BZBOX from Shark Tank

BZBOX shark tank

Maintaining and reducing clutter is one of the biggest challenges in our daily lives. Getting stuff organized and established in order requires storage boxes, which also occupy ample space, even if they’re not in use. Small apartments do not have enough space to make room for storage. The solution to this is the foldable, collapsable, easy-to-assemble storage box: the BZBox.

Organize your home and/or office with BZBox; when you’re not using it, fold it and store it without taking up much space. You can store clothes, shoes, books, toys, food, etc. They are 100% resistant and functional folding boxes. Made of lightweight, environmentally friendly plastic, modern in style and can hold up much weight.

Kaeya Majmundar from Chicago, IL, an Emory University college student entrepreneur, is the founder and inventor of The BZbox, a storage box inspired by the wonders of origami. It is a durable, collapsible, foldable cardboard packing box that doesn’t require assembly. In addition, it is also more aesthetic and tidy to the eye since what is inside the box is not visible.

But which boxes are better? Which ones should you choose? There are so many storage boxes on the market that choosing the right one seems an intimidating task. The biggest issue is the lack of space, and the BZbox has solved it. If you are looking to tidy up and want versatile, lightweight and collapsible boxes, BZBox is the right choice.

BZBox is not just a durable pack; its plastic interior and fabric finish make it a user-friendly and eye-catching storage box. You can add fun and functionality to your space while reducing and organizing clutter.

Kaeya pitched her BZBox on the Shark Tank show in May 2013, seeking an investment of $50,000 for 20% of the business. While designing the BZBox in 2012, she filed patents and applied for Shark Tank, and at the time of her appearance on the show, the company did not have any sales. Although the Sharks were concerned about the extra production cost of boxes, Kaeya got the investment from one of the Sharks, Kevin, for 50% of her business. Later, Lori also agreed to invest $50,000 for 40% of the business, and Kaeya successfully stepped out with a deal.

Our Review of BZBox

When you buy a storage box, you usually ask yourself if what you are going to store is small, large, hard or fragile to think about what material is best for your box and the space it will take. BZBox is the answer to all our questions.

The BZ Box is not just an ordinary storage box but is designed for people, especially youngsters who need to pack things up often. It is a collapsible box with a lid that folds flat after unpacking in an instant for easy storage. And when it’s time to pack up again, it’s ready to go just as quickly.

BZBox is excellent for saving space since they fold up and reduce their size by up to approximately 80% when not in use, inspired by origami. They are practical, functional and easy to transport. Some might think these, like other foldable boxes, are not durable enough. But that’s not the case with BZBox. They are one of the best-rated storage boxes on Amazon due to their durability and functionality.

After a successful deal at the shark tank show, it appeared that Lori employed Kaeya for additional duties. Although the business fizzled out in 2017, you can still find BZBox on Amazon. It appeared that after her appearance on the show, Kaeya faced a snag in her business, and she eventually had to stop it. Eventually, she did a successful Kickstarter named Kaeyos, inc, focused on Zip Tank, a tank top convertible into a tote bag. The company also kept on producing BZboxes. But that fizzled out too, and now she’s running a Tech startup called SwayPay.

Although the business didn’t last, the BZboxes are still available on online retailers. They have high ratings, and the users appreciate their functionality and practicality. They have a safe and simple folding mechanism that reduces the size of the box, greatly reducing the space it occupies. In short, its advantages lie in its portable folding structure design, which makes it more convenient to install and transport. At the same time, they are also perfect for children since they are not dangerous.

Pros of BZBox

  • Available in different colors which you can buy according to your home decor.
  • These boxes save space and are practical
  • You can save a wide range of objects from clothes to fragile items
  • Have a high degree of functionality
  • Easy to handle and easy to move
  • It has a lid to prevent dust and water from reaching your storage items.

Cons of BZBox

  • A bit expensive

Who is BZBOX for?

BZboxes are for everyone looking for storage boxes that save space and better organize their things to find everything easier. It is especially aimed at people who have to pack frequently. If the box is not in use for some time, they just have to fold it, which will take up practically no space. This is ideal for people living in small apartments without much space to store everything. Folding boxes are a great alternative for small spaces.

Are there Any Alternatives?

There are several alternatives on the market to cover the same basic functions as folding boxes. We can talk about boxes and baskets of various materials, designs and sizes. However, none of these alternatives would fulfill the same function. Most folding boxes are used in the same way: they are opened and unfolded to the size you want to achieve and require special assembly. But BZbox, based on origami design, is ready-to-assemble.

Our Final Thoughts!

Indeed BZBox is the ultimate space-saving storage box that is collapsible and foldable to store a wide range of items. These are not just practical but eye-catching too that you can even put in your living room. These well-designed yet sturdy boxes are ideal for anyone with little space.