Cubicall from Shark Tank

Cubicall shark tank

Many products featured in Shark Tank are ahead of their time, Cubicall is one of them. It is a simple product that allows you to have complete privacy and maintains that need for privacy in an office. You can have all kinds of privacy. The major ones are visual, territorial, informational, and audio.

The team for the product talks about the product being a modern-day phone booth, except it’s an advanced cubicle. Nick and Anthony Pucci spoke about the product and how they came up with it when they surveyed that greater than 65% of the office space in America was open. They said these open spaces allow for a lot of communication. However, there’s also the fact that these open spaces don’t qualify for privacy during meetings or calls.

The products seem to have well-thought-out designs. These booths have privacy, so you can take a call or have a meeting whenever you want. They are unique booths with privacy, so you can’t see what’s happening inside, which exacerbates the privacy.

Now that we know a fair bit about the product, let’s look into how the Shark tank pitch went for the team.

Anthony and Nick enter the tank looking for $350,000 for 10% of their business. They explain details about the product, stating that the Cubicall is a solution for the typical office working space. They also talk about the fact that the booths come in different sizes. They can fit 1-4 people and have price ranges that go all around too. They mentioned that they were looking for a soundproof phone booth for their own office, and the product they came up with is a response to that need. They also mentioned that they’re currently making the booth in Los Angeles and want to enlist the Sharks for help in expansion.

They also mention that they have sold $500,000 this year alone. They note that their margins are pretty thin, so the distributors aren’t investing. They also know that there are four other competitors in the space, showing that they did their market research.

Mark, Lori, and Kevin aren’t interested at all. They are out. However, Barbara and Kevin will be the entrepreneurs to go on. Kevin makes an offer. He tells the duo that he would allow $350,000 for 10%, but he would need $100 in royalty per unit until they return his investment. The royalty would also go up $50 in perpetuity. Barbara also makes an offer. She’s willing to give them $350,000 for 25% with no royalties. Anthony and Nick take some time to mull over the two proposals. They even go into the booth, so no one knows what they’re discussing.

They return and inform Kevin that they can’t go through with his offer. They then counter Barbara’s offer by asking for $350,000 for 15%, which Barbara declines. She tells them that she has a lot of contacts that could help the team immensely. The group asks her if they’ll budge a little. However, she doesn’t want to settle for less than a quarter slice. The Sharks seem to be firm in their position. So after a while, the duo accepts Barbara’s deal.

The company is still active and has managed to branch out quite well. They didn’t go through with the deal with Barbara, but they attested to the fact that her advice did help them out a fair bit. Their sales have increased from $500,000 to $5 million since then.

Our Review of Cubicall

After the COVID-19 pandemic, many companies have shifted the workplace to include isolation booths. Many people no longer believe in physical meetings and have these on a zoom call to cater to everyone involved. With all these ongoing changes, let’s look into the pros and cons of Cubicall.

Pros of Cubicall

  1. It Decreases Noise. The workplace can be a boisterous affair. If you want to take a meeting or a call with someone important, then having something like the cubicall can help you have a smoother conversation.
  2. It Gives You Privacy. The Cubicle ensures privacy, meaning you could take all those calls inside the office that you would otherwise not take.
  3. It comes with desks, a fan for air circulation, charging ports, and even outlets for your growth.
  4. They are excellent acoustics and don’t take a lot to assemble.
  5. Many bi-fold door options are tailor-made.

Cons of Cubicall

  1. They’re bulky and can take up a lot of space.

Who is Cubicall For?

Offices are shifting to an open floor plan, so any offices that want to ensure a little bit of privacy can install Cubicle. It’s also important to note that employees can lose almost 3 hours of necessary time to a noise disturbance in the workplace. Thus, establishing a Cubicall can prevent this from happening and save you a lot of money in the long run. It may seem like a rather pricey investment, but that’s what it is: an investment.

It’s also for anyone who believes that there should be limited distractions in the workplace.

Are There Any Alternatives?

There are a bunch of alternatives that are present for cubicall. However, Cubicall has the sleek design and the bi-fold doors that the rest of the companies don’t. Cubicall is more than a place that lets you take calls. It’s also a sort of isolation chamber you can go into if you don’t feel like talking to people for a few hours and get ahead on your work. Thus, it’s one of the better products you could have in your office.

Our Final Thoughts

We think the Cubicall is just a super important product in today’s offices. Having an open flooring plan in offices is fun, but privacy is quickly becoming an issue. There is so much background noise in offices that it only makes sense to want a place where you can quiet down and take a call. We believe that having a Cubicall in an office will likely increase the staff’s productivity; thus, every office should purchase it.