Beer Blizzard from Shark Tank

Beer Blizzard shark tank

Season 7 of the Shark Tank introduced the world to Mike Robb and Tommy “Ozzy” Osbourne. The two pioneers introduced the Beer Blizzard, a device they invented on their own. They successfully managed to kickstart their mini beer cooler, a disc-like creation they made using the money they had gathered from their kick-starter campaign. The pair managed to raise over $40,000 while they had initially started with the goal of only $5000.

Beer Blizzard is a simple device in the shape of a disk or a coaster. This coaster is filled with an injectable refrigerant. The disk is in shape to fit a beer can’s base. You can place the disk in a beer koozie, and your beer will instantly become cool or remain cool as time goes on.

The simple device can enhance your beer drinking experience and help you enjoy your alcoholic drink. Robb and Osbourne claimed it would get even cooler when your beer touches the Beer Blizzards. This simple device is not only great for beer cans, but you can use it for wine bottles too.

Beer Blizzard is different from other products because it is fit for any beer or wine. You have to refrigerate the piece beforehand, and it manages not to dilute your drink. There’s also no product outage as the refrigerant cools down and is no longer solid. Like ice, you won’t have to deal with an insane amount of condensation that makes your hand wet. Apart from the ease of the product, the public appeal that the product could garner also set it apart.

Robb and Osbourne came into Shark Tank offices with a product that worked already. They could produce the product due to the kickstarted campaign they had started, which had a goal of only $5,000 but superseded that by eight times. The potential that the product and the team showcased was nothing short of amazing.

When Tom and Mike entered Shark Tank, they wanted a rational $100K for 20%. Lori questioned them about the functionality of their product and whether they had it tested. The team stated that the product was CBA-tested and that they were waiting on design and utility patents. This garnered some appreciation as the duo seemed to have done their homework.

Lori stated that they could also use the product for soft drinks. However, the team contested this as the marketing focuses on Beer Blizzard. The team on Shark Tank seems interested. However, Robert thought the product was an add-on instead of a business. Daymon John didn’t have the connection to further the business even though he saw the product’s potential, so he didn’t see what value he could add. Mark Cuban offers them $100K for 25%, and Lori counters that offer for 100K for 20%, potentially expanding to Target and Bed, Bath, and Beyond.

The duo eventually takes up Mark Cuban’s deal because Mike Robb says he has a “huge crush” on Mark.

Unfortunately, the company is no longer active.

Our Review of Beer Blizzard

There is certainly something notable about Beer Blizzard. It feels convenient, and the duo’s dedication to their marketing is hearty.

Pros of Beer Blizzard

It’s a nifty product. So many times, you will have a drink and get disappointed because it isn’t at the temperature you want. However, Beer Blizzard lets you control the temperature of your alcohol, even if you are in outdoor settings. The devices are also easy to carry, and their working is exceptionally simple.

All you have to do is keep them in a freezer for a bit, and then you can use them as an alternative to ice. It doesn’t cause unnecessary dilution in your alcohol but still manages to cool down your drink exactly how you prefer. The refrigerant is also not something that you have to keep filling over and over again. The operations and executions of it all are rather simple.

Cons of Beer Blizzard

Beer Blizzard may seem like a novel idea, but many people have now started to mass-produce products like this. No silicone glass cubes available can be placed in any drink and provide the same purpose that Beer Blizzard provides. The naming of the product also manages to reduce its marketability. Some people in America don’t actively drink alcohol or beer, for that matter, and the name prevents them from being interested in this particular product.

Who Is Beer Blizzard For?

The Beer Blizzards is for people who drink beers and don’t like it to be warm. You can also use it for Wine moms who like their wine cold throughout dinner. The product mostly targets alcohol drinkers, but it can be for anyone who wants to maintain the temperature of their drink.

Are There Any Alternatives to Beer Blizzard?

Ever since the episode airing, there have been many different alternatives to the Beer blizzards. People have come up with ways of keeping their drinks cold. At the same time, there are no coaster-like designs that people can place in a beet koozie.

There have been alternatives like reusable ice cubes, which can fit into any drink of your liking. There are also freezable ice containers that can easily slip into your cold-drink bottle or wine bottle. The fact is that the best alternatives are the refreezable ice cubes that can easily slip into any drink. These are also cheap and easily available to anyone.

Our Final Thoughts

We believe that Robb and Osbourne did everything right. They were able to create an excellent product because people believed in them. However, the lasting effect didn’t reflect their potential.

We think if they had struck earlier and worked their way to a partnership with a giant like Target, as Lori suggested, they could have been more successful with their products. However, the emergence of alternatives that were easily accessible made Robert’s prediction true, and Beer Blizzard was nothing more than a promotional item.