Body Walking from Shark Tank

body walking shark tank

Body Walking is a company by Iron Man Triathlete Todd Miller, who is also a licensed massage therapist. Todd is enthusiastic about a form of massage therapy that is performed with body walking, where a person quite literally walks all over the massage recipient and helps to provide relief to all the necessary pressure points.

Todd is greatly in favor of this form of body massages since he believes it is a much better technique since more pressure is applied with less force, and the career span of the masseuse is also extended when they practice this technique as it takes away all the pressure from the hands.

When Todd made his appearance on Shark Tank, he had licensed only 30 massage parlors across the country and aimed for better opportunities.

On the show, he offers one of his acclaimed massages to Sharks to prove his point and gets Barbara to volunteer. Barbara thoroughly enjoys the massage even as it shocks her and the other sharks since Todd is essentially walking all over her.

Todd is seeking $100k along with a 10% share in the business. However, he did not manage to get a deal from any of the sharks for various reasons, such as Mark believing that Todd would not spend as much time expanding the business as he would training and Barbara having seen such massage techniques before and not thinking they’re all that unique.

Even after the show, Todd was only able to certify only 2 or 3 new massage therapists along with selling a few products on his website. However, as of July 2021, Todd retracted most of his business and only has the original body walking massage location open now.

Our Review Of Body Walking

Body walking is an ancient Chinese technique of massage which is easier on the hands and delivers a powerful impact. It has been acclaimed as a highly effective form of therapy, and most people, including Barbara from Shark Tank, would agree that this technique is quite promising, to say the least.

However, we wanted to see for ourselves how effective the practice of Body walking is overall. So we decided to get a Body walking massage for ourselves to see what all the hype is about.

Naturally, we were a bit apprehensive before letting someone walk all over our bodies; the idea seemed far too painful to be worth it, but we had heard some stellar reviews, so we did decide to go for it.

We were pleased to learn that the weight of the masseuse is adjusted for all the patients. There are bars and massage therapists of different body compositions available to ensure that none of the clients have to bear more weight than they can. This did ease a lot of our apprehension, and we were much less apprehensive about the experience moving forward.

The massage started, and let us tell you, the experience was unreal! We could feel every single knot and hardness in our muscles loosen up under the weight of the masseuse’s feet, and she made sure to adjust her weight as necessary before moving on to each part of the body, making sure she delivered the maximum impact without making me too uncomfortable.

There are quite a few benefits attributed to getting body walking massages, such as deep tissue involvement, improved blood circulation to all the muscles and organs, and it’s even better lymphatic drainage.

Other than that, people who have been suffering from chronic pain have also talked about the benefits of this massage for pain management, and it overall leaves you feeling very relaxed and refreshed.

I remember getting up after the massage was over, and I felt like I had been run over by a truck, except it didn’t hurt. It took my body a few minutes to recover and rearrange, after which I felt fresh, not just physically but mentally as well. All in all, the experience was excellent.

One qualm we do have with this treatment is that it is quite expensive, even for a single sitting. The massage is also very hefty considering that you have the weight of an entire person on you! Therefore, considering these two factors, we do not believe that you can get this message too often, and you will have to space it out. This also explains some of the apprehension that prevented Todd Miller from getting a deal on Shark Tank since the experience isn’t one that people will constantly go back for.

Pros Of Body Walking

There are many pros of the body walking massage that we noticed, and here are some of them:

  • Weight is adjusted for each client
  • Multiple benefits to the body
  • Deep tissue involvement
  • Very deep and extensive massage
  • Leaves you feeling fresh and invigorated

Cons Of Body Walking

Some of the cons of body walking include the following:

  • The massage is very expensive for a single sitting
  • You cannot get it too often because it’s quite hefty

Who is Body Walking For?

Body walking is an extensive form of deep-tissue massage that is perfect for anyone suffering from chronic muscle pain or people who have struggled with bad posture and find that their body has become very stiff and knotted. The massage is for anyone who has not received any such extensive treatment for a long time and would like to change that.

Are There Any Alternatives?

There are, at present, not many well-known alternatives to the Body Walking massage offered by Todd Miller. The massage is more popular in Asian countries such as China and Thailand though.

Our Final Thoughts?

Body Walking by Todd Miller was a wonderful idea, and the massage itself is quite excellent. However, even though the technique is unique and effective, it did not make much sense from a business perspective for all the clients. The original massage location by Todd Miller is still open for anyone who is interested, though!