Cut Buddy from Shark Tank

Cut Buddy shark tank

Cut Buddy is an at-home hair grooming product borne out of the inventing prowess of Josh Esnard. Esnard is an immigrant from St. Lucia, and growing up, he was forced to have dull, unimaginative buzz cuts.

Esnard wanted to cut his hair but found it challenging to use a trimmer at home to create the clean, crisp silhouette you achieve after a professional haircut.

An inventor at heart, Esnard set out to find a solution to his problem, and at the age of 13, he made the very first prototype of the Cut Buddy, a curved plastic gadget that provides the lines on which to trim your hair to achieve crisp lines for both your hair and beard. Esnard patented his invention 15 years after he first discovered it and packaged it as cut Buddy to help people with their at-home grooming needs.

Esnard’s product quickly found its niche in the market, providing a clean finish and making at-home haircuts infinitely easier for men. Most men need a fresh haircut after a couple of weeks; for many, it is not feasible to get regular haircuts. Be it for financial reasons or logistical issues, many men use electric trimmers to freshen up their haircut. More often than not, a slip of the hand can tragically mess up their entire look. This is a critical issue for most men as the wrong lines can quickly push back their hairline, a look that no one wants. Cut Buddy easily resolves that issue and makes at-home hair trims a breeze. You just need to put the curved edge against the side of your head or beard line and easily cut along the line.

Cut Buddy hit all the right notes with its target audience as its sales skyrocketed after its Shark Tank appearance. It had sold 60,000 units at the time of its appearance and is now estimated to have sold around 300,000. It is available on Amazon, and other retail giants such as Walmart and Target. The company now makes about $1.5 million in revenue, making it a bonafide Shark Tank success story.

How Did The Shark Tank Pitch Go?

Esnard walked into his Shark Tank pitch alongside his two demonstrators. He looked focused and determined to communicate his passion to the Sharks. He asked the Sharks for $300,000 for a 10% stake in his business.

Esnard smoothly kicked off his pitch by invoking a relatable experience with the help of his demonstrators. With the help of his demonstrator, he showed just how easy it is to destroy a hairline with a simple mistake with a trimmer. The Sharks enjoyed the demonstrators as audible chuckles were coming from them. They either found it relatable or enjoyed the showmanship.

The entrepreneur then demonstrated how his product could easily solve that issue by providing a stencil of sorts for crisp lines that shape your hairline and beard. The demonstrators used the Cut Buddy to show how easy it was to get a finished look for both the hairline and the beard. Esnard finished his product pitch with a flourish by claiming that his product would soon be a common household product.

The Sharks appreciated the product and enjoyed the pitch. Robert Herjavec wanted to know where Esnard got the idea for the product. The entrepreneur then narrated the story about his immigrant family and how he started to cut his hair at 13 years old. The sharks were impressed by his invention skills at such a young age. Esnard also brought out his invention book and showed the Sharks his original drawings of the Cut Buddy, which further cemented his skill as an inventor.

The Sharks then turned the conversation to numbers as they were curious about the business’ financial wellbeing. Kevin O’Leary in particular was interested to know whether the valuation of $3 million for the business was accurate. John Daymond inquired about the sales, and Esnard said he had been in business since January 2016. The business had made $700,000 in sales, a number that was met by sounds of shock and excitement from the Sharks. It was obvious that the company was doing pretty well for itself. Herjavec asked how he acquired customers, and he was told that he had gone viral on Facebook and partnered with a Youtube content creator.

The Sharks asked Esnard why he needed the money as the business was doing well. He replied that he needed guidance. He was primarily an inventor, and he needed help with the business side of things. Mark Cuban backed out of negotiations during all the discussions. Herjavec and Lori Greiner soon followed suit and declined to make an offer. Kevin O’ Leary offered a $1.5 royalty on each unit sold until he made three times his initial investment of $300,000. This offer also included a 5% stake in the company. John Daymond also offered $300,000 for 25% of the company. After some contemplation, Esnard accepted Daymond’s offer, and the two hugged to celebrate the deal.

Our Review of Cut Buddy

Cut Buddy is a simple, innovative product, and its popularity shows that it was the need of the hour. It was especially popular during the pandemic as people had to give themselves haircuts at home. It is a great household product. However, the company can still improve upon some aspects to make it even better.

Pros of Cut Buddy

  • Made of lightweight plastic so it cannot break easily
  • Transparent for ease of use
  • Available on online platforms for shipping
  • One model fits all, so sizing specifications

Cons of Cut Buddy

  • Does not match up with every hairline
  • Does not come with an instruction manual

Who Is It For?

Due to its function, Cut Buddy is clearly for black men, as their hair texture requires them to have clean lines to ensure a straight hairline. Any bearded man can use the beard component of the cut buddy to achieve clean beard lines.

Are There Any Alternatives?

Cut Buddy is a patented invention, so there are no like-for-like alternatives. There have, however, been several knockoffs of the product that the business has fought off the market.

Final Thoughts

Cut Buddy is a great invention that resolves a very common issue faced by men. Not only does it provide clean lines after the haircut, it is also an investment that saves a lot of money. Men can use the Cut Buddy to freshen up their haircut rather than going to the barber’s every week.