The Bobble Place from Shark Tank

The Bobble Place shark tank

Not every day do you find a bobblehead that is a perfect replica of your appearance. Perhaps Madame Tussauds could do a better job, but we doubt you’re that famous yet! So why not settle for the next best thing?

If you like bobbleheads, The Bobble Place has something great in store for you. What if we told you you could attach a mini-you to your car’s dashboard to show off to all your friends and family. What a great way to own your assets!

Who wants a bobblehead of Mr. Potato Head anymore? When choosing between your face and a cartoon character, which will ultimately stand out? The Bobble Place, or We Bobble, provides a unique solution to a problem you didn’t even know you had; the lack of bespoke bobbleheads!

What is The Bobble Place?

Nobody knows why avatars are so appealing. But, ever since they came into existence, people have been investing most of their time in online personas that look exactly like them. There’s something addictive about replicating the way you look.

The Bobble Place plays with this concept and adds a unique spin. Redesigning the way people look or building on unique characteristics (such as the kind of sport they are passionate about) helps them achieve a product everyone is bound to love.

These bobbleheads allow you to hold your avatars in your hands, place them in your cars, or decorate your homes with them. They are a lighthearted addition to a room, sparking a much-needed laugh once spotted.

How it Works

The Bobble Place takes in orders and specific timelines, depending on how soon you want it delivered. They require their customers to send photos and details that can help them add life to the bobblehead.

The Bobble Place also allows its customers to watch as their bobblehead is crafted. The journey from no bobblehead to bobblehead enthusiast is just an order away.

As they work with unique bobblehead pieces, they gain the insight to make the experience worthwhile for their customers or consumers. Meaning, that if you want your own bobblehead or are looking to gift someone an original piece, The Bobble Place has got you covered.

What Makes The Bobble Place Unique?

Bobbleheads have existed for a long time. Since Mr. Potato Head’s bobbing head became famous, people have invested in these fantastic art pieces. However, no one has ever gotten close to formulating unique bobbleheads that match people’s appearances.

The Bobble Place is unique in its quality and creativity. The material used to craft the bobblehead is durable and long-lasting, so it will probably become a great story for your great-grandchildren flying around in spaceships in the future.

How Did the Shark Tank Pitch Go?

Jeff Wolsky’s pitch left the sharks confused and agitated. This pitch was a classic case of a great product that was pitched poorly. Wolksky’s continued emphasis on ranges instead of clear-cut numbers put the sharks off.

Wolsky started the pitch by introducing his product, priced at $78-$109 per piece. He was looking for $78,000 in return for 18% equity. However, the owner did not include his up-and-running online business, which had already been making seven figures.

Wolsky presented the judges with bobblehead replicas of themselves, pitching the idea of a business where he would profit from selling custom bobbleheads at a kiosk. However, he shocked the judges by not presenting them with a stake in the profits he was reaping from his online website, The Bobble Place.

Most of the sharks were put off by the numbers he presented for his new business and were wary of investing even after he conceded to a share in the online business.

Wolsky ultimately loses the deal, bargaining for a higher investment till the very end.

Our Review of The Bobble Place

The Bobble Place is a unique idea that sold poorly. Wolsky ultimately lost the deal of a lifetime. An investment in his already existing business could reap a profit far greater than anything the kiosks could get him.

The Bobble Place hasn’t been pitched before. That is because no one ever thought custom bobbleheads were possible. Wolsky’s creativity is displayed in the creation of bobbleheads that match appearances and personalities. What’s not to like?

Pros of The Bobble Place


These bobbleheads are unique. You may never find a doll that matches your appearance, let alone a bobblehead. However, all your dreams may finally come true with The Bobble Place.


The idea is quite silly and quirky. It is great if you need an icebreaker at a family dinner or a house party. It is that funny item you get to show off to your friends when they come over!

A Great Gift Item

You no longer have to look for unique gift items that will make your friends or family feel like you put some thought into their gift. You can let The Bobble Place create that thoughtful gift for you.

Cons of The Bobble Place


Not everyone has the spare 100 dollars needed to invest in these bobbleheads. You might as well buy a doll and call it a day.


You cannot get the bobblehead in a day. You cannot even shop for it. The process is long, and a custom-made bobblehead may take quite some time to get to you.

Who is The Bobble Place for?

The Bobble Place is for quirky people. The silly little bobbing head isn’t for everyone. After all, not everyone can afford to look as goofy as the bobblehead they have lying around.

Are There Any Alternatives?

There are no alternatives to this product. That is the beautiful thing about these bobbleheads. They are unique!

Our Final Thoughts

Today, The Bobble Place goes by We Bobble, providing its customers with the unique gift of bespoke bobbleheads which resemble the customers’ appearances. They allow you to choose a type, send in your pictures, and choose your delivery type with multiple options and affordable rates.

The best thing about The Bobble Place is its dedication to providing personalized dolls for occasions where you need to gift someone something unique. It allows you to think out of the box and invest in a gift that is unlike anything they will receive.

Even though The Bobble Place did not get a deal out of their Shark Tank pitch, their product is still alive and flourishing in the gift-giving market niche.