Grip Clean from Shark Tank

Grip Clean shark tank

Do you love working in the garage? If you do, you would know how annoying it can be when you are fixing something and see oil streaks on your hand. No matter how hard you wash your hands, the grease won’t disappear.

Some people might say, “Wear gloves!” However, the grip you get with bare hands is better than the slips and blunders you make with gloved ones. The solution is simple: Grip Clean.

Founded in a garage by MotoCross pro and X Games superstar Bryce Hudson, Grip Clean finally made it into the market in November 2015 after an appearance on Shark Tank. On the show’s 709th episode, Bryce not only dazzled the judges with a few surprises, but his pitch also proved the product had real promise.

Grip Clean is a hand cleaner that Bryce came up with during his career as a professional motorbike racer. He had experienced his fair share of greasy stains and simply wanted to get rid of them in one wash without damaging the skin. He cooked the first batch of the cleaner in a Crockpot in his kitchen, using a few natural ingredients and bentonite clay. To this day, the recipe is unchanged and a favorite of the tech nation.

The best thing about Grip Clean is that it is made from 100% natural ingredients and dirt as an exfoliate, leaving your hands feeling clean and smooth after a wash. The product comes in two formulas. The first one contains no harsh chemicals, detergents, or solvents and can be used on the entire body. Second is the Ultra HD formula that has the same all-natural version of soap but with D-limonene that dissolves adhesives, paints, and stubborn messes.

Is the Company Still Active?

As of 2022, Grip Clean’s net worth is $3 million. The company has expanded by leaps and bounds, and it all started at Shark Tank.

The product was born out of the mud at a race track, and Bryce continued to pay tribute to the profession that brought him the idea. His connection in the biking world landed him a partnership with a well-known retailer of motorcycle accessories, apparel, and parts — Cycle Gear. In 2017, he made another partnership with Advance Auto Parts, an automotive accessories and parts retailer.

How Did the Shark Tank Pitch Go?

Bryce was seen on screen entering on a bike and performing various stunts. The show amazed the Sharks, and they were instantly drawn to him. The first impression went great, and Bryce was ready to pitch his idea.

He was looking for $85,000 for a 20% stake in his company. He then launched into a speech about all his life, he has had a close relationship with dirt, and all he ever wanted was to find an effective solution to remove chemicals, oil, and grease from his hands.

First up is Lori, who wants to know how Grip Clean differs from other heavy-duty soaps. Bryce explained Grip Clean is made using natural ingredients. This answer put her in thinking mode. Mark asks for more details about the ingredients, and Robert asks if it is possible to try the product. After trying it, the Sharks are impressed by its quality.

After Bryce tells the Sharks that he has been selling the product from his garage and no manufacturer is ready to make it, they applaud his hard work. Robert believes that the product has great appeal, but it won’t be able to make money, and he backs out.

Mark says he doesn’t know about such things, so he won’t be a good fit. Daymond outright says that he doesn’t see how he could be of help, and he backs out. Kevin is surprised when Bryce explains that he wants to keep making the product from his garage because no one wants to work with dirt. He doesn’t find the plan appealing and backs out.

Lastly, Lori acknowledges the troubles Bryce is facing. Based on his plan, she feels she would have to do a lot of work and asks for a 35% stake instead. Bryce agreed, and they sealed the deal. However, it was later reported that Lori never closed the deal, so Bryce struck partnerships with CarQuest and Cycle Gear.

Our Review of Grip Clean

The fact that Grip Clean contains dirt in its formula might have been a drawback initially, but the nationwide partnerships it has been making show the company is doing pretty well.

Bryce didn’t add a fist full of dirt from his garden in Grip Clean. He sourced the finest quality dirt to ensure its addition offered skincare benefits. Its ingredients tell us that Grip Clean is a safe soap that can be used on the skin and tools.

Pros and Cons of Grip Clean

Pros of Grip Clean

  • Contains cosmetic-grade dust, which absorbs grease
  • All-natural formula
  • Is gentle on the hands and tools
  • Affordable
  • Comes in multiple formulas
  • You can wash your body with it

Cons of Grip Clean

  • Large bottle, which is difficult to pick up with greasy hands
  • The product is only available online

Who Is Grip Clean For?

Grip Clean targets industrial workers and auto mechanics majorly. However, homeowners who dabble in their garage with heavy appliances and tinker with their cars would also like Grip Clean. In fact, after the first, they will fall in love with it.

Are There Any Alternatives?

Grease Monkey

A direct competitor of Grip Clean is Grease Monkey, which also received its investment from Shark Tank. The product did well due to its formula and use format.

Grease Monkey was introduced in the form of wipes. It was initially created for removing grease on biker hands. After its success, a campaign marketed its other uses, such as cleaning messes while boating, driving, camping, and fishing.

Our Final Thoughts

Talking about Grip Clean’s effective wash, we would give it a 10/10. This is a great product for people who often find themselves in a greasy mess. It promises clean hands and skincare benefits. What more could you ask from a product made for wiping dirty tools!