Fortress Clothing from Shark Tank

Fortress Clothing shark tank

Certain products stand out because of the intricate detail that goes into them. Fortress Clothing from Shark Tank is a great example. It was developed by Dale Lewis, who’s marketing it as insulation wear for mountaineering or simply hiking in the woods.

The factor that sets this product apart is its patented insulation technology that can keep you warm in the coldest weather. It tends to get cold in certain climates, which is great for this patented product. Dale Lewis designed these clothes for the paragliding community, but they can serve a purpose for the people outside it too. A variety of customers could potentially buy his product, which makes it perfect to be presented to the Sharks.

This company is still active, so many people seem interested in the clothing. The main customers of the clothing seem to be people who are used to experiencing cold weather, such as outdoor sports enthusiasts, hunters, and people who work in cold weather.

Fortress Clothing Shark Tank Pitch

Now that we know more about the company, we can look into how the pitch went for Shark Tank.

Dale started his pitch by asking for $600,000 for 15% of his business. He explained the product further to the Sharks. He then talked about technology and how it can keep you warm in cold weather, regardless of if you’re wet or dry. He also talked about the line, including several products. They have jackets, pants, insulated base wear, and gloves. All of these products can keep moisture away from the body and keep the person warm.

He said that he came up with the idea because he wanted greater mobility and full protection from the elements. He also talked about the amount of money he raised from a Kickstarter $46,264. The technology was the real seller of the whole pitch, and Dale talked about how he was trying to get it patented and licensed so that he could sell it.

He talked about how he wanted the brand to be in cahoots with the technology, so the brand can grow alongside it. He proceeded to explain the product and then distributed the samples.

Dale said that he wanted to do market research so that he can see how the brand can expand beyond the use of gas and oil workers, who are generally the ones investing in his brand.

The pitch wasn’t that well prepared, and Dale could not articulate what he wanted to say; the Sharks quickly raised these concerns. They failed to see how they would get this investment back if they chose to invest. So they all turned down the pitch, and Dale was left with no deal.

The company is doing quite well even though a deal did not go through. They have annual revenues of $5million, so they’re doing quite well on their own.

Our Review of Fortress Clothing

There are positives and negatives to everything that is presented on Shark Tank. Even though Fortress Clothing left without a deal, there’s still much good on them.

Pros of Fortress Clothing

  1. It protects against the cold. The clothing is designed to protect you against extreme cold, which can save you from hypothermia in a cold environment.
  2. It is convenient. All you have to do with the clothing is wear it, and you’ll be protected. You can layer it as well.
  3. It has variety. You can pick from several clothing articles to layer the clothes according to how cold it is outside. You also won’t have to jump from store to store trying to decipher where you need to get your next item of clothing. Most of the important ones, Fortress clothing already has.
  4. It is in demand. The product seems to have sales even when the Sharks didn’t back it up.
  5. It is well-made. The products by Fortress all have the right amount of pockets. They are made for the outdoors, meaning they have been designed after much deliberation. You can see the quality shine through when wearing these clothes.

Cons of Fortress Clothing

  1. It is expensive. It seems to be a little more expensive, which means that not everyone can afford it. Thus, they might opt for something more affordable and accessible such as something from their nearest Walmart. The price is due to quality clothing but that might not matter to many customers.

Who is Fortress Clothing For?

Fortress Clothing is for anyone who wants to save themselves from the extreme cold. It’s for all those who genuinely have temperature regulation issues in their bodies. It is also for everyone currently choosing to invest in it, such as mountain climbers and paragliders. If there are people who require thermal insulation, then Fortress Clothing is the perfect fit. If you plan on being outdoors and don’t want the elements to get to you, this clothing is the answer you need. The design is something that many who stay outdoors will admire as it remains functional.

Are There Alternatives?

There are alternatives to Fortress Clothing. It is unclear that these brands use the same technology you see in Fortress clothing. However, that’s unlikely. These brands may design similar adventure clothing that allows them to meet extreme temperatures through a similar clothing line as that or Fortress clothing. The brands are not the same as Fortress, but they have the same unique selling point, thermal wear. One of the major alternatives to Fortress is Patagonia.

Our Final Thoughts

Cold Weather can be harsh, and thus you must have the right clothes in your wardrobe to fight the weather. If you live in colder regions, you must have the right protection to avoid any illnesses that may arise during the cold. Fortress Clothing allows you to have the protection against the cold that you need. It has been tested against all kinds of conditions, and Fortress has managed to deliver, which is why we think it’s a great product to have come out of Shark Tank.