Copa Di Vino from Shark Tank

Copa Di Vino shark tank

There is no doubt in the fact that wine bottles and cork screws go hand in hand. That said, popping open a bottle of wine is not as easy as it looks. What if we told you that now you can get wine directly in a glass without the need to open a bottle. Yes, Copa Di Vino is a new wine concept, from glass to mouth, for instant fulfillment.

Copa Di Vino is an original concept from founder James Martin, offering wine in individual doses and elegant PET containers to make it accessible to everyone.

The winemaking process, the characteristics of the terroir, the vine and the different grape varieties are the factors that largely determine the character of good wine. But wine lovers also pay attention to the type of wine glass. However, many wine lovers who often travel are often intimidated by the thought of keeping a glass bottle, a corkscrew to open it, and wine glasses to enjoy it. Copa Di Vino has solved this issue.

The concept is simple: it is about taking high-quality wine from the glass to the mouth. As Martin said in an interview, he and his wife produce wine, and they decided to make it available to everyone. The complication of drinking wine is that you always have to have a corkscrew, crystal glasses and open a bottle. Copa Di Vino is perfect for any place. It’s as easy as having a beer.

The process was not easy. They had to look for good quality wines, some are from their vineyards in Oregon and Washington, and others originate from California and Chile. Still, the most complicated step was developing the technology to seal the vacuum packs so the liquid would stay fresh for months.

Wine lover Martin twice tried to team up with one of the business sharks of the famous Shark Tank show, but not being sold on their offers, he told them cheers and left the set, angering the Sharks and the audience.

He first pitched Copa Di Vino on Episode 205 of Season 2 of Shark Tank, aiming to get a $600,000 investment for a 20 % stake in his company but failed to reach an agreement with the Sharks. A year later, Martin again appeared on season 3 of the show when Copa Di Vino had already become popular with increased sales and revenue. This time, Martin sought a $300,000 investment in exchange for 5% of his company. Sharks were interested in his offer but were asking for more stakes in the company, to which Martin disagreed and stepped out without accepting any offer from the Sharks.

Our Review of Copa Di Vino

The Sharks told Martin that in the future, he would regret not wanting to give up more than 8 percent of Copa Di Vino, but it was not like that. His proposal to offer wine in recyclable glasses has grown by more than 1,000 percent in four years, ranking among the fastest-growing companies in the United States.

So far, Martin is marketing seven types of monovarietal wines that are sold in 46 of the 50 states and successfully generated $70 million in revenue in 2021. It already has a presence at Disney World, five NFL stadiums and seven NBA stadiums, and they are the only ones to sell wine inside New York’s Madison Square Garden.

Copa Di Vino is a new step in technology. They even developed an atmosphere modification machine so that the wine would last longer. They do this process without adding sulfur, which is often mixed into wines. Instead, they use nitrogen and other gases to purify it.

James Martin, the businessman who made the sharks on Shark Tank shiver, assures us that even the most skeptical have told him that his wine tastes good. If you want a glass of wine, you uncover it, and that’s it. It offers instant gratification.

Copa Di Vino, the wine that goes everywhere, does not need a corkscrew or glasses and is ready to be present at all times, being of Chilean and American origin and bottled in Oregon. It has six presentations made from six different grapes: Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay, Riesling, Pinot Grigio, and White Zinfandel. Its offer consists of innovative products that meet extensive and demanding quality standards and tastes.

Pros of Copa Di Vino

  • Copa Di Vino is a different option that has come to enrich and complement the taste and enjoyment of wine that offers the ideal measure for consumption, 187 ml and equivalent to 2 glasses of wine.
  • The wine containers are made of the highest quality pet and 100% recyclable transparency.
  • Its airtight seal allows the conservation of wine in the same way as a glass bottle but eliminates the need for corkscrew and glasses, resulting in a drink that stands out in portability and taste.

Cons of Copa Di Vino

  • They’re a bit

Who is Copa Di Vino for?

Copa Di Vino is for all wine lovers, especially those who often travel but want wine to accompany them, not the corkscrew, wine bottles and glasses. Its container allows you to enjoy wine anywhere and any time of the day without needing to use a corkscrew. Some of its most notable features are its ideal size for individual consumption (it is equivalent to almost two glasses of wine).

Are There Any Alternatives?

Copa Di Vino has some major competitors in the market, namely Scheid, Empathy and Pahlmeyer, the producers and distributors of different wines. However, Copa Di Vino’s concept of selling wine in a sealed glass container that contains an ideal amount of up to two glasses of wine is original and new. It has enabled wine lovers to enjoy wine easily as these portable containers can be taken anywhere.

Our Final Thoughts!

No doubt, Copa di Vino with its six varieties, is an ideal wine to accompany your travel, endless dishes on a picnic, an afternoon with friends or a casual dinner. Its 100% recyclable, airtight container allows the use of wine in the same way as glass, anywhere and any time, without the need to use a corkscrew.