Caddyswags from Shark Tank

Caddyswags shark tank

Caddyswags is a company that specializes in golf accessories that will provide maximum enjoyment and comfort to the players.

Caddyswags is a cooler bag designed to fit easily inside a golf bag. This cooler bag can store beer cans, snacks, and other eatables which the players can munch on and consume to quench their thirst during breaks. The idea is to provide golf players with convenience and enjoyment at the same time when it comes to snacking.

Caddyswags as a brand was presented in Episode 205 of Shark Tank. Ben and Melissa Fossey came to pitch Caddyswags as the founders and entrepreneurs of the company. They said they got the idea for Caddyswags when Ben, Melissa, and their friends were enjoying a hot tub bath together. They all had a golf match the next day and thought about what could be the best way to take their beverages with them and keep them cool without waiting for the golf cart that comes around during breaks and charges high prices for regular drinks and snacks.

Ben and Melissa took their idea to the retail market to avoid paying extravagant prices and they developed an innovative and convenient solution for keeping drinks and snacks throughout the day. They did a test run of their product and made a record-breaking sale by selling 20,000 cooler bags in just 60 days. This success encouraged the founders to take their effect to the global level which is why they came into Shark Tank to seek investment to expand their business sales.

The Fosseys presented their product in Shark Tank in quite an innovative way. They entered the platform with music in the background and explained that some golfers just play golf to have fun and socialize with other players. These fun-loving golfers always want some snacks and a couple of beers in hand to enjoy more and  Caddyswags was the best innovation in the market to facilitate them.

The founders of Caddyswags were seeking 60,000 dollars in response to 20% shares of their company. They want the Sharks to invest in helping them increase their brand recognition and get creative with their marketing strategies to attract more customers. The investment can help them expand their business to a much larger scale in a few months.

Ben Fossey then demonstrated how Caddyswags work. He showed the judges how the cooler bag fits neatly inside the golf bag. He also showed the interior of the cooler bag and pointed toward the strip of gel freezer packs attached to the sides that kept the drinks chilled for the whole day. These strips come with the bag as a sample and can be reused for months.

The Fosseys also gave each Shark Tank judge a Caddyswag, which was embossed with the Shark Tank logo. While describing their sales, they mentioned that they sold cooler bags worth 15,000 dollars in a year just by word of mouth.

Daymond John immediately removes himself from the deal, saying he is not a golf enthusiast. Robert Herjavec found it hard to digest that there are golf courses that will allow players to bring drinks and snacks from outside and is of the opinion that the product won’t sell and get enough profit, thus excusing himself from the deal. Kevin Harrington believes that Caddyswags doesn’t have enough spark to the interest of a large audience, and he is out of the agreement as well. Kevin O’Leary also assumes that the product is not valuable enough.

Barbara Corcoran, however, disagrees with the rest of the Sharks. She is under the impression that Caddyswags is uniquely innovative, and its demand is high. But despite that, she thinks the business is at a small scale and is not worth a significant investment.

On that account, the entrepreneurs of Caddyswags left the Shark Tank platform without making a successful investment deal. Before leaving, much to the judge’s surprise, Ben retrieved the cooler bags he presented to the Sharks in the beginning as a promotional gift.

After appearing on Shark Tank, Caddyswags was approached by multiple TV shows for their live branding and became a successful business. They also have an active website and sell their cooler bags on Amazon.

Our Review of Caddyswags

Despite their failure on Shark Tank, Ben and Melissa didn’t give up and continued to work hard to make their product successful.

The idea of Caddyswags is unique and will go a long way, considering that many golfers now want entertainment and relaxation with their regular game.

With exemplary customer care services and combined team efforts, Caddyswags will see unprecedented growth globally.

Pros of Caddyswags

Caddyswags, a sensation among golf players, have plenty of benefits that have made them exceptionally popular. Some of those benefits are:

  • Caddyswags are not just to store beverage cans but can also be used to store your favorite snack bars, chocolates, and dietary supplements, which will stay fresh and in shape the entire day.
  • No ice cubes are required to be tossed inside the bag for coolness. Instead, the cooler bags are included with reusable and durable ice packs on the first purchase.
  • They have the quickest delivery time of 2 working days and are delivered worldwide without shipping charges.
  • They can be exclusively customized for corporateevents or birthday parties and can be a perfect holiday gift for golf players.
  • Caddyswags are lightweight and can be used by children during beginner golf practices.

Cons of Caddyswags

Caddyswags had some drawbacks as well, which are listed below:

  • Weight balance can be an issue depending on where the ice packs are in the cooler bag. The bag can have an inaccurate balance if the ice packs are on the sides.
  • The cleaning and maintenance of the bag can be a big job if you put some cookies or chips inside the bag.

Who Is Caddyswag For?

Caddyswags are the best choice for golfers who just don’t go to a golf course to play but have fun and enjoy with other players. These golfers want to have some drinks in hand to enjoy and share with other people.

Are There Any Alternatives?

Some popular golf cooler bags such as InTheZone, Freedom Pursuits, and Callaway are market competitors of Caddyswags, but they also provide the same exclusive features and benefits. The only difference is the market price. However, Caddyswags is not affected by its competitors and is giving a consistently remarkable performance in terms of being one of the best golf cooler brands.

Our Final Thoughts

Caddyswags are a symbol of true passion and motivation. Even though its founders received a disappointing response on the Shark Tank platform, their firm will succeed in making their product listed in the best golf cooler bags of all time.

Caddyswags should work on getting celebrity endorsements to maximize their product reach and beneficiaries. The customization prospect of Caddyswags is gaining immense popularity from the local population as they are a unique way to promote their merchandise and benefit the company who ordered their customized products with premium quality products with hassle-free delivery service.