ISlide from Shark Tank

ISlide shark tank

We wear our best formal attire and shoes when we dress up for a formal event. So, what happens when you are at home, at the beach, or someplace where you just want to chill and be relaxed? You go for your home slippers, don’t you? We are all so accustomed to wearing slippers and comfy slides everywhere around the house, and with the pandemic, these two years have been about nothing but utmost comfort wear. After a point, your scissor-like slippers tend to hurt.

Justin Kittredge is the creator and founder of ISlide. He had been a footwear expert for over two decades and decided to open up his ISlide quest in 2013. Having worked in the basketball footwear area for Reebok, he had a good idea of where to start. Justin’s main aim was to design slippers that’d provide the utmost comfort. The slip-on shoe features a single flap and a sole made of wave gel. This is what ISlide caters to. It almost makes you feel like you’re walking on cool water.

ISlide slippers come with a unique range of customizable options to design your footwear just how you like it. They allow you to style your slides or slip on them the way you want. Customers can add in graphics, photos, phrases, and text with their choice of size and background colors. It allows you to express your individuality in the best possible manner. There are no limits when it comes to designing your ISlides. These sandals are designed to have no back area, and the toe area is also open, easy, and convenient. It allows your foot to slip right in.

ISlide is known to create the most comfortable slides available on the market. They have an egg crate insole that has a massage function and provides your foot support massages. It is all due to their excellent and professional craftsmanship and premium materials. These slides are also known as ‘the mantra’ as they symbolize creative design.

Justin appeared on Shark Tank season 8 episode 1 requesting $500,000 in investment in exchange for a 5% stake in ISlide. Unfortunately, he did not get a deal from a single shark and had to walk away with one.

Our Review of ISlide

ISlide is a footwear brand that makes slip-on slides that are the most comfortable ones you’ve ever worn. The advanced technology in the sole comprises gel waves and makes you feel like you are walking on water. That’s not the only cool part about the brand; ISlide allows you to personalize your slides as you’ve always wanted to. You can choose your color, text, pictures, phrases, etc., and make it per your style. It is an ideal combination of style and comfort in a slide. ISlide made it big when famous sports teams and drop shippers such as DJ Khalid got on board. They drove sales and created awareness of the brand.

ISlide reached NBA locker rooms and a much larger audience with time. They are now associated with NHL, BFL, and MLB teams and are pretty famous among basketball fans. Their range has expanded from simple slides to fur slides, apparel, socks, etc. They now offer gift card options to buy your favorite ones easily. ISlide has reached new heights, and that too without heavy investments. They are now trying their luck in numerous areas to gain more customers.

Pros of ISlide

  • Lightweight
  • EVA mid-sole
  • The strap is adjustable
  • It has an anti-abrasion spandex lining
  • You can personalize your slides – pictures, text, background color, phrases, etc. of your choice
  • It has relief pro lining massaging footbed contours that provide relief
  • Gel made sole for easy walking
  • Extremely comfortable
  • Massages the foot while walking

Cons of ISlide

  • It cannot be worn in slippery weather
  • Are not the ideal choice for dirty areas
  • They cannot be seen as alternatives to a foot massager

Who is ISlide for?

ISlide is for people of all ages. It is made keeping comfort in mind. Anyone who prioritizes their foot comfort will find value in this product. Whether you’re an adult or a kid, ISlide is perfect for your daily wear. It is not only comfortable and makes you feel like you’re walking on water, thanks to the gel used in the sole, but it is extremely lightweight and doesn’t put too much stress on your legs or feet throughout the day. Anyone desiring to customize their slip-on can get one from ISlide.

Text, pictures, phrases, or colors can all be customized on ISlide. All you have to do is visit the website and see what you like.

Are There Any Alternatives?

Many competitors in the market offer comfortable slides along with other accessories, such as Vince, APL, EVERLANE, etc., but the main competitor is Vince. It is a public company founded in 2002 in New York, New York. It deals with apparel and footwear and is well-known among all.

Even though it is one of the top competitors, it does not give its customers the freedom of customizing its slides.

Our Final Thoughts

Gone are the days when you needed to buy slides that you didn’t like. You don’t have to compromise on your style at any cost. ISlide allows you to bring your personality up front for all to see. And in a very comfortable and easy way too. These slides are perfect for anyone who wishes to express themselves through footwear. There is no specific age to wear them, and anyone can rock them. People who prioritize their comfort over everything will best relate to these sandals as they are made with wave gel, are lightweight, and come with relief pro lining massaging footbed contours that provide relief.