Fur from Shark Tank

Fur shark tank

You don’t have to follow a particular skincare regimen or hair removal method to be considered more feminine. Femininity is defined by so much more. That concept is at the heart of what Fur is all about.

Women must be comfortable with their bodies to feel important and good about their appearance. This includes their skin as well as body hair. Fur has tried to achieve that and much more through its brand.

Laura Schubert and Lillian Tung came up with the idea and executed it in NYC, home to many introductions in the fashion world. The idea involved natural organic ingredients and nourishing and nurturing skin and hair through them.

What is Fur?

So, what is Fur as a product?

Most women today suffer from the constant bombardment of social media influencers with their filters, flaunting perfection. This pushes them into a well of despair, containing a vicious cycle involving self-hatred and obsessive self-care.

Fur aims to help its target audience rediscover themselves and their body. The pubic haircare products are made from healthy ingredients that allow women to feel beautiful AND healthy. The founders have put their comfort first, which means they cater to all skincare and haircare or hair removal regimens.

Fur is centered around leading women to discover their true selves, which don’t have to look perfect. This can come from accepting themselves as they are. For too long, women have believed that there is only one way to look beautiful. It means to be hairless, smooth-skinned, spotless, petite, and quiet.

Fur changes that kind of mindset. It allows women to use their oils and creams for ingrown hair, stubble, and razor burn, along with scrubs that cater to women with all hair textures. This has also allowed many women to accept their body hair type for what it truly is and work with it.

How it Works

For Fur, their consumers come first. This most definitely includes the unique hairstyles and textures of their body hair. Fur has introduced many products that allow their female audience to care for their skin and prevent ingrown hair and razor burn post-hair removal.

The founders have emphasized haircare for the entire body. This led them to create different oils, creams, and serums that focused on eliminating burns, rashes, irritation, ingrown hair, and more.

What Makes Fur Unique?

Fur is unique not just for its products but for the message that it is sending across. The products created by Fur are organic and natural, but that’s not all. It creates products that suit the unique texture of its client’s hair and matches products to their haircare routine.

Fur promotes the idea that beauty is relative and women’s grooming habits shouldn’t define their worth.

How Did the Shark Tank Pitch Go?

The idea behind Fur was an immediate appeal for the Sharks. They began to circle the deal as soon as they got a sniff of the idea. However, an extended offer isn’t all needed to make it on Shark Tank.

For a successful deal, the founders needed to match their aspirations with the Sharks’ offers. Unfortunately, the founders weren’t offering much for the Sharks to bite on. Fur was offering 2.5% of the business for a $500,000 investment.

After much discussion, Lori stepped up and offered them $500,000 for 12% equity. However, she had a condition. She needed them to put down $50,000 for a charity aimed at body empowerment for the general population. The deal was a success.

Our Review of Fur

It isn’t every day someone comes along and lets you know you’re amazing, just the way you are. That’s best left for a Bruno Mars song! However, Fur offered that and much more. They allowed people to practice self-acceptance and rise above the chains of the beauty industry.

Fur makes their customers feel good about themselves. Unlike most skincare or haircare regimes, Fur’s products don’t need you to put yourself down or endure extreme pain to feel beautiful. According to them, you are already beautiful.

Pros of Fur

  1. Body Positivity

The founders have a great message for their customers. Their products allow them to live their lives even if they use said products.

  1. Organic and Natural

Their products are organic and natural, meaning they are both eco-friendly and cause lesser harm to the skin. The products are effective because of their pure ingredients.

Cons of Fur

  1. Affordability

Since the products are organic, they may not be as readily available and affordable as the other products women are used to.

Who is Fur for?

Emma Watson, apparently!

No, really, Fur did get endorsed by Emma Watson and gained much popularity following that. However, that only emphasized how genuine both their product and message were. Fur is for women who wake up daily, look into the mirror, and spew venomous words at themselves.

The product is designed to make women feel better about themselves. This is not through the product but the message and regimen. The founders have created products that promote relaxation much more than traditional grooming.

Are There Any Alternatives?

Fur is the only brand in the market that has backed the message of body positivity. Many brands do introduce organic products to the market. However, they still profit off customers who don’t feel comfortable in their own skin.

Fur allows you to feel beautiful while using their products. With Fur, you are not improving yourself. You are merely having some me-time.

Our Final Thoughts

We believe Fur is an excellent product as it backs an important message. In a world where filters have become the driving force of all social media, we need a role model telling us to look into the mirror and accept ourselves for all our ups and downs, the valleys, and the rough terrain.

Fur’s message was received well; today, many customers rely on organic products for their grooming routines. With its popularity, they are hopeful regarding the message they are trying to spread around the world.