company and states that he would prefer to license it. Jamie and Lori decide against investing as well. As there were no other proposals, Kevin changed his offer to 150,000 dollars for a 15% ownership in the business.

Jen and Ben counter Kevin with 150,000 dollars for 12%, but he disagrees. Kevin accepts their counteroffer of 150,000 dollars for 13% and 2% advisory shares.

Our Review of Toybox Labs

Toybox labs is a one-time investment because this single printer allows kids to make a broad variety of toys. It is simple to use, and children soon learn how to operate it independently. It also weighs lbs. and is 9 inches in height, so children can easily carry it about without the assistance of a parent.

The best thing about this 3D toy printer is that kids can use it to make anything from automobiles to action figures to chess pieces. Furthermore, children may be creative by designing their toys or printing one from an image.

Furthermore, when we buy a new toy for our child, we are all concerned about our kid’s safety. Toybox labs have prioritized the safety of children by making this product out of biodegradable and non-toxic material. Moreover, the printer food the toys are made of is PLA plastic constructed from corn oil.

Therefore, parents who refrain from purchasing toys made out of plastic can also purchase this product without worrying since this is a much better alternative.

Overall, we believe this is an interesting product for children that will keep them entertained. However, similar to some sharks, we are also concerned that some kids might lose interest while making the toy as it can take a while. Nonetheless, children might gain that interest back when they see the finished product in front of them.

Moreover, even if the price tag may be on the higher side, the number of toys children can create with this one-of-a-kind product makes investing worthwhile.

Pros of Toybox Labs

Here are a few benefits of Toybox labs:

  • Ability to produce a wide range of toys from an online catalogue
  • Allows kids to get creative and make their toy or even print one through an image
  • The only toy that children will need

Cons of Toybox Labs

Here are a few drawbacks parents need to consider before buying Toybox labs:

  • High price
  • Children might lose interest in the toys as it takes a while to create them

Who Is Toybox Labs For?

Toybox labs are for kids who have become tired of playing with traditional toys and are looking for something new and innovative. This product is great for kids who enjoy creativity because it allows them to design and make toys. This toy is suitable for children aged six to nine.

Furthermore, it can create everything from automobiles to action figures and much more, making it ideal for children who enjoy playing with various toys.

Are There Any Alternatives?

You will find very limited options for products such as Toybox labs. Here are our top picks of the closest Toybox labs alternatives:

  • Toyze
  • NI-O Toys

Toyze is at the top of our list of Toybox Labs since it is not a printer that prints toys. The company allows children to build personalized 3D game characters. The 3D toys are then created by the manufacturer and shipped to your home.

Therefore, similar to the Toybox labs, Toyze also sounds like it’s worth giving a try since it allows children to get creative and gives them a chance to create personalized toys.

 Our Final Thoughts

Toybox Labs is the epitome of modern technology and how it has aided people in the creation of new and inventive items. It is everything a child requires in the form of a single product and can save parents from frequent trips to the toy store. We feel that this one-of-a-kind product will appeal to children and keep them occupied for a long time.

The printer food is safe and may be used by persons who avoid plastic items because it is made of PLA plastic derived from corn oil. So, what are you waiting for? Give this product a try to see whether your children enjoy it.