Zorpads from Shark Tank

Zorpads shark tank

It can be hard to eliminate shoe odor from shoes you have worn too many times. Once shoes start to stink, it is hard to get them back to how they were before. However, it may not be as impossible as it seems.

From soaking the soles in baking powder to washing the shoes, we have many home remedies for smelly shoes. But the founders of Zorpads have something even better to offer. Taylor Wiegele and Sierra Smith went one step further to let the Sharks take a sniff at their product.

The Zorpads are much better than any powder or added product you may need to insert into your shoe to keep the smell at bay. Here’s a detailed review of the product;

What are Zorpads?

The founders developed the product during their time at the Harvard Business School. It is an interesting creation which was then worked upon within the Harvard Innovations Lab. The product is a pad about the size of a credit card. This sticky pad can be stuck to a shoe’s sole, eliminating shoe odor.

How They Work

The sticky Zorpads absorb moisture and odor through a layer made of a kind of fabric that takes away most of the odor before it reaches the sole. This eliminates odor that would otherwise emanate from an overused shoe.

The Zorpads can be bought in bulk, and every sticky pad can be used up to 60 wears before they are discarded.

What Makes Zorpads Unique?

The Zorpads are unique for many reasons. Most importantly, the pads aren’t bulky and don’t slip off. This maintains the integrity of the sole. They are also not dependent on sprays or bounders that can feel slipper or clog up the shoe.

Zorpads don’t involve the usage of charcoal. In fact, they use activated carbon, which works great in eliminating odor. With the Zorpads, you no longer have to remove the sole from the shoe. These pads can absorb the odor and give you the squeaky-clean smell you are looking for.

How Did the Shark Tank Pitch Go?

The Zorpads Shark Tank pitch witnessed an offer of 8% equity for a $150,000 investment. The pitch started with the product introduction along with sample handouts. The Sharks leapt for the bait as they were interested in the $103,000 worth of sales that backed the unique product.

All Sharks other than Mark offered a figure they were interested in. However, after some negotiation, the founders settled on a 22.5% equity. This was offered by both Lori and Charles in conjunction with a $150,000 investment.

Since then, the product has started to sell on Amazon. It was followed by the Covid-19 crisis. This might have been why Taylor and Lori stepped away from the company. However, Sierra is still selling the Zorpads, with Charles having a major stake in the company.

Our Review of Zorpads

Zorpads is a creative product with much thought put into the production cycle. The product accomplishes what it set out to achieve. It eliminates shoe odor and is made with NASA-tested technology, making them much more effective than any other shoe odor elimination product on the market.

The Zorpads are easy to insert, easy to hide, and easy to remove. We doubt you can think of a better product.

Pros of Zorpads

  • Effective

The product achieves what it promises to achieve. It gives you the odor-free shoes you want without adding discomfort to your life.

  • Practical

The pads are easy to insert and easy to remove. They aren’t bulky, so no one can figure out you are wearing them.

  • Long-lasting

The product lasts much longer than others in the market, making it much more affordable for the average college student or athlete.

Cons of Zorpads

  • Not So Unique

The pads aren’t that unique since many other pads are attempting to solve the same issue at a lesser price. This might impede their progress in the market as they can lose out on the advantage of a unique product.

Who are Zorpads for?

Zorpads are for anyone who doesn’t want to walk around with smelly shoes all day. They are for people who need to repeat their shoes and can’t change them every day. These pads are also a great help for people who have certain medical conditions that cause over sweating.

With the Zorpads, much of the worry is eliminated from the minds of people who have labor-intensive jobs, spend long hours at the office, commute between classes, or are involved in athletics.

Are There Any Alternatives?

Zorpads are in a league of their own. This is because most similar pads are charcoal activated, whereas Zorpads are carbon activated. Moreover, they are NASA-tested and are much more effective at odor elimination.

There might be other alternatives in the market, such as sprays or powders that offer quick fixes. However, these products can only reduce the odor. They do not advertise odor elimination, nor can they do so.

Moreover, home remedies are another alternative that might be used by people who suffer from this issue. But this alternative takes a lot of time and might not be as effective as the pads that can stick to your soles and solve all your odor issues.

Our Final Thoughts

A product like Zorpads is ahead of its time. It solves a relevant and unique issue that most business people might not have thought of. Not everyone suffers from smelly feet; thus, it isn’t a problem that one might think is worthy enough to create a product for.

However, business ideas and remarkable inventions are birthed from an issue another might deem insignificant. The founders have invested much time and effort in creating the absorbent fabric that solves shoe odor.

Yet this product has many other applications, and further research can reveal the alternative uses which can further propel the success of the Zorpads.