InCorp Review: Is It the Best Startup Partner for You?

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Starting a business is a thrilling adventure, but it’s also filled with its fair share of paperwork and legal hoops. That’s where services like InCorp step in, aiming to make your entrepreneurial journey a bit smoother. You’ve probably heard of them while researching the best ways to incorporate your business, but what’s the real scoop?

In this article, we’ll dive into an InCorp review, breaking down their services, pricing, and customer feedback. Whether you’re on the fence about choosing them or just starting your search for incorporation services, you’re in the right place. Let’s get started on unraveling the mystery behind InCorp and find out if they’re the right fit for your business needs.

Key Takeaways

  • InCorp provides a comprehensive suite of services for entrepreneurs looking to form and maintain their business structures, including entity formation, ongoing compliance services, and registered agent services in all 50 states. Their offerings are designed to navigate legal requirements and maintain good standing with the law.
  • EntityWatch® technology, a proprietary feature of InCorp, offers active monitoring of your company’s compliance status and alerts you to potential threats, acting as a 24/7 watchdog for your business’s legal standing.
  • Cost-effective pricing model makes InCorp an appealing option for startups and small businesses. With entity formation services starting at $99 plus state fees, and other services like registered agent and compliance support offered at competitive rates, InCorp positions itself as a budget-friendly partner for entrepreneurs.
  • Mixed customer reviews highlight the importance of considering personal preferences and needs when choosing a service like InCorp. Those comfortable with a DIY approach may find value in InCorp’s online tools and self-service options, while others may wish for more responsive customer support.
  • Choosing the right partnership with InCorp depends on your business’s specific requirements, your budget, and your working style. Entrepreneurs should weigh the cost benefits against their expectations for customer service and support to make an informed decision.

What is InCorp?

When you’re diving into the entrepreneurial world, brimming with vibrant startup ideas or side-hustles, you’ll soon discover the myriad of legal hoops you’ll need to jump through. That’s where InCorp steps in, offering a guiding hand to help you navigate these murky waters. Imagine InCorp as your business’s first mate, ensuring you’re not only compliant with state laws but also saving you the headache of drowning in paperwork.

InCorp specializes in providing a suite of services designed for entrepreneurs like you. Whether you’re setting up an LLC, corporation, or non-profit, their services are tailored to ensure your business structure fits your needs perfectly. Their offerings extend beyond just the initial setup. They include ongoing compliance services like registered agent services, annual report filing, and more, all aimed at keeping your business in good standing.

What truly sets InCorp apart is their proprietary technology, EntityWatch®, which actively monitors your company’s status and alerts you to any potential threats or compliance issues. This feature is particularly beneficial in today’s fast-paced world, where a minor oversight can lead to significant legal headaches.

As someone who’s ventured down the entrepreneurial path and experienced the thrill of starting an online business, the importance of having a reliable partner like InCorp cannot be overstated. They’re not just another service provider; they’re your business’s ally, dedicated to seeing you succeed. Their user-centric approach and comprehensive services take the edge off the daunting aspects of business management, allowing you more time to focus on what you do best: innovating and growing your enterprise.

Services offered by InCorp

Starting your business is an exhilarating journey, and it’s critical to have the right partner to guide you through the complex legal and compliance landscape. InCorp steps in as that indispensable ally, offering a wide array of services tailored to the specific needs of your business.

Entity Formation and Structuring is where your journey begins. Whether you’re eyeing to start an LLC, corporation, or nonprofit, InCorp walks you through the labyrinth of legal requirements, ensuring your business structure aligns with your goals. This foundational step is critical, and having InCorp’s expertise can save you countless headaches down the road.

Once your business is up and running, Ongoing Compliance Services become your lifeline. It’s not just about starting right; it’s about maintaining your business in good standing. InCorp’s services include everything from annual report filings to more intricate matters like compliance alerts. Their proactive approach towards compliance keeps your business safe from potential legal issues and ensures you’re always on the right side of the law.

In the digital age, data and security are paramount, and this is where EntityWatch® Technology truly shines. Diagnosed as the heartbeat of InCorp’s service lineup, this proprietary technology vigilantly monitors your company’s status and alerts you to potential threats or compliance lapses. In a world where threats can come from anywhere, having EntityWatch® is like having a 24/7 guardian angel for your business.

One aspect that sets InCorp apart is their Registered Agent Services. Every business needs a reliable registered agent to ensure legal documents are handled correctly and swiftly. InCorp goes the extra mile by offering services in all 50 states, assuring that wherever your business takes you, they’ve got your back.

These services are but a glimpse into how InCorp can be the ally your business needs to navigate the maze of legal obligations and seize opportunities for growth and innovation. As entrepreneurs, our focus should always be on pushing boundaries and exploring new horizons. With InCorp, you have a partner committed to handling the complexities, allowing you to concentrate on what you do best: turning your vision into reality.

Pricing details

When diving into the world of entrepreneurship, understanding the value you receive for the price you pay is crucial. With InCorp, their pricing structure is designed to support your business journey from the ground up. Let’s break down the costs so you’re equipped with the knowledge to make the best decision for your business.

At the core of InCorp’s offerings is their entity formation service. Prices for this service vary depending on the state of incorporation due to different state fees. Generally, you’re looking at a starting fee of around $99 plus the state fees. This initial cost encompasses the basic necessities for getting your business legally off the ground.

Service Starting Price Notes
Entity Formation $99 Excludes state fees
Registered Agent $99/year First year discounted with some packages
Compliance $150/year Optional, recommended

For registered agent services, a critical requirement for maintaining your business’s good standing, InCorp offers a competitive rate of $99 per year. What’s intriguing is that they often run promotions where the first year is discounted when bundled with the entity formation service, making it an even more enticing deal.

