Daisy Cakes from Shark Tank

Daisy Cakes shark tank

Daisy Cakes is an online business selling handmade cakes made with fresh farm ingredients and love. All these cakes are primarily four-layered.

A tradition that Daisy Cakes follows religiously is the use of farm-fresh ingredients. Be it eggs or lemon curd, everything is freshly made. Fresh ingredients give any food such a unique and delicious taste. Daisy Cakes provide that satisfaction effortlessly.

Besides being finger-licking good, Daisy Cakes also have vegan and gluten-free options, which means anyone and everyone with a sweet tooth can enjoy the taste of this southern goodness.

Daisy Cakes is named after the great aunt of owner Kim Nelson, and the cakes are made using Daisy’s old secret family recipe.

Kim Nelson packs these cakes in dry ice in unique tins to ship them nationwide, which makes them distinctive.

The prices of all the cakes range from $59-$89, which is pricey. But the cost of making the cakes and delivery is not cheap either. Currently, Kim sells 10 original flavor cakes, along with the 11 seasonal cakes. The variety and quality of the cakes are impeccable.

How Did the Shark Tank Pitch Go?

The southern-run business featured on the second season of Shark Tank and successfully received an investment.

Kim Nelson asked the Sharks for a $50,000 investment for 25% equity in her business, which was worth $200,000. When she presented the cake to the Sharks, they were impressed, but not enough to invest in the business. Last Shark Barbara saw potential in Kim’s entrepreneurial quality and offered $50k.

The Shark Tank appearance worked in Daisy Cake’s business favor. In a month after the episode aired, Kim sold over 5000 cakes, and Barbara retrieved half her investment within two months.

Daisy Cakes is still a running and successful business after a decade of appearing on Shark Tank. Currently, Daisy Cakes sells 18,000 cakes annually, resulting in about $1.2 million in revenue.

Our Review of Daisy Cakes

The menu at Daisy Cakes is not only visually pleasing but mouthwatering, rich, and diverse. From lemon blueberry cakes to southern specials like red velvet cakes, they also have a range of cakes in a jar, Minikins. Truly, Daisy Cakes have a cake for everyone.

The quantity of the cake is generous, with one cake serving 16-20 people. Customers really get what they pay for, with uncompromised quality and quantity.

The customer reviews of Daisy Cakes are excellent. On every occasion, their cakes are the star. From the Sharks to the customers, everyone loves Daisy Cakes.

You can get these delicious cakes delivered to your door anywhere nationwide. They arrive in perfect condition for customers to devour. They also have an excellent cancellation policy of 48 hours’ notice.

They also take their customer opinion and choice seriously by engaging them in surveys for monthly special cake choice. customers vote to decide what special cake they will bake for any month.

Daisy Cakes also caters to the corporate sector. They bake cakes for their employees and customers. This reflects the range of customers they serve with incredible cakes and service.

Pros of Daisy Cakes

The reason why Daisy Cakes are famous with everyone comes down to the numerous pros it has.

Here is a list of some of these pros.

1. People at Daisy Cakes prioritize fresh ingredients and love, which means that the quality of the cakes is never compromised for convenience.

2. The cakes are delicious. It is as simple as that. People always come back for food that they enjoy, and that makes Daisy Cakes a customer favorite.

3. Their range of cakes includes both vegan-friendly and gluten-free options. Anyone with a sweet tooth can enjoy these cakes.

4. The business is built on family traditions and old school methods, and that resonates with its customers’ sentiments powerfully.

Cons of Daisy Cakes

This business is doing really well, and the reason is that customers don’t have a lot to complain about. But there are a few things that Daisy Cakes could consider working on.

1. The cakes are pricey, and not everyone can afford such expensive cakes. Daisy Cakes could have some discounts available on their websites or perhaps engage in giveaways for customers.

2. All cakes come in a standard size, which may be too much for some customers. To tackle this, they can include smaller cake sizes.

Who is Daisy Cakes For?

Daisy Cakes are for everyone with a sweet tooth. They bake cakes with a range of flavors and are always working towards new cake flavors.

These cakes are famous amongst almost every age, from kids to young adults; everyone loves Daisy Cakes.

Their service and discount prices for corporate sectors help Daisy Cakes stand out and form a diverse customer market.

Are There Any Alternatives?

The baking industry is massive, so there are plenty of other alternatives to Daisy Cakes. Many businesses bake cakes in mass quantities, and they likely have a wide range of products they are producing along with cakes. Their ingredients also likely lack in the freshness aspect.

Daisy Cakes is for customers for whom fresh ingredients and family traditions are important. These are the primary values that Daisy Cakes stands on.

There are some other baking businesses that are doing incredible and can serve as a great alternative to Daisy Cakes. These include Susie Cakes and Cake & Art.

However, Daisy Cakes is unique because they serve traditional cakes that everyone is bound to love. Even though the variety is limited in the sense that they don’t make customized design cakes, they still bake cakes that everyone talks about.

Daisy Cakes have been in business for a long time, and owner Kim Nelson, even longer. they know what the customers want, and they deliver with absolute perfection and dedication.

Final Word

The cake that Kim Nelson presented to the Sharks did receive well-deserved feedback even though they did not see Daisy Cakes having the potential to grow. But Barbara’s investment of $50,000 and belief in the entrepreneur qualities that Kim Nelson possessed helped Daisy Cakes to become the million-dollar reality today.

Sure Daisy Cakes did have shortcomings, as all businesses can sometimes have, but the commitment to her love for baking never stopped Kim Nelson from giving her best to her customers. She held onto her childhood memories and made millions out of them.