Jungle Jumparoo from Shark Tank

Jungle Jumparoo shark tank

Steve and Rachel McMurtrey came up with the idea of Jungle Jumparoo, which is a bouncing toy that children can use to have fun and play with their friends.

The couple was not able to receive any funding from their Kickstarter campaign in 2013, which is a red flag because it means they could not produce any results by themselves.

The product comprises several steel bars that are attached to a strong inner tube, allowing children to hold onto the bars and begin bouncing.

The idea is super simple and much safer than trampolines, which can lead to injuries.

The invention isn’t original and new since the couple took the idea from a farmer who lived close to their home.

After getting rights for the bouncy toy, they began manufacturing it and quickly realized that children loved it more than they had previously envisioned.

Parents have a hard time getting their kids off the bouncy toy, and children can easily spend several hours on Jungle Jumparoo without getting tired or bored of it.

Before appearing on Shark Tank, their product was still in the manufacturing and testing phase since they started in their garage but were looking to reach out to a manufacturing facility.

Due to them having no funds, they decided to appear on Shark Tank to see if they could get the ball rolling and receive funding for their business, which provided a need for entertainment.

They entered Shark Tank seeking 100,000 USD for a 20% stake in their company and made a pitch with many children using the product and jumping around.

Mark was skeptical and thought the bouncy toy would result in a broken ankle, which would be a catastrophe.

Robert also thought it was a dangerous idea, and the couple tried to explain that trampolines are much more dangerous to try and get him on their side.

They had managed to sell 1200 units online and to Sam’s Club Roadshows, which was a little impressive since they started with no success.

Lori expressed her concerns about the package size, and Daymond asked them why they needed funding in the first place.

After answering the sharks’ questions, the couple tried their best to negotiate a deal and ultimately failed to receive an offer.

Our Review of Jungle Jumparoo

Jungle Jumparoo saw a lot of sales after getting exposure from appearing on Shark Tank, which isn’t too impressive since it’s the case for many products that get televised on Shark Tank.

The couple went on a TV show called the Toy Box and managed to showcase their product called TubeLox, which was somewhat popular.

In 2022, many competitors have copied their product, and the company has managed to draw in sales of 1-2 million USD.

They also have other products like a rope swing, sprinkler system, tube covers, and more.

The website has over 100 customer reviews and an average rating of 5 stars, which is quite impressive.

The couple managed to triple the workforce and expand their business by seeking new distribution partnerships and providing children with an entertaining jungle experience.

Their social media platforms are also quite interactive; customers ask many questions and offer feedback after making purchases.

You can also purchase the Jungle Jumparoo on Amazon, where it has a rating of 4.4 stars out of 5.

However, some people have criticized the product for being cheaply made and falling apart easily, leading to much disappointment.

Other parents had legitimate safety concerns since the product could potentially injure children due to hours of jumping.

There’s no denying that Jungle Jumparoo managed to capture the market and made many sales despite not getting funding from the Shark Tank.

It continues to do well today and is expanding its products to appeal to a wider target audience.

Pros of Jungle Jumparoo

Some of the pros of Jungle Jumparoo are described below.

  • Jungle Jumparoo is an excellent product that allows kids to have fun and play outdoors, which is crucial for their development.
  • The product is an excellent alternative to video games as it keeps children off their phones and video game consoles, leading to healthier mental development.
  • The company does well to make its products safer than similar products in the market, like trampolines.

Cons of Jungle Jumparoo

Some of the cons of Jungle Jumparoo are described below.

  • Jungle Jumparoo is not entirely safe and can result in injuries like ankle sprains, which will detract from the quality of your kids’ life.
  • Some customer reviews have made it clear that the product isn’t durable and is cheaply made, which is a manufacturing error that the company should fix.
  • The company may be too focused on expanding the business by creating new products instead of making the ones they have perfect for everyday use.

Who is Jungle Jumparoo For?

Jungle Jumparoo is catered exclusively to children and can be set up in your backyard so that your children can engage in playful activities while bonding with each other.

Their new products are catered to older children, around the ages of 10-12, making the company versatile in its approach to be inclusive to all children’s age groups.

Teenagers naturally lose interest in these kinds of toys once they hit their teens, but some may still derive enjoyment from playing with their younger siblings on these bouncy toys.

The durability of the products ensures that children do not get injured and the product itself does not break, making it an excellent choice for children everywhere.

Since you can carry Jungle Jumparoo products in cars, it is possible to set them up in parks to provide an opportunity for other kids to come and play with your children, which is a smart tactic if you’re worried about your children’s social lives.

Are There Any Alternatives?

There are many kinds of bouncy toys on the market, such as trampolines and other jungle toys that appeal to many children.

However, Jungle Jumparoo is unique in its design and a superior choice, which quickly became obvious once copycat opportunists began creating similar products.

Some children may prefer bouncy toys filled with gas that are a little safer but much less durable than Jungle Jumparoo products.

Children may also prefer to use hopping toys in the shape of animals that can be used inside the house and offer an entertaining experience for them.

You can expect to find many types of these indoor bouncy toys like hopper balls and unicorn-shaped bouncy pals that will brighten up your kid’s day and offer cheap entertainment.

Animal toys are a good alternative because of their indoor use and ability to stimulate children’s imagination to make them feel like they have a friend or pet in the house.

Our Final Thoughts

It was disappointing for the couple who owns Jungle Jumparoo to not receive funding from any of the sharks on Shark Tank, but they didn’t let that deflate their vision, which speaks to their resilience and mental fortitude to continue their business despite facing obstacles along the way.

Jungle Jumparoo offers children a fun experience, which is evident to anyone who owns the products, as their children will likely spend hours on the bouncy toys.

The toys are a great way to provide children with an opportunity to stay off their phones, which can be toxic to growing minds as it enforces addiction from a young age.

The company managed to make many sales after getting exposure from Shark Tank and successfully marketed its products to gain more traffic to its website and social media platforms.

It’s always good to see a company do well despite not receiving funding from Shark Tank, not giving up, and seeing their vision through until the end.