Ongoing compliance is another area where InCorp shines. With their services starting at $150 per year, it’s a modest investment for peace of mind. Their proprietary technology, EntityWatch®, plays a significant role here by ensuring your business remains compliant with state regulations, mitigating risks of penalties or legal issues.

Remember, while these are the starting rates, your exact needs might vary based on your business’s size, industry, and specific requirements. It’s always a good call to review your options and perhaps consult with InCorp directly to tailor their services to your unique business needs. This way, you ensure you’re not only getting the best value for your investment but also securing a solid foundation and support system for your venture.

Customer feedback on InCorp

When you’re diving into the world of entrepreneurship, especially in the realms of online business, startups, or even just tempting side-hustles, feedback from fellow journeyers becomes your compass. InCorp, being a critical partner for many in this journey, has garnered a range of responses from its users that could guide your decision on whether they’re the right fit for you.

Digging through the internet, you’ll find that customer reviews of InCorp tend to oscillate between appreciation for their affordable pricing and frustration over customer service experiences. It seems the company’s value proposition strongly resonates with budget-conscious entrepreneurs who are just starting out. For a price point starting at $99 for entity formation, minus state fees, it’s clearly an attractive offer for anyone monitoring their startup expenses closely.

Service Starting Price Notes
Entity Formation $99 Excludes state fees
Registered Agent $99/year Discounts may apply
Compliance $150/year

However, some users have expressed concerns over the responsiveness and efficiency of the customer service team. It’s a valid consideration; when you’re setting up something as crucial as your business structure, having reliable support is non-negotiable.

On the flip side, entrepreneurs who value self-service options and autonomy in managing their business filings find InCorp’s online tools and resources particularly helpful. The platform has been praised for its user-friendly interface, which allows clients to easily navigate their compliance requirements without always needing to lean on customer support.

So, what does this mean for you? If you’re someone who’s relatively tech-savvy and don’t mind a DIY approach to your business’ legal structure, InCorp’s services and pricing may align well with your needs. But if you foresee needing more hands-on support, you might want to weigh these considerations carefully. The choice, as always, is yours to tailor your path to success.

Is InCorp the right choice for your business?

Let’s dive deeper into whether InCorp matches your ambitions as a go-getter in the dynamic world of entrepreneurship. Starting a business isn’t just about the initial burst of excitement; it’s a marathon that demands resilience, smart tools, and dependable partners. You’re here because you’re not just dreaming; you’re doing. And every decision, including picking the right support for legal paperwork and compliance, can make or break your momentum.

Cost-Effectiveness is probably high on your list. With InCorp, the starting fee for entity formation is enticingly priced at about $99, not including state fees. This is a key figure, especially if you’re bootstrapping your startup or managing funds tightly for a side hustle. InCorp also offers a competitive yearly rate of $99 for registered agent services, which is a notable offer, particularly with the first-year discounts when bundled with entity formation services.

Then there’s the Customer Service angle that requires a bit of your analytical mind. Reviews on InCorp’s customer service present a mixed bag—some entrepreneurs find the self-service model and online tools adequate, appreciating the autonomy it offers. In contrast, others note challenges in responsiveness. If you’re someone who’s confident in navigating tools and resources autonomously, this could be a minor hiccup. However, if you prefer more hands-on guidance, this aspect deserves a closer look.

Compliance Services carry a starting price of $150 yearly, essential for keeping your business in good standing without you having to micromanage every legal requirement. If your venture is scaling or if you’re juggling a day job with a promising side hustle, such efficiencies aren’t just nice-to-have; they’re crucial.

As an entrepreneur deeply immersed in the online business world, your decision should weigh these offerings against your specific needs, aspirations, and working style. Every service, including those offered by InCorp, brings strengths to the table, tailored for different types of entrepreneurs. Whether you’re just starting or looking to streamline ongoing operations, scrutinizing these details will guide you in aligning with the right partners for your entrepreneurial journey.


Choosing the right partner for your business setup and maintenance is crucial. With InCorp, you’re looking at a provider that balances cost-effectiveness with a suite of services designed to ease the entrepreneurial journey. From entity formation to compliance, their offerings cater to those who prefer a hands-on approach. Keep in mind the mixed feedback on customer service but also the value found in their online resources and self-service options. Ultimately, if you’re tech-savvy and proactive, InCorp could be the partner you need to navigate the complexities of starting and maintaining your business. Remember to align their services with your specific needs and working style to make the most out of what they offer.

Frequently Asked Questions

What services does InCorp offer for entrepreneurs?

InCorp provides several services aimed at helping entrepreneurs navigate the legal and paperwork demands of starting a business. These include entity formation, registered agent services, and ongoing compliance services to ensure businesses remain in good standing.

How much does it cost to form an entity with InCorp?

The starting fee for forming an entity with InCorp is approximately $99, not including any state fees that may apply.

What is the annual cost for InCorp’s registered agent services?

InCorp offers registered agent services at a competitive rate of $99 per year. There’s often a discount available for the first year when these services are bundled with entity formation.

Are there any ongoing compliance services offered by InCorp, and what is their cost?

Yes, InCorp offers ongoing compliance services starting at $150 per year to help businesses maintain their legal standing and fulfill necessary regulatory requirements.

What has been the customer feedback for InCorp?

Customer feedback for InCorp has been mixed. Many users appreciate the affordability of their services, while others have reported issues with the responsiveness and efficiency of the customer service team. Entrepreneurs who prefer a DIY approach and value online tools have found InCorp’s offerings helpful.

Is InCorp suitable for all entrepreneurs?

InCorp may be a good fit for tech-savvy entrepreneurs who prefer to manage their business filings autonomously and value cost-effectiveness. However, if more personalized, hands-on support is needed, evaluating other options might be beneficial due to mixed reviews regarding InCorp’s customer service.