KENT: Shark Tank Update – Exciting Progress Report

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KENT, an innovative and eco-friendly underwear brand, made quite an impression when it appeared on Shark Tank’s season 14 premiere. Founders Stacy and Jeff Grace took the stage with their unique proposal to create the world’s first compostable clothing brand. Their underwear is made from 100% organic Pima cotton, free from any synthetics, microplastics, or petrochemicals, making it an attractive option for environmentally conscious consumers.

The entrepreneurial duo bravely pitched their business idea to the experienced Sharks, seeking an investment of $200,000 in exchange for 5% equity in their company. With the live studio audience and millions of viewers tuning in, the pressure was on for the Graces as they sought to convince the investors that their product was truly groundbreaking and worth backing.

Throughout the episode, the Sharks scrutinized KENT’s business model, sustainability claims, and overall appeal to the market. As a result, KENT’s journey on the show was filled with excitement, anticipation, and a fair bit of skepticism.

Kent’s Appearance on Shark Tank

Kent Underwear made a memorable entrance into the entrepreneurial world when co-founders Stacy and Jeff Grace showed up on Shark Tank Season 14 to pitch their innovative product. Kent is an underwear brand that manufactures compostable underwear for men and women using 100% organic Pima cotton and steering clear of synthetics, microplastics, or petrochemicals.

The pitch, delivered with both clarity and enthusiasm, caught the attention of all the sharks, including Mark Cuban, Lori Greiner, Barbara Corcoran, Robert Herjavec, and Daymond John. The Graces were seeking an investment of $200,000 with the offer of 5% equity in Kent Underwear, which put their valuation at a solid $4 million.

The sharks displayed interest in the brand but shared some concerns as well. However, Daymond John, known for his expertise in the fashion industry, saw potential in Kent Underwear and decided to counter their initial offer. Realizing the value of having Daymond on their team, Stacy and Jeff negotiated and agreed to give him 15% equity in their company in exchange for his $200,000 investment. This decision revised the valuation to approximately $1.33 million.

The collaboration with Daymond was a turning point in the brand’s journey, and since then, Kent Underwear has seen significant growth and success. The exposure on Shark Tank helped them gain recognition, and the deal with Daymond John contributed to the expansion and strengthening of the company. Now, they continue to make headway as a sustainable and environmentally-conscious underwear brand, setting an example for others to follow.

The Deal

Kent Underwear, an eco-friendly brand that manufactures compostable underwear for both men and women, appeared on Shark Tank Season 14, Episode 1. The founders, Stacy and Jeff Grace, pitched their business to the investors, seeking an investment of $200,000 in exchange for 5% equity stake in their company. With this offer, Kent Underwear had a valuation of $4 million.

The investors showed great interest in the organic Pima cotton pants, which avoid the use of synthetics, microplastics, and petrochemicals. Out of all the sharks, Daymond John saw the most potential in the sustainable clothing brand. He made a counter offer to invest the $200,000, but for a 15% equity stake in Kent. This offer brought the company’s valuation down to approximately $1,333,333.

After some consideration, the Graces accepted Daymond’s offer, securing the much-needed investment to further grow their business. With Daymond’s experience and connections in the fashion industry, he proved to be the perfect investor to help Kent Underwear make a bigger impact in the growing eco-friendly apparel market. The deal turned out to be an important milestone for the company as it allowed them to rise humbly and continue solving the fashion industry’s waste problem.

Founders and Company Background

Kent Underwear is a sustainable apparel company founded by Stacy Grace, who also serves as CEO. Born out of a passion for eco-friendly designs and reducing waste, Kent aims to provide well-designed, comfortable, and environmentally responsible garments.

Stacy Grace hails from Los Angeles, California, and has extensive experience in the sustainable fashion industry. Alongside her career, she also serves as an Accounts Manager and Brand Partnerships at Liberty Ltd, as well as an instructor at FIDM/Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising.

The brand operates under the family-owned apparel factory, which is also headquartered in Los Angeles. This allows Kent to maintain quality control, reduce their carbon footprint, and support local businesses. The company takes pride in its dedication to sustainability, using quality materials and ethical manufacturing processes.

In their journey, Kent had the opportunity to present their brand on the popular TV show “Shark Tank.” It was a significant milestone for the company, as they were able to secure a successful deal with Daymond John, one of the show’s expert investors. This collaboration led to an expansion in their product offerings and the ability to reach a broader audience.

With an ethos grounded in promoting eco-consciousness, Kent Underwear continues to grow and innovate in the sustainable fashion industry while also making a positive impact on the environment. The company is dedicated to providing quality, eco-friendly products to consumers who are looking for stylish and comfortable alternatives that also benefit the planet.

