“What Companies Does Masco Own? An In-Depth Look at Their Business Empire”

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When you delve into the corporate world, it’s interesting to discover the vast portfolio of companies that large conglomerates own. One such titan of industry is Masco Corporation, a leading manufacturer of home improvement and building products in the United States. Exploring their ownership can give you a better understanding of how diverse and expansive they truly are.

Founded in 1929 by Alex Manoogian, Masco quickly rose to prominence with its innovative designs and high-quality products. Today, Masco owns an array of renowned companies known for their superiority in various sectors including plumbing products, cabinetry, decorative architectural items, and more.

To name just a few: Delta Faucet Company, a popular brand known for its stylish kitchen and bathroom faucets; Behr Paint Company, which produces top-rated paints and stains; Milgard Windows & Doors, offering high-quality window and door solutions; Hansgrohe, a German-based brand excelling in sanitary fittings; and last but not least, Hot Spring Spas offering luxurious hot tubs. So next time you’re shopping for home improvements, remember – there’s a good chance you’re purchasing from one of Masco’s many successful subsidiaries!

A Brief Overview of Masco Corporation

When you delve into the realm of home improvement and building products, it’s hard to overlook Masco Corporation. Established in 1929 as a small Detroit-based company, Masco has grown into a global powerhouse with numerous subsidiaries under its belt.

Initially known for its innovative approach towards auto parts manufacturing, Masco later diversified to focus on home improvement and building products. The company flourished in this sector, becoming one of the world’s leading manufacturers.

Throughout its growth journey, several companies have become part of the Masco family. Behr Process Corporation, famous for its top-quality paints and coatings is one such entity owned by Masco. Another subsidiary that you might recognize is Delta Faucet Company, known for crafting high-end faucets and related kitchen or bathroom accessories.

And there are others like:

  • Liberty Hardware, offering decorative hardware solutions.
  • HotSpring Spas & Pools, providing premium hot tubs and spas.
  • Hansgrohe SE, specializing in showers, shower systems, bathroom and kitchen taps.

To get a clearer picture of how these subsidiaries contribute to Masco’s business operations, let’s examine some data:

Subsidiary Contribution
Behr Process Corporation High revenue from paints & coatings
Delta Faucet Company Significant sales from faucet production
Liberty Hardware Boosted earnings via decorative hardware

This table illustrates how each subsidiary plays a vital role within the broader corporation framework.

Diversifying across multiple sectors hasn’t hampered Masco’s commitment to quality; rather it seems to have strengthened it over time. So whether you’re picking up a can of Behr paint or installing a new Delta faucet at your place – remember you’re choosing not just a product but also the rich legacy that comes with every single product manufactured by companies owned by Masco Corporation.

The Foundation: Masco’s Early Years

Let’s turn back the clock and explore the roots of Masco Corporation. Established in 1929 by Alex Manoogian, it started as a small machine shop known as Masco Screw Products Company. Here, your journey into understanding what companies Masco owns today begins.

Diving deeper into history, during the 1950s, Masco made a significant shift when they ventured into plumbing products. It was during this period that Alex Manoogian designed and introduced the single-handle washerless faucet, which revolutionized plumbing fixtures globally. This innovation propelled Masco to greater heights, establishing them firmly in the industry.

Now if you’re wondering about their growth strategy, it predominantly involved acquisitions. By purchasing other businesses that complemented their existing portfolio or allowed them to branch out into new areas, they were able to expand at an impressive rate. Some notable acquisitions include:

  • Delta Faucet Company (1954)
  • Peerless Faucet (1971)
  • Hansgrohe (1987)
Year Acquisition
1954 Delta Faucet Company
1971 Peerless Faucet
1987 Hansgrohe

Fast forward to today and you’ll find that Masco Corporation is a global leader in home improvement and building products. They own more than 20 companies worldwide including brands like Behr paint and Liberty Hardware.

However, keep in mind that business strategies evolve over time. In recent years, there has been a strategic shift towards focusing on their core product lines – decorative architectural products and plumbing items. As part of this plan, they’ve divested from several businesses such as KraftMaid and Merillat Cabinets.

By tracing back through its history and understanding where it came from – you gain valuable insight into what companies are under the expansive umbrella of Masco Corporation today.

