Coverplay from Shark Tank

Coverplay shark tank

Coverplay is a company specializing in manufacturing and selling liners or coverings for cribs, playpens, porta cribs, and other similar items. The business stands out since it offers parents a great solution while selling a brand-new product that any other company has not introduced.

The water-resistant slip coverings are excellent for helping parents maintain germ-free, hygienic playpens. The covers are simple to put on and take off and can easily be cleaned.

As of 2022, Coverplay is flourishing and is still in business. Their products are available at several retailers, including Babies R Us. A large-scale distributor sells the company’s products to leading hotel chains.

The Shark Tank episode 4 of season 1 features Coverplay. Feldman and Costa hope to get 350,000 dollars in exchange for a 15% stake in Coverplay. According to the calculations, their business is worth more than $2.3 million overall. The ladies bring some strong evidence to Shark Tank to support their claims about their numbers.

They have acquired two product patents, strong sales figures, and agreements with many high-volume clients and distributors, like Target and multiple cruise lines and hotel chains.

Even though Kevin established his company through infomercials, he chooses not to invest in Coverplay as he believes that parents only require the item for a brief time (0 to two years).

Barbara Corcoran expresses interest and provides the whole sum. She also demands a 40 percent stake in the business and a restriction that the funds may only be used for product development.

Daymond John intervenes, offers the full payment, and permits the funding to be used for manufacture. Additionally, he pledges to fund all output in the future in exchange for a 65 percent ownership.

The owners present Barbara with an offer of 40% of the business and a cut of the Coverplay patents. The Sharks swiftly withdraw their proposals after learning that the patent is not included in the agreement. The women decide to include the patent in the agreement.

In exchange for a 51 percent share, Daymond John, Robert Herjavec, and Mr. Wonderful give 350,000 dollars in addition to Daymond’s distribution and warehousing network. However, the women end up going with Barbara’s offer.

Our Review of Coverplay

Coverplay provides innovative products that enable parents to create a safe environment for their children to play. Food spills, body fluids, and baby spit seep into playpens, causing unsanitary conditions if left for too long. Parents can ensure that their children’s play area is hygienic and clean by using Coverplay’s waterproof playpen covers.

The play covers are soft, gentle fabric on the sensitive skin of toddlers. The covers are easy to remove and put on after being washed in the washer. Playpens may be costly to replace, and Coverplay’s playpen covers can assist parents in extending the life of their playpens by protecting them from damage and keeping them clean.

Coverplay’s products may also help parents who want their children to play in play yards at daycare centers or rent them out for parties but are hesitant to do so due to hygiene concerns. You may place Coverplay’s covers on these play yards and let your kids run around; they’ll have a fantastic time while you’ll be assured they’re playing in a hygienic environment.

These playpen covers may also give an old play yard or playpen a new look while saving you money that would have gone towards purchasing a new one. Overall, we believe that this is an excellent product for parents with toddlers.

Pros of Coverplay

Here are a few benefits of Coverplay:

  • Easy to wash (machine washable)
  • Made with soft and durable material
  • Easy to install
  • Ideal for playpen makeovers
  • It comes in 20+ designs
  • Waterproof
  • Great for germ control

Cons of Coverplay

We were unable to find any cons of Coverplay.

Who Is Coverplay For?

Coverplay is best for parents of toddlers, healthcare facilities, or childcare facilities where playpens are used, and hygiene is essential.

Parents will benefit from it since they will no longer have to clean and scrub playpens every other day to make them germ-free. They can put on a playpen cover effortlessly and know that their children are playing in a safe and healthy environment. Coverplay may also help parents who enjoy traveling with their children because hotels and airports usually provide playpens used by thousands of other children.

Parents may erase any hygiene concerns by using a playpen cover. Coverplay can also help daycares and medical facilities maintain sanitary conditions for children by using playpen covers. Playpen covers can also assist parents, and other institutions in maintaining and extending their playpen’s life.

Are There Any Alternatives?

Below are a few alternatives to Coverplay:

  • Graco Pack and Play
  • Regalo

We have put L RUNNZER on our list of alternatives to Coverplay as they offer numerous types and designs of high-quality playpen and play yard covers.

Our Final Thoughts

The fact that not many businesses sell playpen coverings makes Coverplay unique. Coverplay has also released 20 distinct designs and colors to ensure that playpens match your home’s decor. The covers are long-lasting and provide toddlers with a pleasant playtime experience thanks to the soft and durable fabric.

The covers are also machine washable, which is a bonus since it makes it simple for parents to clean them in the laundry and replace them on the playpens. Before appearing on Shark Tank, Coverplay had a considerable consumer base. They came to shark tank seeking investment to meet a five hundred thousand dollar order as they lacked the funds to complete it.

The shark tank appearance turned out to be the best decision they could make for their business, as the publicity and investment from Barbara were what the CEOs of Coverplay needed to take the Coverplay idea to the next level. The company’s revenue reached 1 million dollars in 2021 and is set to grow even more.