Product Overview

KENT is a brand that has introduced unique and innovative underwear made with organic materials. These garments are not only comfortable and stylish but also environmentally-friendly. Their line of products boasts the world’s first verified compostable underwear.

The underwear they offer is made from organic cotton and organic Pima cotton. This cotton originates mainly in Peru and serves as a sustainable and eco-friendly choice for creating comfy yet responsible garments. The absence of synthetic materials and microplastics in their products makes KENT stand out, as it minimizes harm to the environment.

For women, KENT has a variety of underwear styles available, such as hipster, bikini, high-waist, and thong, all made from organic cotton. An individual pair costs $24. Men can purchase organic cotton briefs for $28 apiece. The brand offers package combinations for women as well, with 3, 5, and 7-pack combos priced at $68, $108, and $144, respectively.

In addition to underwear, KENT also offers other compostable garments like t-shirts, men’s briefs, bikini tops, and crop tops. All these products follow the same environmentally-conscious approach using organic materials, such as Pima cotton.

The friendly tone used by the KENT brand aligns with their commitment to creating a product that is not only comfortable but also sustainable. Their innovative compostable underwear and other garments showcase their dedication to making a positive impact on the environment with every piece of clothing they produce.

Sustainability Focus

Kent Underwear, a brand featured on Shark Tank, has made sustainability one of its core focuses by offering compostable and environmentally friendly products. Made from 100% organic Pima cotton, Kent Underwear avoids using any synthetic materials, microplastics, or petrochemicals in their production process. This choice results in underwear that is not only comfortable but also aligns with the growing sustainable fashion movement.

Commitment to the environment can be seen in their innovative compostable products. The underwear they manufacture can be composted within 90 days, providing customers with a guilt-free disposal option when their product reaches the end of its life. Additionally, Kent Underwear reduces waste through their composting practices, addressing a significant issue in the fashion industry.

Opting for natural materials like organic Pima cotton further validates Kent Underwear’s dedication to sustainability. This choice helps prevent the toxic effects of synthetic materials that can be harmful to the environment and human health. Moreover, the brand’s materials are certified GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard), ensuring an eco-friendly and ethical approach to production.

Kent Underwear’s sustainable practices extend to water and carbon footprint reduction as well. Their efforts have reportedly led to a savings of 4.21 tons of carbon emissions and 2.35 million gallons of water in 2020 alone. By embracing the use of plant-based products and waste reduction methods, Kent is actively contributing to mitigating climate change and promoting sustainability.

In essence, Kent Underwear’s dedication to sustainability through compostable clothing, responsible material selection, and environmental footprint reductions highlight their commitment to creating a positive impact on the planet while providing a functional and fashionable product for consumers.

Brand and Marketing

KENT is a fashion brand that specializes in eco-friendly underwear and basics. With a focus on creating the world’s first compostable clothing line, KENT has made waves in the fashion industry with its unique approach to sustainability and style.

The brand’s marketing strategy centers on promoting its eco-conscious values alongside its fashionable and comfortable products. KENT underwear is advertised using strong visuals on social media platforms such as Instagram, showcasing the stylish designs and emphasizing the brand’s commitment to the environment.

One important aspect of KENT’s branding is its unique selling point of compostable materials, creating a point of differentiation from other fashion brands. By highlighting this feature, KENT effectively appeals to the growing market of environmentally-conscious consumers looking for sustainable options in their clothing choices.

In addition to standard advertising methods, KENT’s collaboration with Shark Tank allowed the brand to showcase its products and secure a successful deal with Daymond John. This partnership brought more attention and credibility to the brand, making it even more attractive to eco-conscious shoppers.

To sum it up, KENT’s marketing strategy revolves around being a fashion brand with sustainable practices, making advanced use of digital channels like Instagram for advertising, and associating with renowned platforms like Shark Tank to enhance its presence and reputation in the industry.

Retail and Sales

KENT, an innovative compostable clothing brand, has been making waves in the retail scene since its successful appearance on Shark Tank’s live season premiere. As a Los Angeles-based company, KENT’s focus on sustainability and eco-friendly practices has resonated with consumers and retailers alike.

In terms of retail distribution, KENT has fostered significant partnerships with various retailers, including Nordstrom. These associations have contributed to the brand’s impressive sales growth. In 2022, KENT generated $99,000 in sales, paving the way for a projected $500,000 within the next year.

The company’s commitment to domestic production has further strengthened its retail appeal. Each pair of KENT underwear is created entirely within the United States, costing approximately $8 per unit to manufacture. With a retail price of around $25 per pair, the brand has garnered consumer support for its investment in ethical and sustainable production values.

