“What Companies Does Waste Connections Own: A Comprehensive Breakdown for You”

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As you delve into the world of waste management, you’re likely to come across a heavyweight in the industry: Waste Connections. This behemoth has a substantial number of subsidiary companies under its wide-reaching umbrella. Waste Connections holds a commanding position in solid waste services across North America, serving millions of customers from coast to coast.

The company’s portfolio is diverse, extending far beyond just your typical trash collection services. Among the many businesses it owns are Progressive Waste Solutions and R360 Environmental Solutions – two major players that have given Waste Connections an edge in their respective sectors.

From residential curbside pick-up to commercial waste removal and recycling, as well as non-hazardous oilfield waste treatment – these subsidiaries help Waste Connections deliver a comprehensive range of environmentally sound solutions. It’s this broad scope of operations that has cemented Waste Connection’s status as a leading player in North America’s waste management industry.

Unveiling Waste Connections: An Overview

Let’s delve into the world of Waste Connections. You may be wondering, what exactly is this company and what does it own? Well, you’re about to find out.

Primarily, Waste Connections Inc is an American waste collection corporation. It’s not just any corporation; it marks its prominence as North America’s third-largest service provider in solid waste management. That’s quite a reputation!

Now let’s get into the nitty-gritty of who they own:

  • Progressive Waste Solutions: This was a major game-changer for Waste Connections. They acquired Progressive in 2016, marking one of their most significant expansions.
  • R360 Environmental Solutions: Another noteworthy acquisition was R360 in 2012, which helped them establish a strong foothold in the oilfield waste treatment industry.
  • A slew of other regional and local waste management companies also fall under their umbrella.

It’s clear that Waste Connections isn’t just playing around – they’re serious about dominating the industry! But how big are they? Let’s see some numbers:

Year Number of Employees
2015 7,000
2020 16,000

That table sums up their meteoric rise from having approximately 7,000 employees in 2015 to around double that number by 2020!

So there you have it—a brief introduction to Waste Connections and their acquisitions. The next time you see a garbage truck with their logo or hear their name mentioned on the news, you’ll know exactly who they are and what they do!

What is Waste Connections?

Let’s dive into the world of Waste Connections. It’s a premier integrated waste services company in North America, offering a variety of environmental services to millions of customers. From residential pickups to large-scale industrial disposal, Waste Connections has got it covered.

Waste Connections isn’t just your average trash collection service. They’ve broadened their scope significantly over the years. Today, they provide non-hazardous oilfield waste treatment, recovery and disposal services as well. Their mission? To protect our environment for generations to come.

Now you might be wondering about the size and reach of this company. Waste Connections is actually publicly traded on both the New York and Toronto Stock Exchanges under the ticker symbol “WCN”. In terms of revenue, it raked in a whopping $5.389 billion in 2020 alone!

Here’s how that 2020 revenue breaks down:

Service Type Revenue Percentage
Solid waste 89%
E&P 11%
  • Solid waste: This covers everything from regular household garbage collection to commercial and industrial waste management.
  • E&P (Exploration & Production): This segment deals with oilfield waste treatment.

What sets Waste Connections apart is its commitment to safety and sustainability. They’re constantly investing in new technologies that make recycling easier and more efficient for everyone involved – including you! So when you choose their services, you’re not only getting top-tier waste management but also supporting a greener planet.

In essence, Waste Connections stands as an industry leader with an expansive network across North America providing innovative solutions in solid waste and E&P disposal while promoting responsible environmental practices. With their stellar reputation for customer service, they’ve become one of the most trusted names in their field.

So now that we’ve answered what Waste Connections is all about – let’s delve into which companies fall under its impressive umbrella in our next section!

Companies Owned by Waste Connections: The Breakdown

If you’ve been wondering about the companies that fall under the umbrella of Waste Connections, here’s a comprehensive breakdown.

First up is R360 Environmental Solutions. Acquired in 2012, this company serves as a leading provider of non-hazardous oilfield waste treatment, recovery and disposal services.

