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Alice’s Table shark tank

Our culture is filled with all sorts of celebratory occasions. There are many occasions to celebrate, from baby showers and gender reveal parties to birthdays, holidays, and weddings. That is what has significantly contributed to the growing event management industry. Whether it is a formal event or a celebratory party, you can find an event manager to do it all.

This is why it is just easy to plan a celebration party where ever you want and however you like it, thanks to the plethora of event managers you can hire for their services. From décor to catering, photography, and deciding on theme and venue – an event manager would help you with everything. However, because there are so many aspects to look after, some people have divulged into creating their own niche market within the industry.

Alice Lovell Rossiter is one such event management industry entrant. She found her love for events and hosting back in 2015 with her company called Alice’s Table. Before that, she was just another Consumer Psychology graduate that also majored in Visual Studies. She enhanced her curriculum vitae with an Art Business master’s degree from an NYC institute. However, her creative mindset and upbringing in a creative family pushed her to pursue her passion.

Alice’s Table was created as an event management company but led on a niche of flower arrangements. Soon enough, people caught on to her business and were keen to hire her services for high-class events surrounding women who like arranging flowers. The next thing she knew, her business was growing, and she was becoming a pro at it. So she decided to start expanding her business niche by giving other people the opportunity to work like her.

That’s when Alice’s Table collaborated with 1-800-FLOWERS.COM, Inc. and pivoted into becoming a hugely successful lifestyle brand. Today, in combination with her in-person curated experiences, she also has a digital round-up for people wanting to learn from their homes. She has also gone from flowering arrangements to culinary and gourmet catering options and becoming an all-rounder event curator for high-class parties.

For more details, check out her website at Alice’s

Alice’s Table Featured on Shark Tank

Alice showed up on Shark Tank in Season 9 and made a pitch for $250,000 in exchange for 6.5% equity in her business. She got right into the dynamics of her role as the founder and CEO of the company. She even managed to surprise the judges with how much she valued her company. However, she wasn’t heckled in the slightest and came straight to the point that this funding would help her expand the business while allowing her to keep it running too.

Verdict: Alice ended up confirming a deal with Mark and Sara on her original pitch of $250,000 but in exchange for 10% equity and an option to continue investing as the business grows.

Our Review of Alice’s Table

You can think of Alice’s Table as a party arrangement service with the option of learning how to curate and host Tupperware parties with drinks, gourmet snacks, and meals, and the star of the show: flower arrangement. Upon attending one of her private events, we can say that it was incredibly well-managed and an overall liberating experience for women. Her digitally curated workshops are considered timely and accommodating to the participants.

However, it makes sense that she charges differently depending on which option you avail yourself of. Moreover, there are individual products also available on her website that she uses exclusively for her parties and events. Hence, if you are going to create an exact replica of what you learned in the workshop, you have the option to purchase the same products and go about it Justas the host has done so.

Pros of Alice’s Table

  • High-class event management
  • Flower arrangement
  • Gourmet snacks and meal options
  • Both in-person and digital workshops are available
  • Mainly for stay-at-home moms

Cons of Alice’s Table

  • It is a highly niche-based business.
  • People may not find it useful in certain aspects.

Who Is Alice’s Table For?

Alice’s Table is specially curated for stay-at-home mothers and housewives who want to start up their own businesses and become independent but have access to limited resources. Alice has also spoken about this on multiple occasions, that she is open to providing internships to women who want to gain industry experience by working under her brand name and then go on to create their own.

Her main focus is on flower arrangement. Hence, she also caters to all gender regarding this without any discrimination. So even if you are not a woman or don’t identify as one, but you are interested in learning flower arrangement, Alice’s Table is an amazing option to get things started right. You can then move on to tap into other opportunities and expand your skill set to create your own event management service.

Are There Any Alternatives?

Naturally, there are many alternatives to Alice’s Table because the event management industry is booming. You can go on to enroll yourself in diploma courses and workshops to gain experience and expand your skills, and even become one yourself as an alternative.

However, the one thing that keeps Alice’s Table different from others in the industry is her flower arrangement and gourmet culinary art.

It has led her business to become a lifestyle brand at this point. You may not find any event management service that has grown into a lifestyle brand over the years and successfully carries both aspects under one name.

Our Final Thoughts

Alice was a passionate young woman who had the creative mindset to follow through and was confident in her abilities to get through with it. One should look at her as inspiration when starting their own business because it goes on to show that if you are passionate about something and follow it through with hard work, it eventually does pay off. It may take some funding here and there, but it will pay off. Cheers!