BareEASE from Shark Tank

bareease shark tank

BareEASE was a numbing agent and underwear combo used for bikini waxing that a former Survivor South Pacific contender also utilized. Dr. Edna Ma made her Shark Tank debut two and a half years after shooting a reality program.

In her debut on the show, Ma was the first Survivor alum to take the stage. She was well-versed in sedation and pain management as a licensed anesthesiologist.

According to the company’s website, BareEase prepares your bikini region by working as an anesthetic and moisturizing agent for the skin. Once your skin is adequately moisturized, it is ready for a painless bikini wax. You can apply BarEaze’s cream to your bikini region before the waxing treatment. The panties were explicitly designed to hold the cream in place.

Many independent parlors, spas, and bikini-waxing facilities already carried BareEASE at the time. Edna depended on the Sharks to bring BareEASE into major chains and big-box shops.

She pitched her offer for $50,000 in exchange for 20% of the company. She explained how BareEase helped women with their eyebrows waxed feel more at ease. A patent had been issued for her formula. She offered samples to analyze the product privately.

According to Ma’s study, grooming the bikini line had become the new norm for 40-80% of women. “Guys are thankful,” as aptly put by Mark, invited laughter on the set. Ma said she was the one who first introduced Numb Nuts, which amazed the sharks.

Edna had the idea amid her painful waxing session. The year’s sales were expected to reach $65k that year. She approached Shark Tank for her product to reach as many people as possible. She said that her consumers were already ordering her stuff online in significant numbers. The BareEASE bundle cost $18 but only required $2.82 to manufacture.

Ma is still a doctor. She said she still taught medical students while caring for her young children. According to Kevin, sales were underperforming in light of the industry’s great potential. Mark decided to part ways with Dr. Ma since he felt she was overburdened with work. Barbara was looking for a driver for her business. Kevin went out believing the market had not grown swiftly enough.

Dr. Ma told Robert about her childhood as a Chinese immigrant in the United States. The poignant moment was broken up by Lori, who excused herself from the deal. Robert was captivated by the story, regardless of the interruption. According to him, immigrant work ethic should never be underestimated.

When starting a business, it might be tough to leave the comforts of your own home. However, Robert felt BareEase was more like a hobby than a business.

However, Dr. Edna did not give up on her BareEASE cream despite the Sharks’ disapproval. She kept selling her lotion on her website and on Amazon, which helped women who were tired of bearing the pain for personal grooming and wanted to avoid discomfort.

Besides being founded by a woman for women, the site was instructive and beneficial without being sexist. Dr. Edna was sure to have a big hit with BareEASE, as she believed women look for a pain-free waxing experience when they approach this product. However, the company shut down in 2019.

Our Review of BareEASE

Waxing is a popular way to get rid of unwanted hair now more than ever. It is an excellent technique to keep your bikini line clean. However, many women avoid it because of the discomfort.

Those who have endured the agony of a Brazilian wax may question why you keep returning for more. You might have vowed never to do it again till the anguish disappears. It’s not a pleasant experience by any means, to say the least. That’s why Dr. Edna Ma came up with BareEASE in the first place.

Preparation for waxing was made easier with BaseEASE, a revolutionary lotion that hydrates and numbs the bikini region before waxing. As a result, bikini waxing was practically painless. You could get all the benefits of a Brazilian wax minus the discomfort.

It had an easy-to-use application. All you needed was to clean and exfoliate the skin in the region before application. Then you’d have to apply the numbing lotion to the skin 30 to 45 minutes before your waxing procedure to minimize discomfort. You could keep the numbing cream in place by wearing the included BareEASE panty.

Once the anesthetic took effect, the area would be completely numb within 30 to 45 minutes. You could begin waxing as soon as you arrive at your appointment.

BareEASE would work to soothe the irritated skin until the numbness wore off. As a result, you would feel a little discomfort from beginning to end. Women adored BareEASE because it made waxing a breeze.

The leg wax was the simplest part of getting a Brazilian wax before BareEASE. Bikini wax was out of the question. With the inception of BareEASE, life became easier. It was a true game-changer until the company got shut down.


  • Pain-free wax
  • Easy application
  • No extra application of cream
  • No irritation


  • Appointment required
  • Slight discomfort at the time of application
  • Comparatively expensive

Who is it Best For?

BareEASE is no longer in business. However, it was a game-changer when it came to waxing the intimate parts of the body. Women who felt extreme discomfort and unbearable pain in their bikini region rejoiced at this alternative. Unfortunately, the company had to shut down.

Are There Any Alternatives?

There are numerous waxing solutions available in the market. However, none of them are completely pain-free. The most popular choice for waxing is the Brazilian, which hurts for a while, but does a fine job. This waxing technique slows the hair growth, keeping your intimate parts clean for more than 20 days.

Out Final Thoughts

BareEASE had been one of the most sought-after programs by women for women who were tired of waxing. It provided comfort and ease and had been a go-to solution for pain-free wax until the company shut down due to financial losses.