Wink Frozen Desserts from Shark Tank

wink frozen desserts shark tank

Everyone knows that ice cream is not good for you. It is loaded with sugar, and a single pint of ice cream contains 600 calories. Most ice creams are not dairy-free; the truth is that most contain a huge amount of saturated fat and added sugar. Consuming too much ice cream can lead to health issues, such as increased levels of blood triglycerides, high blood pressure, and weight gain.

However, one cannot deny that ice cream tastes absolutely fantastic. In fact, if the health factor was not involved, many of us would binge on ice cream after every meal. After all, it is comfort food, perfect for days when you just want to stay in bed or feel under the weather because of the overwhelming responsibilities at work.

Gabe Wolf, the founder of Wink Frozen Desserts, was no different from the rest of us. At the mere age of 17, he was told that he had Celiac disease and dairy intolerance and was handed a long list of dietary restrictions that he had to follow.

However, the problem was that Gabe loved ice cream. His guilty pleasure included binging on ice cream all day, every day. When he was told that he had to give up ice cream, Gabe had a plan. He wanted to recreate his favorite guilty pleasure to make it healthy and sugar-free.

After recruiting Ani as the head of operations, the two set out to recreate America’s favorite dessert. The two understood that quitting ice cream out of the blue was more complicated than it seemed. Since Gabe was an ice cream addict, he understood the problem more than anyone.

The best part was that Wink Frozen Dessert was dairy and sugar-free, making it perfect for snacking. Moreover, this dessert did not contain the top 8 allergies usually found in traditional ice cream and ice cream substitutes. Wink Frozen Dessert was made using natural ingredients without compromising on taste. The best part was that it only contained 100 calories per pint!

Wink Frozen Desserts made it possible to satisfy one’s sweet tooth without giving up ice cream. Made with pea protein, the ice cream had earned more than $500,000 in the three years it had been on the market. The product was sold in stores such as Whole Foods, and they had contracts with a total of 180 stores. In the past year, the profit the ice cream had bought was $87,000.

Our Review of Wink Frozen Desserts After their Shark Tank Appearance

We believe that Wink Frozen Desserts is a great initiative for individuals who want to watch their weight and consume healthy foods. Unfortunately, ice cream is high in sugar, and too much sugar is not good for the human body. Hence, we like the idea of a healthy dessert in the market that promises to be a better alternative.

Pros of Wink Frozen Desserts

Wink Frozen Desserts comes in many flavors, including gluten-free cake batter, coco-dough, cinnamon bun, choco-mint, coffee, and vanilla bean. All these flavors are guilt-free, and they cater to a large market of individuals.

The best part is that they are completely sugar-free, dairy-free, soy-free, fat-free, egg-free, and gluten-free. In fact, Wink Frozen Dessert is known to be light without making individuals feel too bloated or heavy after consuming it.

Moreover, each serving only has 25 calories in total, with 0 grams of sugar, 1 gram of fiber, and 2 grams of protein. Some flavors have 4 grams of fat and 4 grams of sugar, but this still makes the ice cream less damaging than other ice creams on the market. Moreover, they are plant-based, which means they can be consumed by vegans as well.

As for the consistency, Wink Frozen Dessert is a sorbet rather than an ice cream. It can be scooped, but it is a little icy. This ensures that the ice cream is textured and flavorful.

Cons of Wink Frozen Desserts

Even though Wink Frozen Dessert is a healthy dessert that will not cause weight gain or lead to diabetes in the future, it does not exactly taste like ice cream. Individuals who are familiar and accustomed to the taste of traditional ice cream will have a hard time getting used to the taste of Wink Frozen Dessert.

Some individuals claim that some flavors taste bland, despite being labeled as coco-mint or vanilla bean. Wink Frozen Dessert requires an acquired taste that individuals might have trouble with.

Who is Wink Frozen Desserts for?

Wink Frozen Dessert can be consumed by anyone who wants a healthier take on life. It does not only have to be enjoyed by those who want to lose weight or have health issues like diabetes.

Instead, Wink Frozen Dessert is for the general public. After all, conventional ice cream is terrible for the human body, especially if consumed every single day. It increases the fat levels in the body and can lead to obesity. It also slows down the metabolic rate, making Wink Frozen Dessert a wonderful alternative.

Are There Any Alternatives?

Some mediocre alternatives to Wink Frozen Dessert include Arctic Zero, which has the consistency of shaved ice and uses whey protein. Another alternative is Halo Top which uses milk protein concentration and eggs and is not focused on being allergen or sugar-free.

Our Final Thoughts

Many people wait to make lifestyle changes till they get sick, gain weight, or develop life-threatening diseases. However, we like that Wink Frozen Dessert targets a population that wants to look after their health.

The founders have considered that different people like different flavors and have tried to cater to a large market, making Wink Frozen Desserts is a must-try dessert, especially for ice cream lovers.