Salted from Shark Tank

Salted shark tank

Food delivery services are becoming all too common with the onset of technology and improved internet connectivity. Nowadays, people prefer ordering food over risking their health to visit crowded restaurants.

This is not just due to the pandemic. It reflects the many evolving needs of the average person. You may want your favorite food in the comfort of your home sans crowd, interaction, and commute. Jeff Applebaum recognized this need and introduced Salted, a platform that revolutionized food delivery.

Salted aimed to help different restaurants and encouraged them to switch to online delivery. They did this by providing them with delivery services. These services would, in turn, let them earn more profit by reducing certain fixed costs.

What is Salted?

Salted looked to collaborate with brands that put delivery first. This led them to six unique brands, which allowed for a variety of foods along with exciting options for people with food allergies or customers looking to lose weight. You could check the calories and enjoy delicious food!

Jeff Applebaum channeled his experience in the social media marketing industry and added a unique brand image to Salted Restaurants. His academic experience allowed him to create a plan that worked.

Salted Restaurants involved brands creating different kinds of foods in kitchens for customers who primarily wanted home delivery. Salted would deliver the food that these restaurants created through numerous applications. This way, the restaurants would save on delivery costs, and customers could benefit from their favorite foods delivered to their homes.

Salted works with Cauliflower Pizza, Moonbowls, $5 Salad Company, and more in the LA, Chicago, San Francisco, and Columbus regions. The variety in the menu is the best quality of these restaurants.

The company was built to optimize resources and minimize wastage. In a world where restaurants are abundant, why create more? Thus, Jeff Applebaum decided to connect the already existing restaurants to the customers.

How it Works

Salted depends on its customers. The better the reviews, the more the sale. The reviews depend on stellar service and delicious, healthy food. This is why Salted chose the best restaurants to collaborate with and advertised them through unique social media posts.

The Salted group of restaurants optimized not on the restaurant’s aura but the delivery service’s perfection. The pandemic has made it so that people don’t really care for dining out anymore. In times like this, delivery-only brands are a breath of fresh air.

What Makes Salted Unique?

Salted is unique in its ambition and vision. Since both of these match the demand, the brand could work. People are looking for healthier options, and the rise of Beyond Meat and more vegetarian varieties have pushed them to look for other alternatives.

Salted group of restaurants offers everything from organic, non-GMO, and vegan food to low-calorie, filling meals.

How Did the Shark Tank Pitch Go?

Salted leaped headfirst into the Shark Tank but failed to get the sharks to circle. The CEO failed to provide a great deal, and the demand of $500,000 for 5% equity was too much to stomach. Since Applebaum failed to answer some important questions or present an idea that would appeal to people outside the limited niche, the sharks refused to bite.

Our Review of Salted

Salted may be a great option for people looking for healthier food options delivered to their doorstep. It is a great idea in the time of the pandemic, and the variety offered by the restaurant group is substantial. You can enjoy your favorite foods tucked into your blanket without worrying about gaining weight.

Pros of Salted

  1. Convenient

It is a convenient option since not everyone wants to go out and buy food from restaurants or dine alone in case they don’t have a plus one.

  1. Healthy

Since it offers healthier options, even people who stay at home can put their health first and switch to healthy alternatives to combat the obesity crisis in America.

  1. Variety

Unlike most other restaurant groups, Salted offers a little bit of everything.

Cons of Salted

  1. Not for Everyone

Salted may not be for everyone as not everyone is looking for the kind of food they serve. This may lead them to a loss until they find their niche.

Who is Salted for?

Salted is for anyone and everyone who has ever wanted to escape the dine-in experience. This can be because they don’t want to get in line or don’t want to get sick. They may also prefer the comfort of their home and home delivery over traveling to the restaurant.

If you had the option to devour your favorite dish at your home or travel to a restaurant to have it, what would you prefer? Nearly everyone wants to have accessible healthy options delivered to them. It is also a great option for workers who cannot take the time to visit a restaurant during lunch break.

Are There Any Alternatives?

Since the Salted group of restaurants is unique, there may be no real alternative. However, you can opt for many other restaurants that can deliver food to your home. Restaurants are evolving daily, and more are cropping up as you read this article. You can take advantage of them.

Salted offers an opportunity of a lifetime; the chance to consume fresh and healthy food without having to dine in or pick up. The variety also makes it highly likable.

Our Final Thoughts

Salted restaurants are a one-of-a-kind business idea. The food they deliver is of a fine quality and puts the health of their customers first. Who wouldn’t want the option to obtain healthy food which spells out the calories for you?

Salted may not be the only ones delivering, but they may be the healthiest food delivery service out there.