Table Jacks from Shark Tank

Table Jacks shark tank

Table Jacks is a pretty self-explanatory name for a device designed to level tables so that they finally stop wobbling.

Wobbly and shaky tables are more than just an agonizing annoyance. If you are a homeowner, you will be embarrassed in front of guests. And if these tables are in a commercial establishment like a restaurant that you own, then one thing is for sure. It will indubitably impact customer experience. Now, who wants miffed customers to walk out in droves all thanks to wobbly tables?

If you are sick of the table wobbling and finally decide to do something about it, then there is little recourse besides fiddling with wedges. And this in itself is another painfully irritating job.

You deserve something better,like Table Jacks that promise to put an end to your table wobbling woes.

Table Jacks are your key to good table manners – disciplined well-behaved tables that stay put and don’t move about constantly. Hence, Table Jacks is your answer to table stability and, not to mention, user sanity.

Are They Still an Active Company?

Yes, they are very much an active business. Sales look good. On the brand website, there is a slick promotional video that shows the many virtues of Table Jacks in a flash. They do have a savvy sales team at work which apparently seems to be operating efficiently and doing a good job.

How Did the Shark Tank Pitch Go?

Table Jacks founder Steve Christian wanted $100,000 from an investor in return for a 25 percent stake in the business.

However, citing various reasons all Sharks dropped out and so Steve was left with no deal. Although no Shark invested, they thought it was a good business idea and that with his grit and determination, Steve had a good chance of success.

Our Review of Table Jacks

Table Jacks are small nifty plastic kits that are engineered to literally jack up your table. Your tables can become level this way without ado.

What we really appreciate about the gizmo is that it is foot operated. This averts unsanitary contact. Workers don’t have to touch the table jack to operate it. Table Jacks can work with just the press of your foot. Neat.

There are 3 leg guides that are placed under 3 table legs. Then, of course, there is the jack that is placed under the fourth leg. You can work this jack till the table is perfectly flat and level. We like how smoothly and quickly it all works. This is much better than fiddling and fumbling with wedges and other homemade ad hoc solutions.

The manufacturer has also thoughtfully included spacers in the kit so that the glides can be easily connected with table legs.

If all this sounds a tad bit complex, then don’t fret. The whole kit is intuitive to use and self-explanatory. We ourselves figured out its use just by trying and without reading the manual. If you don’t like reading manuals (and who does anyway?) then you are in luck because the brand website has a neat video showing how it’s done in a flash. It’s nice to know that you can get up to speed in a jiffy. No need for wrenches or other tools. You can tame that table with Table Jacks.

Table Jacks Pros

  • Very easy to use
  • Inexpensive
  • Works Well

Table Jacks Cons

  • Some customer complaints about reliability

Who are Table Jacks for?

Who needs Table Jacks? Well, anyone with a table. These four-legged structures have a high propensity to wobble. And once that happens the unfortunate user’s patience will be sorely tested with constant tilting and erratic table movement.

It’s good to keep a small supply of Table Jacks just in case your tables misbehave. And that is more likely than not.

With Table Jacks, you can reign in unruly tables and hopefully stop the wobble drama once and for all.

Are There Any Alternatives?

Other alternatives include wedges and glides but these are a big pain to use and entail a lot of hassle. Why run the gauntlet with these when you can deploy Table Jacks in an instant?

Our Final Thoughts

Table wobble is not as trivial as some might think. There is a lot that can go bad with table wobble. Seriously. Here are some possible scenarios.

Imagine you are on a hot date. You decide to man up and take it to the next level with your gorgeous date. But lo and behold, all your romantic overtures get nipped in the bud courtesy of jarring table wobble at the most inopportune moments that just ruin her mood. Before you know it, that damned table has hijacked your once-in-a-lifetime date.

Or maybe you are in the middle of the perfect sales pitch to your prospective client that can rake in thick wads of cash. But once again, the table jars, jerks, and moves at the most critical moments of your pitch. Before you know it, the client drifts off. To your dismay, you are left with no deal. The client is gone. It’s just you and that annoying wobbly table that is still wobbling to add insult to your injury.

Yep, a lot can go bad with unruly tables. These can throw a wrench in the works that just might wreck your social and business matters.

So why take the risk?

Some of the leading hotels and commercial establishments like Pizza Hut are thus leveraging Table Jacks to turn the tide against table wobble. You know better than to take table wobbles lightly. So it’s time to harness the leveling power of Table Jacks.