Yellow Leaf Hammocks from Shark Tank

Yellow Leaf Hammocks shark tank

Global economic trends are constantly shifting, with an upward and downward trajectory for businesses and countries. While some countries have a buffer to prevent severe repercussions of the changing economic trends, developing nations struggle to keep their economies afloat. Hence, even when their native laborers work hard, they fail to earn enough to feed their families.

A similar situation came across Joe Demin when he went on a backpacking trip to Thailand. Joe was thrilled to find a hammock after a long trek and surprised to see the hammock was highly soft to touch. After talking with the locals, he met the magic hands behind the great hammocks.

Women of the hill tribe in that area were the manufacturers of the comfy hammocks. These women hand-weaved the hammocks and sold them for a relatively lower price point, as the sales of these products weren’t incredible. Women were supporting their families by working on these hammocks, but more women weren’t being hired to meet the costs of the business.

Joe found the golden opportunity for a business as he knew the US market would be perfect for selling these products. He discussed it with his partner Rachel, and the duo started the Yellow Leaf Hammocks company.

Yellow Leaf Hammocks¬†manufactures fluffy and comfortable hammocks that are easy to hang indoors and outdoors. The sturdy hooks of the hammocks keep the hammocks from falling due to weight. The material of the hammocks is also flexible to accommodate a person’s weight equally throughout the surface.

The couple appeared on Shark Tank’s Season 11 seeking an investment of $400K for 7% equity in their company. They wanted to streamline the production process and boost marketing to help them cross the threshold while turning Yellow Leaf Hammocks into a sustainable business.

The duo introduced themselves and their company Yellow Leaf Hammocks. They then demonstrated a product called Hammock Throne that could be placed indoors as a magnificent piece while having a hammock at your disposal. The flexible sides of the throne allowed the hammock to stretch as per a person’s length. The duo also asked the sharks to feel the texture of the provided samples, and all the sharks were impressed.

When the sharks started discussing sales, the numbers were well, with 1.3 million in the year of Shark Tank’s appearance, thanks to direct consumers and strategic partnerships. They were also bound to finally earn profit that same year. After discussing the story behind the origin of Yellow Leaf Hammocks, guest shark Daniel Lubetzky made an offer of 33% for a million dollars.

Joe hesitated to give away a significant share, and Lori and Robert went in with their separate offers. Lori offered $400K in exchange for 20% equity, whereas Robert offered the same amount of money for 15%. After some negotiations, Lori revised the deal as a $200K investment for 15% and a $200K loan at 7% interest.

Since Daniel loved their product and Yellow Leaf Hammocks’ socio-economic stability brought to Thailand’s hill tribe communities, he asked the duo to counter. Joe offered 25% equity of his company in exchange for a million dollars. Daniel accepts the deal, and Yellow Leaf Hammocks leaves with one million dollars instead of the initial $400K ask.

Our Review of Yellow Leaf Hammocks

Yellow Leaf Hammocks has had slow and steady growth as a business. However, that growth is substantial owing to the business increased e-commerce platform sales and the Amazon store through which they can make their product available and accessible for people nationwide. Yellow Leaf Hammocks is earning a million dollars in annual revenue as of 2022.

Customers who have found themselves running back towards Yellow Leaf Hammocks to purchase their products swear by the quality. The robust hammocks don’t fall because of weight and stay put. The flexible cotton-based cloth used to prepare the hammocks holds a substantial weight of 330 Lbs, so couples can have their relaxation hours together.

Yellow Leaf Hammocks is one of the rare businesses that get more than they asked for, but the business is doing complete justice to the investment.

Pros of Yellow Leaf Hammocks

In a short time, Yellow Leaf Hammocks has found an incredibly loyal customer base, and the company’s mind-blowing customer service is part of why customers love to purchase again. Here are some things customers love about the business:

  • Yellow Leaf Hammocks manufactures the world’s most comfortable and flexible hammocks.
  • The soft hammocks manufactured at Yellow Leaf Hammocks are made using incredible cotton yarn.
  • The hammocks are weather-safe, ensuring that the environmental elements won’t damage the quality of the hammocks.
  • Since hammocks are mostly exposed to the sun for an extended period, manufacturers have made sure to only use fade-free material to reduce the need to buy hammocks repeatedly.
  • The sturdiness of the hammock is due to over 150,000 woven knots that hold a person’s weight and distribute it evenly across the hammock’s surface.
  • The hand-woven hammocks are also hand-dyed by the Mlabri Tribe women of Thailand.
  • The business is generating employment in the socio-economically developing area of Thailand.
  • The award-worthy customer service has kept the customers coming back.

Cons of Yellow Leaf Hammocks

Despite having a loyal customer base, some things haven’t worked in favor of Yellow Leaf Hammocks:

  • Yellow Leaf Hammocks’ and the Hammock Throne are costlier than the average hammocks available on the market.
  • Some users of the hammocks have experienced issues with the hammock’s durability.

Who Is Yellow Leaf Hammocks For?

If you’re looking for an escape from your everyday life without really escaping, Yellow Leaf Hammocks’ products are for you. The soft texture of the hammocks and the swing will teleport you to your favorite beach as you relax. You can easily hang the sturdy hammocks around any room in your house, so you don’t have to drag yourself outside for relaxation.

Are There Any Alternatives?

Since hammocks are a popular item for outdoor camping and other leisure activities, you can find numerous hammock manufacturing companies. However, Arlmont & Co. is the most famous hammock manufacturer due to their quality hammocks for indoor and outdoor purposes. The foldable hammocks are portable and can be wound up from a place and set up at another location in no time.

Arlmont & Co.’s chair hammock is a popular item in their design closet and is relatively cheaper than Yellow Leaf Hammocks’ hammock throne.

Our Final Thoughts

Yellow Leaf Hammocks is a million-dollar company. The business has found great success in the relaxation and leisure industry. The company has also left its traces in the interior design world through the idea of the Hammock Throne, and people are now looking for similar accessories in interior design workshops.

The business has had slow and steady growth, but Yellow Leaf Hammocks has glory years ahead, especially as relaxation has become the new normal.