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Cool Wazoo shark tank

We truly live in a world where many items are available to make things easier and convenient for babies and baby parents. From many different versions of carry-cots, feeding supplies, diapers, changing stations, toys, and whatnot – if you need it, you’ll definitely be able to find it at one store or another or, easy enough, online and delivered to your doorstep.

One such innovative invention was Cool Wazoo – a 5-in-1 baby product that is essentially a baby cover but functions as five different usage options from a diaper changing pad to car shade, grocery cart cover, restaurant baby chair cover, and swing seat cover, all in one. And predictable, the invention is by a mother, Ginelle Evans, who initially struck her as an idea for her baby.

She initially wanted a seat cover that she could lay on a sun-exposed surface for her daughter to sit on without getting burnt. In fact, the idea came to her when her daughter did get burned upon sitting on a park swing. So because her daughter got hurt and she couldn’t find anything that would fulfill the purpose of protection before or after, she made one herself.

However, developing and selling the product wasn’t an easy job, or something Ginelle would have accounted for. Therefore, she suffered a major setback in her order processing when 80% of her recent orders were completely wiped out due to defects. Hence, despite garnering positive reviews, she couldn’t garner much in sales.

That is when she decided that she needed to out-source her manufacturing to somewhere all of such products are already taken care of with much professionalism and high ordeal. Hong Kong was the city that stuck out to her; she knew this was it because it was also cutting her per unit cost. However, carrying the manufacturing over to Hong Kong required significant funding.

Shark Tank emerged as the key player in her business game. She knew impressing the judges would mean a good funding deal and possibly a business professional onboard, which would also help her with administrative matters. So she made her way to national television with her Cool Wazoo and a pitch of $65K for a 25% equity of her business in return.

However, to Ginelle’s dismay, the judges aren’t as impressed as she would have liked them to be. Giselle tries hard to save the situation and explain how almost $100k has already been sacrificed on her end to bring this business on board in the market. She explains that although Cool Wazoo has just taken off, she has been putting in the hours it requires.

But all her desperate attempts go in vain as none of the judges seem to find Cool Wazoo a worthwhile business they would like to invest in. This moment brings Giselle to tears as she continues to vent about how much she has sacrificed and will continue to do so if she doesn’t get the funding her business needs. Giselle’s tears bring Lori to an emotional position as it tugs into her heart.

That is when tables turn for Giselle as Lori goes on to the stage to embrace her and brings her original offer back to the table. The two women share an emotional bonding moment as they embrace and hold each other, and Lori comforts Giselle that everything will be alright. However, there is much skepticism involved if the deal with Lori ever closed or not.

As of now, Cool Wazoo still continues to sell very successfully through their website Cool and can be found on Amazon too. The website has been revamped ever since and looks very contemporary against other similar brands. Moreover, on the expansion front, Giselle started a baby shower service in 2020 called Box Partie.

Our Review of Cool Wazoo

While we aren’t sure if Giselle was successful in attaining a successful deal with Lori, she definitely didn’t back down from her business. Her tears and sacrifices were very much real that she had already invested, not to mention the financial investment and efforts.

Therefore, it was a smooth process to get our hands on the Cool Wazoo exclusive product, which is the original 5-in-1 multi-use Cool Wazoo cover she had launched initially. Right off the bat, the cover is of great quality with premium finishing and feel.

It is one of the best you will find in the market for your baby and for the price Cool Wazoo is offering. Every parent can buy one and use it as a staple item in their baby bag, given the many uses you can benefit from with just this single cover. A must-have, if we may say so.

Pros of Cool Wazoo

  • Five in one, multiple-use cover.
  • Easily convertible as per user requirement.
  • Baby bag staple.
  • Adapts to different seats and surfaces.
  • Internal quilting for a plush feeling.
  • Snuggly, warm and soft.
  • Generously sized yet compact for folding and packing.
  • Grab and go convenience.

Cons of Cool Wazoo

  • Most products are hard to find as they are out of stock.
  • There is no brick-and-mortar store if you want to purchase in person.

Who Is Cool Wazoo For?

Cool Wazoo is for babies and for the convenience of their parents. Any parent can easily use it for so many different uses, from seat covers to swing covers and diaper changing pads. It is a premium-quality, internally quilted cover that your baby will surely enjoy and benefit from. All Cool Wazoo products are made for grab-and-go convenience and with the highest safety standards.

Are There Any Alternatives?

Baby Car Seat Cover Canopy and Nursing Cover Multi-Use Stretchy 5 in 1 (ASIN: B0183BZDQI)

Although Cool Wazoo may seem like one of a kind product, after many years of its invention, you can find many alternatives on Amazon. You can buy them and have them delivered to your doorstep within 48 hours with easy returns and exchange terms available. You can choose from different colors, patterns, etc.

Our Final Thoughts

Giselle was more than just a mom for her kid, doing all she could to protect her child. She was a passionate entrepreneur willing to give all it takes to nurture her business to success. And certainly, her will to grow and expand Cool Wazoo has kept the brand growing and evolving since we can find her products on her website even today.