Yourself Expression from Shark Tank

yourself expression shark tank

At the mere age of 13, Shelby wanted to help her parents are they struggled to pay the tuition for her high school. As a creative individual, Shelby would make interchangeable boot clips that she started selling to friends and family members.

Soon, these clips started to become extremely popular, and more orders poured in. Soon enough, Shelby had to hire her nine-year-old brother to help her out. Together, the siblings created a website and started taking bulk orders.

These child entrepreneurs were 15 and 10 when they introduced their company, Yourself Expression, to the sharks. From the start, Shelby had a rather posh taste in boots that came with tiny bows on the back.

Since her family could not afford them, she started designing accessories to put on her boots. She wanted to create various things that could be worn and changed, depending on the occasion.

Today, Yourself Expression has four sections for kids, men, women, and even pet animals. Each of Yourself Expression’s products could be made into various other products. To demonstrate, Shelby pulled her bracelet off for the sharks and showed that a single base could turn into a number of designs.

The idea was so cool that people were using the products as souvenirs, and sports teams were also adopting them, increasing the sibling’s product line.

Shelby came into Shark Tank wearing a belt, bracelets, flip-flops and a hair tie. She explained that she and four manufacturers had designed each of these products, and since every accessory had a base, the poppers could be bought separately.

So far, the company has stocked 90 stores, including Hallmark, boutiques, and hospital gift stores. As for sales, Yourself Expression has managed to earn $360,000 so far. Even though Shelby and Gordon were very young, they were earning $1,000 every single day.

The profits went to the siblings while their family owed a portion of their business and hence, had a share in the profits.

The siblings were looking for some business expertise. They wanted to stock their products in more boutiques, cruise lines, theme parks, and souvenir shops. Shelby was interested in obtaining a sports license so that she could make more men’s and children’s products.

The Sharks loved the idea of Yourself Expression and were more impressed by the kids. They realized that Shelby and Gordon had achieved so much at such a young age. However, they believed that even though the business idea was great, inventory would be difficult to keep up with.

Moreover, they thought Shelby might not be interested in sticking by the business ten years down the line as the older you get, the more one’s priorities change. However, Shelby disagreed and said she dreamed of going head-to-head with Pandora.

Our Review of Yourself Expression after their Shark Tank Appearance

Yourself Expression, a company, made by two young children, made interchangeable accessories that would pop or snap into place. We believe that the idea is great, and with more than 2000 different accessories, the possibilities are endless.

Pros of Yourself Expression

One of the greatest advantages of Yourself Expression is that individuals can create fashionable products for themselves. They are given the freedom to create whatever they want, and each of their designs would be absolutely unique.

Moreover, it is a great way for individuals to let others know if they have a medical condition. However, instead of wearing some weird hospital brand, they can use Yourself Expression to make a fashionable piece of jewelry.

Regardless of whether you are looking for a ring or pendant, Yourself Expression offers an affordable range of options. You can also get some accessories for your dog and enjoy strangers complimenting it all the time!

Cons of Yourself Expression

The idea might seem a little childish to some people, especially because a large jewellery market is already available. Many brands have been around for years and have built a name for themselves.

This is why people might not feel tempted to try Yourself Expression. Moreover, many people want their lives to be simple. They might not be creative as individuals and prefer wearing ready-made products that their friends know about.

Who is Yourself Expression for?

Yourself Expression for anyone who wants to look different, be creative, and design their own accessories with a single base. It is great for children, pets, and adults who want to look stylish and different. The company provides affordable accessories to all without breaking your bank.

Are There Any Alternatives?

As of now, there are no alternatives to Yourself Expression. No one in the market is creating interchangeable jewelry with hundreds of unique designs.

Our Final Thoughts

We adore the story behind Yourself Expression. In fact, we also see a lot of potential as people are always on the lookout for trendy jewelry. In today’s world of fast fashion, individuals want to buy cheap accessories, wear them a couple of times, and then reinvest in new ones.

However, with Yourself Expression, you can change up the accessories and reuse them as many times as you want without getting sick of them.

Moreover, we believe that Yourself Expression can be used in several ways, especially at a children’s hospital or pet clinic. The idea behind making accessories that can be styled in a number of ways is different and unique, and we totally support the idea.

However, we do feel that Shelby and Gordon started this business at a young age and it might be difficult for them to stick by this idea for the rest of their lives, which means that their investment might be wasted in the long run.