Cat Amazing from Shark Tank

Cat Amazing shark tank

Having a pet cat is super fun. They are like your little children, a companion to come home to and rant about your hectic routine. Although they don’t do much, just quietly licking their paws and mewing for food, sometimes demanding you give them a nice scratch along their necks. But even their quiet purring is enough to de-stress you and bask in the tranquility of your pet being there for you.

However, we often don’t stop to wonder what happens to our cats. Are they happy, especially when we leave for work or run errands? Being a house cat sounds appealing and is a privilege, but cats often end up immensely bored. There’s only so much they will play with the new toys you bought for them. Additionally, when they stay indoors, tamed, and away from the environment they were born to be in, their hunting practices get slightly rusted. Therefore, Andrey Grigoryev devised a spectacular innovation to keep the stay-at-home cats well-entertained and engaged while encouraging their hunting instincts.

Andrey launched Cat Amazing as a platform for developing puzzle toys for cats that require the pets to solve puzzles to receive their food. This would fuel the cats to play and win to finally get their well-deserved treats. Previously, feeding or mind-stimulating toys were usually produced for pet dogs and charmed the dog owners. Therefore, it was an intake of fresh air to see such creativity come to life.

Cat Amazing launched several interactive puzzle feeders and required additional funds for the company’s expansion. This led to Andrey appearing in Shark Tank’s thirteenth season, seeing $200,000 in exchange for the form’s 10% equity.

Unsurprisingly, the sharks were intrigued by the products because this niche has been a significantly untapped market due to the limited availability of options. The pitch was a smooth sail at first as the entrepreneur described the puzzles and Cam Amazing’s vision. But things got tricky when he admitted to lower profit margins despite the growing sales. This was a massive concern for every shark due to the underlying problem of growing costs and diminishing profitability.

Mark was the first shark to decline the business proposal solely because reducing real profits was a hurdle he couldn’t ignore. But then Kevin mulled over the pitch and offered $200,000 to Andrey, given he receives a royalty of $2 for every unit the Cat Amazing sold. This would continue until Kevin recovered his initial investment, after which the royalty would lessen to $1 for every unit sold.

Robert was significantly in this offer, suggesting a similar deal to Andrey, while Daymond negotiated for $200,000 of his investment in return for 255 of Cat Amazing’s equity ownership. But Andrey stated he had already promised to donate a portion of his monthly profits to cat shelters, giving his final offer to Daymond of $200,000 in exchange for 20%, of which 10% stake would go to Daymond. In comparison, the remaining 10% would be allocated for shelter cats.

Unfortunately, Andrey and Daymond could not find a middle ground, and that’s when Lori stepped in. She offered $200,000 in exchange for 22% of Cat Amazing equity ownership, demanding that 5% of her share and 5% of Andrey’s share would be used to assist cat shelters. Andrey accepted and left the show in high spirits.

Cat Amazing has been on a roll ever since its appearance on the show. The “Shark Tank” effect was a massive push, increasing awareness about the product and encouraging cat owners to boost their demand for these puzzle feeders. After the Shark Tank episode aired, the company was featured in The Conscious Cat and HousePanther. Cat Amazing continues functioning successfully, with its products available to be shopped online through Amazon and its official website.

Our Review Of Cat Amazing

We love Cat Amazing and think it’s an incredible endeavor to help the cats use their time while improving their hunting instincts by scratching, sniffing, and exploring the toy. The puzzles are great for cat owners who get to sit back and enjoy the view of their adorable cats trying to find their way around each puzzle so they can finally munch on the food inside. In addition, you can include various cat foods in the puzzles, including cat treats, crinkle balls, cat wand toys, and catnip. The versatile puzzle feeder can also work as a dry cat food dispenser when your cat’s not too busy playing with it.

Pros Of Cat Amazing

  • Extremely interactive
  • Offers a bonding time between cats and their owners
  • Motivates cats to channel their instincts to discover the hidden rewards
  • A great solution to help your cats slow down their fast eating and improve exercise time
  • Made from tough and durable to withstand cat scratching
  • A lasting investment

Cons Of Cat Amazing

  • The price can be on a slightly higher end

Who Is Cat Amazing For?

Cat Amazing is an ideal platform for all cat owners looking to buy creative cat toys for their pets. In addition, if you’re looking for ways to help manage your cat’s dietary schedules, help them exercise more, and get them more energized, Cat Amazing’s puzzle feeder is a massive assist. The product is also ideal for cat owners tired of changing their interior and holster because their cats or kittens habitually scratch fabrics until the threads tear apart.

Are There Any Alternatives?

The Interactive Cat Puzzles by Pestages Store are among the best alternatives. They’re a lot more affordable and designed to be used as slow feeders and treat dispensing toys. They work wonders for all curious cats, urging them to become more patient while stimulating their foraging instincts. They don’t have removable parts and are free from PVC, BPA, and phthalate to ensure better sustainability and cat health protection.

Our Final Thoughts

Overall, Cat Amazing is a tremendous initiative, and with its popularity increasing, we have high hopes of seeing the company flourish and accomplish higher milestones. It may be a bit on a higher price point. Still, given the excellent material quality, robustness, versatile features, and lasting benefits, we say the puzzle feeders are worth your investment!