Ice Shaker from Shark Tank

Ice Shaker shark tank

Ice Shaker is a company that provides insulated bottles made out of kitchen-grade stainless steel. These bottles are highly insulated and can keep ice in them for around 30 hours. The Ice Shaker also does not absorb odors like regular plastic bottles. While it is a simple product, it solves a problem most people have while working out. Taking standard plastic bottles along on your workout on a warm day means your choice of drink has warmed even before you are halfway through your training. The lack of insulation also means that a considerable amount of condensation builds up on the bottle’s surface, making it quite tricky to maneuver with all the sweat already present. The result is trying to grapple a wet bottle to drink a lukewarm liquid that does not give the jolt and refreshment a cold drink does when you are physically exerting yourself. Ice Shaker aims to get rid of that problem with its bottles.

It is very telling that the product is the brainchild of Chris Gronkowski, the shortest of five brothers, including NBA and NFL stars with super bowls and championships. The Gronkowski family focused on athleticism and physical fitness, and Chris was no exception as he remains an avid gym goer and exercise enthusiast. The Ice Shaker came into being due to Gronkowski’s experience with plastic bottles, which made his gym experience a bit unpleasant. His product focused on fixing all the issues he encountered with his regular bottles, and he believed it would be a great success due to its ubiquitous nature.

Gronkowski’s effort with Ice Shaker bore fruit and the company now comfortably rakes in around a few million dollars in yearly revenue. Though initially, the product did not advertise the family name, the Shark Tank appearance of Chris and his brothers helped the company snowball overnight. The website now boasts customized products with Rob Gronkowski’s signature, showing that the company chose to incorporate the family name to attract customers.

How Did The Shark Tank Pitch Go?

Chris Gronkowski strolled confidently onto his Shark Tank pitch wearing a fitted tank top with impressive biceps on display. Gronkowski’s attire indicated that he was about to pitch a fitness-related product. The first thing that Gronkowski announced after introducing himself was that he worked out while flexing his muscles to the Sharks. This remark set the tone of the pitch as light and humorous and was also appreciated by the Sharks as it elicited a few chuckles. Gronkowski announced that he required $100,000 in exchange for 10% of his company.

Gronkowski introduced his product by introducing his background of growing up with five brothers. Gronkowski claimed that as he was the shortest of his brothers, he had to compensate by being the strongest, so he hit the gym and trained hard. However, his experience with regular plastic bottles showed him all their faults, and he figured out that there is a market for insulated steel bottles that add to people’s workout experience. The product was simple and had the Shark’s interest. Gronkowski upped the ante by inviting all his brothers out for the pitch.

As the four Gronkowski brothers lumbered out for the pitch, there were a few exclamations from the Sharks as they recognized some of them. Chris Gronkowski’s brothers included Superbowl winner Rob Gronkowski, and the other brothers were also known athletes. There was a visible bond of camaraderie between the brothers, which the Sharks appreciated.

Chris Gronkowski then challenged the Sharks to a game of flip cup against the Sharks. This challenge led to one of the most entertaining segments on Shark Tank, as the game brought out the competitive spirit. The brothers won and burst into a celebratory chant.

The Sharks were convinced by the product and, most importantly, the family background. Lori Greiner wanted to know why the product did not have the family name front and center. Gronkowski clarified that he did not want to use the family name and instead needed a Shark’s expertise with the business rather than the money.

The offers soon came rolling in for the Ice Shaker. Kevin O’Leary loved the family atmosphere and offered $100,000 for 20% of the company. Barbara Corcoran jokingly offered a million dollars just to hang out with the brothers. Realistically she offered $100,000 for 10%, matching Chris’ original requirement, and emphasized her marketing ability over the other Sharks.

Mark Cuban and guest Shark Alex Rodriguez combined forces due to their knowledge and background in professional sports. They offered $150,000 for 20%. Lori Greiner pulled out a list of the companies she had invested in on Shark Tank and their multi-million dollar valuations. Cuban rebutted with his multi-billion dollar companies, which made the atmosphere competitive.

Gronkowski asked Cuban if he would be willing to take Greiner onboard for his offer, but Cuban refused. Gronkowski then countered Cuban and Rodriguez’s offer by offering 15% equity. The Sharks agreed, and all of them celebrated the deal with a chest bump.

Our Review of Ice Shaker

Ice Shaker is a product that was bound to be successful due to its targeted aim of removing all the problems displayed by the competitors on the market. Its success can also be attributed to a  rise in the popularity of fitness culture. The bottles are made of excellent material and manage to keep the drinks cold. However, there are a few issues with the bottles that can be worked on to make the bottles even more popular.

Pros of Ice Shaker

  • Insulated, keep drinks cold for 30 hours
  • Made of kitchen-grade stainless steel so do not absorb odor
  • Available in different sizes
  • The website has a Gronk Shop that offers different bottles with The Gronkowski family’s star athletes’ signatures.
  • comes with a fruit holder addition for fruit-infused water

Cons of Ice Shaker

  • Customers complained of leaks
  • The price point can be steep for customers
  • The fruit holder reportedly adds an ¬†unpleasant taste to the drink
  • The rubber strap can break easily

Who Is It For?

Anyone can use the Ice Shaker, despite their level of physical activity. The product description emphasizes that the bottles can be used to hold everyday drinks such as coffee. However, the overall marketing of the product and its affiliation with the Gronkowski family attracts the section of consumers who regularly work out and are physically active. The products also attract the fans of the sports teams that the brothers play for due to their specialized collections. The current collection that boasts of Tom Brady’s name after Rob Gronkowski’s Superbowl win is sure to attract tons of New England Patriots fans.

Are There Any Alternatives?

Many premium bottles on the market are designed specifically for workout purposes. Some of these brands are:

  • Corkcicle
  • Speed
  • Hydroflask
  • Bubi

Final Thoughts

Ice Shaker is a simple product. However, it remains successful partly due to its quality and largely due to the Gronkowski family’s name. The company continues to grow and add to its range of products. The future seems bright for Ice Shaker as it seems to have carved its niche in the market and is on a positive trajectory.