Another key part of Waste Connections’ portfolio is Progressive Waste Solutions. This major acquisition took place in 2016, further bolstering their presence in Canada and the United States.

Let’s not forget about The Oilfield Waste Logistics (OWL). OWL became a part of the family in 2014 providing critical waste management services to oilfields across North America.

Last but not least is American Disposal Services, which was acquired in 2018. This company has significantly expanded its footprint across Virginia and Colorado markets.

Here’s a quick recap:

Company Name Acquisition Year
R360 Environmental Solutions 2012
Progressive Waste Solutions 2016
Oilfield Waste Logistics 2014
American Disposal Services 2018

All these acquisitions have played an integral role in expanding the reach and capabilities of Waste Connections. Whether it’s residential or commercial garbage pickup, recycling programs or landfill operations – they’ve got it covered.

Unpacking the Potentials of Progressive Waste Solutions LTD

Let’s delve into the world of Progressive Waste Solutions LTD. A significant part of the portfolio under Waste Connections, Inc., this Canadian waste management company has carved a niche in North America’s waste industry.

As you’d expect from a subsidiary of one of America’s largest waste service companies, Progressive Waste Solutions manages a broad range of services. They’re involved in everything from residential and commercial waste collection to recycling operations and landfill disposal. It’s clear that their reach is vast, with operations spanning across Canada and 13 U.S states.

Country Number of Operations
Canada Extensive
U.S States (13 Total) Substantial

In terms of potential, there’s much to unpack when it comes to Progressive Waste Solutions. An integral part of their strategy revolves around sustainability and innovation. They’re consistently striving for improvements in their recycling programs and are always looking for ways to minimize their environmental impact.

Here are some key focus points:

  • Sustainability: Reducing landfill waste by increasing recycling efforts.
  • Innovation: Implementing tech-driven solutions for effective waste management.

An even closer look reveals that they’ve been making strides in converting landfill gas-to-energy – an endeavor that not only makes use of harmful greenhouse gases but also contributes to renewable energy production.

All these factors make Progressive Waste Solutions LTD worth watching in the evolving landscape of waste management. Their commitment to sustainable practices coupled with operational efficiency positions them as a robust player owned by Waste Connections Inc.

Remember, knowledge is power! By understanding how companies like Progressive Waste Solutions operate within larger conglomerates like Waste Connections, you can make smarter decisions whether you’re diving into investment strategies or simply curious about the industry dynamics.

R360 Environmental Solutions LLC — Owned by Who?

Diving straight into the world of waste management, you might be wondering who owns the company R360 Environmental Solutions LLC. The answer is Waste Connections. That’s right, Waste Connections, an integrated solid waste services company that provides non-hazardous waste collection and disposal services in mostly exclusive and secondary markets in the U.S. and Canada.

Turning back to 2012, Waste Connections took a significant step to expand its environmental solutions arm by acquiring R360 Environmental Solutions LLC. This strategic acquisition cost them around $1.3 billion dollars! Quite a hefty sum for sure, but it was all part of their grand plan to extend their reach in serving oilfields across North America.

Here’s a quick rundown:

Year Acquisition Cost
2012 R360 Environmental Solutions LLC $1.3 Billion

R360 Environmental Solutions was known for providing comprehensive oilfield waste treatment, recovery, and disposal services throughout several of the most active natural resource producing areas in the U.S., including the Gulf Coast, Southwest and Rocky Mountain regions.

So what drove Waste Connections to make such a massive investment? It was primarily due to R360’s well-established reputation as an industry leader with strong customer loyalty within its served markets.

To give you an idea about their operations:

  • They provide environmentally-friendly solutions for disposing wastes generated from drilling new wells.
  • Another service includes cleaning up old drill sites that have been contaminated by previous exploration activities.
  • All these efforts contribute significantly towards maintaining a greener environment while conducting necessary industrial processes.