E-commerce has also played a substantial role in KENT’s retail success. By leveraging online platforms, the brand has been able to reach a broader customer base and expand its market presence. This increase in accessibility has contributed to the company’s growth and appeal to retailers.

In summary, KENT’s triumph on Shark Tank has led to fruitful developments in both retail and sales. With its eco-friendly approach to clothing production, partnerships with major retailers like Nordstrom, and a strong e-commerce presence, the brand is poised for continued growth in the retail and wholesale sectors.

Financial Overview

KENT, a groundbreaking compostable underwear brand, made their way to the Shark Tank show in season 14, episode 1, seeking investment for their innovative idea. The founders, Stacy and Jeff Grace, initially presented an offer of $200k for 5% equity in the company, which valued their business at $4 million.

The company’s pitch caught the attention of Shark Daymond John, who recognized the potential of the unique eco-friendly product. However, he wanted to negotiate the terms of the deal. Daymond made a counteroffer of $200k for 15% equity in KENT. The entrepreneurs agreed to the revised terms, securing the investment they needed.

Closing the deal with Daymond John not only brought financial investment to KENT but also his extensive experience and connections in the fashion industry. Since then, the company has been able to scale their production and increase revenue, attracting more customers who appreciate KENT’s commitment to sustainability and eco-friendly practices.

As KENT continues to grow, keeping its financial milestones and objectives in perspective will be crucial for its future success. The investment from Shark Tank has undoubtedly brought them closer to achieving their goals in providing the world with compostable clothing options, taking a pivotal step in addressing the massive waste problem of the fashion industry.

Future of Kent

Kent, the innovative undergarments brand, has a bright future ahead, thanks to a successful deal on the popular TV show Shark Tank. Their pitch secured an investment from Daymond John, a well-known entrepreneur and investor with extensive expertise in the fashion industry. With Daymond’s mentorship and guidance, Kent is poised for significant growth and expansion in the undergarments market.

The fashion industry has long been plagued by issues of waste and unsustainable production practices. Kent seeks to address this problem by focusing on high-quality, long-lasting garments made from sustainable materials like nylon. Their annual brief collection aims to reduce waste while offering consumers comfortable and environmentally-conscious undergarments.

As part of their journey, Kent’s founders appeared on the live premiere of Shark Tank’s Season 14, where they encountered other innovative entrepreneurs such as the creators of Pizza Pack and Oogiebear. The experience allowed them to learn from industry experts and showcase their unique approach to undergarments.

With Daymond John on board as both investor and mentor, Kent has a valuable resource to tap into. Daymond brings not only financial backing but also invaluable knowledge and connections within the fashion world. His guidance will help the brand refine its approach, improve its offerings, and reach new heights in the world of undergarments.

In the years to come, Kent’s focus on sustainable textiles and high-quality garments will likely resonate with a growing number of environmentally-conscious consumers. As the brand continues to grow and evolve, it will have a positive impact on both the fashion industry and the wider world.

With the help of Daymond John and the spirit of innovation that brought them to Shark Tank, there’s no doubt that Kent is destined for great things. As they continue to push the boundaries of undergarment design, the brand stands to make a lasting impression on the fashion world and beyond.


Kent Underwear, a brand offering compostable undergarments made from 100% organic Pima cotton, secured a deal on Shark Tank with investor Daymond John. Founders Stacy and Jeff Grace pitched their eco-friendly business during Season 14, hoping to gain a $200,000 investment in exchange for 5% equity.

In a friendly negotiation, Daymond countered the original offer, preferring to invest the requested $200,000 for a 15% stake in the company. This revised the valuation of Kent from $4 million to $1,333,333. Ultimately, the entrepreneurs accepted the deal, realizing the benefits of partnering with an experienced investor would strengthen the brand’s growth.

Since the Shark Tank appearance, Kent has continued to develop and grow its product line, focusing on sustainability by avoiding synthetics, microplastics, and petrochemicals in their underwear. This commitment to eco-conscious practices has positioned Kent as a leader in the sustainable fashion industry.

The partnership with Daymond John has undoubtedly contributed to Kent’s success, thanks to his expertise and connections in the apparel sector. The sustained growth of Kent Underwear is a testament to Stacy and Jeff Grace’s dedication to creating a lasting and environmentally friendly solution for consumers.

In conclusion, the Shark Tank experience has proved fruitful for Kent Underwear, demonstrating the power of determination, innovation, and the willingness to collaborate. As a result, the brand continues to make a positive impact on the fashion industry by promoting eco-consciousness and sustainability.