How Long Has Shark Tank Been Around?

How Long Has Shark Tank Been Around

Shark Tank has been around in some form or another since 2001. While American audiences may only be familiar with the ABC program, it is actually not the first series. The idea of Shark Tank came from a Japanese program called Money Tigers. Now, it seems like almost every country has its own form of the program with a slightly different name.

Shark Tank Debuts in 2009

This favorite program debuted in August 2009 on the network television channel ABC. From its debut until 2013, ABC was the only place where you could view the program. Then, in 2013, it was syndicated and received a wider distribution. It made sense for the business channel CNBC to be interested in the program.

Syndicating Shark Tank and providing business movers and shakers with the option to watch it on their favorite channel was a smart move. While CNBC only syndicated two years of programming, 2013-2015, it replays episodes almost every day or night.

When it first appeared, viewers were intrigued by the inside glimpse of entrepreneurship. The behind-the-scenes information made finding money for a new idea a spectator sport. It was widely received from the beginning. The program has received multiple Emmy nominations across two categories and has even won!

Like most other programs, there have been some changes to Shark Tank in the years since its debut in 2009. In 2018, an updated set was introduced. There is also a group of guest sharks that make appearances on the show. This allows the core group of sharks to interact with different people from time to time throughout the season.

Asian Programs

As mentioned above, the show originally aired in Japan and was called Money Tigers. That program started in 2001. In the early years of the 21st century, there were a number of different Shark Tank programs that aired to international audiences. There have been international adaptations in 30 countries.

Sony Pictures Television owns the franchise, which is officially called Dragon’s Den. Throughout the world, each country will come up with its own name. However, the franchise itself is Dragon’s Den. Some countries have more than one program. That’s how popular the concept is!

In addition to the Money Tigers version of the show, there are versions available in Indonesia, India, China, and Vietnam. There is no sign that this type of program will lose its popularity any time soon! Anyone who is interested in the foreign versions of the show can find episodes on YouTube and on other internet sites. If you don’t mind watching a show in a foreign language, that is!

People enjoy seeing how pitches are made in other countries. It is also interesting for folks to see what types of products are interesting for people in different countries. If you want to learn more about business in other countries, this is a great way to find out more.

Shark Tank in the United Kingdom

After the program started in Japan in 2001, it became an instant hit. The first country to host the series after Japan was the United Kingdom. The British program is known as Dragon’s Den and it first aired in 2005. The show continues to be popular and business leaders still lobby for a place as a dragon.

There are many different names for the series, with most somehow being associated with animals. In any event, the investors are the ones who are referenced in the title of the show. For instance, in the United States, the investors are sharks, and in the United Kingdom, they are called dragons.

The show has changed channels through the years. It originally appeared on BBC Two, but in 2021 that was changed. From that point forward, it has been aired on BBC One. All of the reruns, however, are shown on BBC Two at this time.

Different from the U.S. version, Dragon’s Den features a presenter who takes care of the hosting duties. There is no such person on the U.S version of the program.  Dragon’s Den remains popular but has not garnered much attention outside of the English market.

Where to Watch Shark Tank in the United States

There are a number of different ways to watch Shark Tank if you are in the United States. First, you can catch it live on Friday nights on ABC. It is also possible to watch episodes on the network’s website,, for those without cable TV.

As previously mentioned, CNBC bought the syndication rights for the series episodes from 2013-2015. They show the program at night and on the weekends. Check your local listings for details. CNBC also provides an opportunity to view certain episodes on its website,

If you get all of your entertainment from streaming platforms, you are in luck! Shark Tank fans can watch the show on Hulu. There are also a few episodes that are available on the U.S. version of Netflix. Amazon Prime has some episodes and seasons for sale as well. Fans can definitely get their fill of Shark Tank, however, they view their TV programs!

If you are a fan of the American program Shark Tank, you will probably like the international versions as well. There are plenty of clips on YouTube where you can catch the shows with subtitles or dubbing. Superfans love to note the similarities and differences that come with the programs. Cultural influences can make a huge difference to the way that business is conducted.

The American version of Shark Tank continues to be extremely popular with many different guest sharks bringing their fan bases with them. Anyone who is interested in learning more about business and entrepreneurship will want to keep up to date with what’s happening on Shark Tank.

This program has been around for decades, and its popularity has not shown any signs of decreasing. If anything, more people are becoming fans of the show. There are new episodes airing all the time all around the world!