HairFin from Shark Tank

HairFin shark tank

Hair Fin is a unique measuring tool for haircuts that entrepreneur Tony Litwinowicz hoped the sharks would invest in. Many people were trying to cut their hair during the pandemic, and it would only take a little while until someone came in with a tool for it. Tony was an engineer who retired at age 34, a young age, but he fled to being an entrepreneur who was constantly looking for different things to do.

HairFin is a clip that defines where you can cut your hair. It’s a hair-cutting measure of sorts that helps you have a better idea of how to give yourself a haircut. The thing that makes them unique is their timing. Tony introduced this tool in the summer of 2020 when the entire world was in lockdown, and no one wanted to go outside. He could not have found a better time to introduce the tool as it showed wonderfully and gave people a better understanding of how to cut their hair.

Another matter that sets the hair clip apart is its design. Its fin-like design makes matters all the easier for people and provides a unique outlook on everything else. They are still an active company, except many deals haven’t gone through.

The Hair Fin is a tool-like device that fits between two fingers and allows you to cut your hair. It has a fin-like base that will enable you to cut your hair quickly. It lets the coat be engraved the way you want with relative ease.

We will now look at how the Shark Tank Pitch went and then further look into the product.

Tony entered the shark tank looking for $25,000 for 20% of the company. He was quick to explain how traditional clippers generally worked. He then demonstrated the works by taking the time to cut his hair on stage. He passed the samples to the sharks and then watched as they examined their samples.

He told the Sharks about his education and his credentials. He spoke about the fact that he had 12 utility patents for helicopter flight controls. He further talked about why he wanted an early retirement and the strategies he had made for it. He then expanded on the fact that he lived frugally and liked to cut his hair.

He also talked about the product and that he’s selling it to the sales giant Amazon. He spoke of the fact that he had $42,000 since his sales in July 2020. He also breaks the costs down, stating that he sold them at $14.99 when they only cost $2 to make. He also broke down his chain of operations. He said he sold the model directly to the consumer and used Amazon only.

Robert said that he admired immensely what Tony had done, but the idea and the product were too small for him to invest in. He can’t invest in all of that, which is why he was out. Mark then asked him why he still hadn’t sold more, to which Tony stated that he was an awkward engineer who didn’t have the right tools or words for marketing.

He said that he wanted one of the Shark’s help with marketing. Mark said he could not follow through and was out of the game. Lori soon follows Mark’s suit as she, too, can’t see the product’s appeal.

Kevin asked Tony why Tony would even consider risking his saving to start this business, and he said that he didn’t have to cut his hair, and most people don’t. He thought the whole ordeal wasn’t investable, which is why he was out.

Daymond then spouts and speaks about the success of another product called the Cut Buddy. Owing to that success, he offered $25,000 for 28%. Daymond then asked for the call to go up to 30%. Tony keeps countering as he wants more. However, Tony accepted the deal with Daymond for 30%, and they managed to agree to it.

Our Review of HairFin

As with any other product featured on Shark Tank, there are positive aspects to HairFin and some negative ones.

Pros of HairFin

  1. It is an easy tool. If you want to figure out how to cut your hair, you can easily do it using the hair fin. It seems to be better suited to men.
  2. It is cheap. The tools are not difficult to come by and are relatively accessible. You can get them on Amazon, and you won’t even have to spend much money on them.
  3. It is helpful during the pandemic. If the pandemic ever comes about again, you would need the HairFin to get your hair together.

Cons of HairFin

  1. Not many people are looking to cut their hair at home. Grooming and aesthetics have grown so much in the past years that it only makes sense that they don’t have a vast market. Therefore, it doesn’t have a vast market.
  2. It may be challenging to use. Not many people know how to work a device like HairFin, which could lead to many problems.

Who Is HairFin For?

HairFin is for everyone who wants to live a frugal lifestyle and cut their hair. Single mothers who want to cut their children’s hair on their own may also benefit from this tool as it helps them get the cutting just right.

Hairfin is also for all those who live on their own and don’t want to spend an extreme amount on their hair.

Are There Any Alternatives?

There aren’t any major product alternatives to hair fins. People can use some hair clips or bands to cut their hair, but there’s certainly no other product like it. We can’t mention any significant products that might be an excellent alternative to Hairfin.

Our Final Thoughts

HairFin is accessible and one of the craftiest tools if you want to find ways to cut your hair. It will help you save money from many haircuts; thus, many people find it useful. However, people now have rising disposable incomes that make them not want to cut their hair themselves, making the line product obsolete.