As you delve deeper into learning about major players in this industry like Waste Connections and their subsidiaries such as R360 Environmental Solutions LLC, it becomes clear how complex yet interconnected this field truly is!

Understanding the Influence of Groot Industries Inc.

Let’s dive straight into the world of waste management. Groot Industries Inc., one of Waste Connections’ significant acquisitions, is a name that you might’ve stumbled upon in your research. Founded back in 1914, this Illinois-based company has grown to become an integral cog within the Waste Connections network.

At the time of acquisition by Waste Connections in 2017, Groot was heralded as Illinois’ largest independent solid waste service provider. Your curiosity might pique when learning about its comprehensive range of services: residential, commercial and industrial recycling and waste collection were part of its impressive portfolio.

To appreciate how this monumental acquisition has shaped Waste Connections, let’s take a look at some key figures:

Year Revenue (in millions)
2016 $800
2017 $1,100
2018 $1,300

These numbers illustrate just how substantial Groot’s contribution has been to Waste Connection’s growth trajectory.

As we delve deeper into the specifics, it’s important to note that acquiring Groot was not only about financial gain for Waste Connections. This strategic move also allowed them to extend their geographical reach throughout Illinois and neighboring states.

  • It cemented Waste Connection’s presence in new markets.
  • It amplified their ability to provide high-quality customer service.
  • The acquisition brought more than just profits; it brought expertise and decades-old operational experience under their umbrella.

While on your quest understanding what companies does Waste Connections own – remember this: Every company within its network plays a vital part towards building an industry leader. And without doubt, Groot Industries Inc., with its rich history and vast scale of operations significantly contributes towards making Waste Connections the titan it is today!

Relay Resources and its Connection to Waste Connections Inc.

Let’s delve into the relationship between Relay Resources and Waste Connections Inc. Both companies are key players in their respective sectors, yet they share a unique bond that goes beyond just business relations.

You may be wondering how these two corporations intersect. That is where waste management comes into play. Waste Connections Inc., a North American integrated waste services company, has an extensive portfolio of subsidiaries under its belt. One notable subsidiary is none other than Relay Resources.

Relay Resources, hailing from Portland, Oregon, is a non-profit organization providing comprehensive services for people with barriers to employment and housing. It’s not your typical fit for a waste management conglomerate like Waste Connections Inc., but here’s the twist: Relay Resources operates on numerous fronts including janitorial and landscape maintenance services where waste disposal stands as a crucial aspect.

To clarify further:

  • Relay Resources provides essential facilities maintenance services.
  • These include cleaning duties which inevitably produce substantial amounts of waste.
  • The resulting refuse needs efficient management – that’s where the parent company steps in!

The relationship between these two entities provides symbiotic benefits; while Waste Connections gains valuable resources through the effective recycling and disposal managed by Relay, Relay benefits from being part of an established network that helps facilitate its social goals – creating job opportunities for those who need them most.

This connection might seem unconventional at first glance but it’s proven successful over time! So remember: when you see the name ‘Relay Resources’, think about more than just community support work…there’s also the echo of one of America’s leading waste service giants behind it!

Journey through Service Areas Covered by Subsidiaries

You’re probably curious about the wide range of service areas Waste Connections covers, and it’s impressive indeed. Let’s delve into a brief journey across their subsidiaries’ territories.

Waste Connections owns several companies spread across the US and Canada. Each subsidiary has its unique geographical footprint, expanding Waste Connections’ reach far beyond any single location.

The company’s largest subsidiary, Progressive Waste Solutions, operates in six Canadian provinces and 11 U.S states. That’s quite a stretch! Meanwhile, other notable subsidiaries, such as R360 Environmental Solutions and American Disposal Services, have more localized operations in specific regions of the United States.

Here is a quick rundown of some key locations:

  • R360 Environmental Solutions: Mainly active in Louisiana and Texas.
  • American Disposal Services: Primarily serves Northern Virginia.

