Le-Glue from Shark Tank

Le-Glue shark tank

Would you believe if we told you a 13-year-old came up with the solution to a problem he faced during playtime, which became a million-dollar business? Yes, it’s true. Like all kids, Tripp Phillip loved building bricks, but the problem was they would always break apart. Thus, to ensure a steady build, he came up with the first-ever releasable adhesive he later named Le-Glue. Read on to learn everything you need to know about this product.

Le-Glue is a non-permanent solution to holding building blocks in place, so you never have to worry about them falling apart unless you want them to. This releasable glue easily comes off with warm water, and it is safe to use with multiple building block brands, including Lego, Grand, and Mega Blocks. It comes in easy-to-use squeezable dispensing pouches that enable you to apply the glue easily.

The story of this fantastic product began when Tripp’s teacher challenged him to come up with an invention or to write a paper to solve a problem. Tripp loved challenges and decided to unleash his creativity. As he sat down to brainstorm, he noticed that his Lego airplane kept falling apart.   At that moment, he knew what he needed to work on.

He rushed downstairs to his father and told him about his idea. Tripp wanted to create a non-permanent solution to keep the building blocks attached till he wanted to use them for something else. Together with the help of his dad and a few experts, he selected a good-quality adhesive that would not last forever but serve the purpose of keeping the blocks together. The glue would strengthen the Lego blocks and keep them together while ensuring a firm build.

After the product was ready, Tripp demonstrated it to his teachers and classmates, who loved the idea. His teachers encouraged him to sign up for the “International Torrance Legacy Creativity Award” competition. Tripp got an award in the competition, which motivated him to start a business.

With his father’s help, he got a patent for his invention, thus becoming the youngest person to be granted a patent in the USA. The father-son duo began producing, marketing, and selling the product online. They also managed to raise $3,398 through a Kickstarter campaign. Tripp wanted his glue to be sold with all the building block sets available in the market.

This method provided a simple and effective way to hold building blocks together, preventing them from breaking. Another plus point of this glue is that it is non-toxic and easy-to-apply by kids.

Accompanied by his father and sister, Tripp made an appearance on Shark Tank to seek an investor who would help his business achieve new heights of success. They were seeking an investment of 80,000 dollars in exchange for 15% of Le-Glue.

Tripp started the pitch by explaining his back story and what led to him developing this unique product. They also mentioned having generated $32,000 in sales in the past year, most of which were made online through the company’s website. The Sharks also enquired about their selling and production costs. The founders also mentioned that their goal was to partner with large companies that would include le-glue as a part of their building block sets.

Kevin then offered to invest 80,000 dollars in exchange for 50% profits until the investment was recouped, after which his ownership would be 20% of the business. Daymond followed, offering $80,000 for 25% of the company. Tripp asked if he would be willing to drop the equity to 20%. However, Daymond refused. After discussing it with his father, they accepted Kevin’s offer.

After the show was aired, Le-Glue continued its journey to success, receiving a large influx of orders.   They generated $500,000 in revenue within a year of the episodes’ airing, which was a 500% increase in sales.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, the company started selling hand sanitizers. They donated the money made from these hand sanitizers to healthcare workers and the fire department.

Le-Glue is still in business, and they are doing pretty well. If you are a fan of building blocks, you can get your hands on this product by ordering through their website or on Amazon.

Our Review of Le-Glue

After carefully reviewing the product, we have to say we are very impressed with what Le-Glue offers. It solves a problem faced by many kids while building blocks. Le-Glue is a non-permanent and non-toxic glue that firmly holds the building bricks.

Moreover, the glue does not erode the building blocks and can easily be removed simply by submerging the blocks in warm water for 20 seconds. It is easy to use and comes in a squeezable pouch, similar to a   ketchup or mayonnaise container.

Another plus is that it comes off easily and does not leave any residue. Parents love this product because they no longer have to walk into their child’s room and step over pointy Lego blocks. Children can display their best Lego Creations without worrying about the building blocks falling off.

This releasable adhesive is all required to hold building blocks together firmly. Another thing we love is that it contains zero toxic ingredients, making it safe for children to use. Its formula also contains antibacterial agents that prevent fungal and mold growth on building blocks.

Pros of Le-Glue

  • It helps hold building blocks in place.
  • It comes off easily with warm water.
  • It is made from natural ingredients and is non-toxic.

Cons of Le-Glue

  • It takes too long to dry.
  • It is too costly for its size.

Who Is Le-Glue for?

Le-Glue is a non-messy adhesive glue for children and adults to hold their Lego blocks in place.

Are There Any Alternatives?

Some of the best alternatives for this product include Loctite Ultra Gel and Gorilla Super Glue Gel.

Our Final Thoughts

Le-Glue makes playtime much more fun as kids no longer have to worry about their Lego bricks falling apart. This non-permanent releasable adhesive effortlessly holds the structures in place and can easily be removed using warm water!