Imagine the sheer scale of operations these companies handle daily!

To make this clearer for you, let’s visualize these statistics in a table:

Subsidiary Operating Regions
Progressive Waste Solutions 6 Canadian Provinces; 11 U.S states
R360 Environmental Solutions Louisiana; Texas
American Disposal Services Northern Virginia

Yet that’s not all. There are many more smaller subsidiaries operating under the Waste Connection umbrella within various towns and cities across North America.

Each subsidiary contributes to making Waste Connections one of North America’s leading waste management companies. The coverage achieved by these diverse subsidiaries allows for efficient waste management services spanning coast-to-coast.

Remember though – while it’s impressive how expansive their network is, what truly sets them apart is their commitment to environmentally responsible waste disposal practices. Now isn’t that something worth supporting?

So there you go – a mini-tour around just some of the vast territories covered by Waste Connection’s subsidiaries!

Major Impacts on the Waste Management Industry

When you think about who’s been making waves in the waste management industry, Waste Connections should be at the top of your list. As a major player, they’ve acquired several companies that have not only expanded their reach but also reshaped the landscape of this sector.

One such acquisition is Progressive Waste Solutions Ltd. This move significantly bolstered Waste Connection’s presence in Canada and parts of US. Remember, acquisitions aren’t just about growing bigger; they’re also about gaining new capabilities. Progressive brought with it innovative solutions to handling and recycling waste which are now part of Waste Connections’ repertoire.

Let’s not forget about R360 Environmental Solutions Inc., another company under their expansive umbrella. Specializing in oilfield waste treatment, this acquisition positioned Waste Connections as a strong contender in managing industrial waste streams.

Here’s a quick rundown:

Acquired Company Specialization
Progressive Waste Solutions Ltd General & Recycling
R360 Environmental Solutions Inc Oilfield

Beyond these giants, there’s a long list of smaller local and regional players that have been scooped up by Waste Connections. You might be familiar with names like Road Runner Waste Services Inc, or Groot Industries Inc., each adding their unique flavor to the mix.

  • Road Runner widened the company’s footprint across New Mexico.
  • Groot Industries solidified its base in Illinois.

This strategy isn’t just smart business; it has significant implications for shaping our approach to waste management. With each acquisition comes new expertise, technologies and methodologies impacting how we deal with one of humanity’s most pressing challenges – waste!

In short, when looking at what companies does Waste Connections own, you’re really exploring how one organization is driving change on an industry-wide scale!

Conclusion: Future Prospects for these Owned Firms

Now that you’ve gotten a glimpse into the vast portfolio of Waste Connections, let’s take a look at what the future might hold for these firms. Given their diverse range of services and widespread locations, it’s clear that they offer substantial value to their parent company.

Waste Connections’ commitment to growth is unquestionable. They’ve shown a consistent pattern of acquiring smaller, local waste management companies throughout North America. This not only broadens their service area but also brings in new expertise and resources. So as you’re reading this, there’s probably another acquisition on the horizon.

But it’s not just about expansion. There’s also an emphasis on innovation within these owned firms. Whether it’s advanced recycling techniques or initiatives toward renewable energy sources from waste, staying ahead of industry trends is a key focus for them. With such measures in place, they are poised to meet evolving customer needs and regulatory requirements.

Let’s break down some potential areas of growth:

  • Expansion: Acquiring more local companies enables Waste Connections to serve more communities.
  • Innovation: Adopting new technologies and processes can improve efficiency and sustainability.
  • Diversification: Expanding services beyond traditional waste collection could open up new revenue streams.

The journey doesn’t end here though; with every passing year, changes in industries emerge which require adaptation from businesses like Waste Connections and its subsidiaries. Their ability to navigate these changes effectively will play a big role in determining their future success.

To sum it up, the road ahead for these owned firms under Waste Connections seems promising given the company’s drive for growth coupled with innovative practices across its network. You’ll definitely want to keep your eye on this space!