Acquisitions and Diversification: Expanding the Masco Empire

Masco Corporation, a global leader in home improvement and building products, has expanded its realm through numerous acquisitions over the decades. By snapping up complementary companies, it’s not only diversified its portfolio but also cemented its position in the market.

One noteworthy acquisition was Delta Faucet Company in 1954. This move marked a pivotal turning point for Masco, propelling them into the plumbing sector. Now, Delta is renowned for its innovative designs and technology-driven solutions that you’ll often find in bathrooms and kitchens across America.

Moving forward to 1985, Peerless Faucet became another feather in Masco’s cap. Peerless offered a range of affordable yet stylish faucets that broadened Masco’s reach to budget-conscious consumers.

In 2001, they made quite a splash when they acquired Behr Process Corporation, one of North America’s top paint manufacturers. This allowed Masco to venture into the architectural coatings segment – diversifying their offerings even further.

Here are some other significant subsidiaries under their umbrella:

  • Merillat Industries (acquired in 1985)
  • Kichler Lighting (joined forces with Masco in 2018)
  • Liberty Hardware (added to their portfolio back in 1997)
Subsidiary Acquisition Year
Delta Faucet Company 1954
Peerless Faucet 1985
Behr Process Corporation 2001
Merillat Industries 1985
Kichler Lighting 2018
Liberty Hardware 1997

Through these strategic acquisitions, Masco has established itself as a multi-dimensional powerhouse within the home improvement industry. They’re now able to provide you an extensive array of products – from cabinetry and lighting fixtures to paints and plumbing essentials – all under one roof!

Focus on Home Improvement: Key Companies in Masco’s Portfolio

Digging into Masco Corporation’s portfolio, you’ll find a strong focus on home improvement. They own several leading companies in the industry, each contributing to their impressive reach and influence.

A noteworthy name under Masco’s umbrella is Behr Paint. This brand has been painting American homes since 1947 and continues to be a favorite among DIY enthusiasts and professionals alike.

Next up is Delta Faucet Company, another heavyweight in the home improvement world. Delta Faucet Company has been providing high-quality sinks, faucets, showerheads, and related accessories for decades.

Masco also owns Milgard Windows & Doors, which manufactures award-winning windows and patio doors designed for both new construction projects and replacement needs. Their innovative designs cater to different architectural styles across North America.

Here are some key figures about these companies:

Company Year Founded Products
Behr Paints 1947 Paints & Primers
Delta Faucet Company 1954 Faucets, Showers & Accessories
Milgard Windows & Doors 1958 Windows & Patio Doors

Furthermore, Masco owns a handful of other influential brands including:

  • Hansgrohe: A premium faucet and showerhead manufacturer.
  • HotSpring: The world’s number-one selling brand of hot tubs.
  • Aquatic Bath: A leader in innovative products for the bathroom.

Remember that these are just a few examples from Masco’s vast portfolio focusing on home improvement sector. Each one contributes significantly to their overall success by delivering quality products homeowners trust. It’s clear why they’re considered an industry powerhouse!

Plumbing Powerhouse : A Deeper Look at Delta Faucet Company

Masco Corporation, a global leader in the home improvement and building products industry, owns several successful companies. One of them is none other than the Delta Faucet Company. What’s so special about this company? Let’s delve deeper to find out.

Founded in 1954, Delta Faucet Company has made its mark as America’s faucet innovation leader. Known for their thoughtful designs and commitment to quality, they’ve garnered a reputation that speaks volumes in the plumbing industry.

But what sets them apart?

  • Technological Innovation: In the race for smart homes, Delta stands tall with their Touch2O Technology. This allows you to turn your faucet on or off just by touching anywhere on the spout or handle.
  • Sustainability Efforts: They’re not only trendsetters but also green-setters! With WaterSense labeled faucets using at least 20% less water compared to standard models, they are leading sustainability efforts.
  • Wide Reach: Their products aren’t limited to just domestic markets; they’re available internationally under brand names such as Brizo and Peerless!

Here’s a quick glimpse at some statistics:

Year Founded Brands International Presence
1954 Delta, Brizo, Peerless Yes

With cutting-edge technology coupled with an eye for design and commitment towards sustainability, it’s clear why Masco takes pride in owning Delta Faucet Company. So next time you come across a stylish faucet saving water while responding to your touch – remember you’ve probably met one of Masco’s own – The Delta Faucet!

Setting Standards in Cabinetry: KraftMaid, Merillat, and Quality Cabinets

When you think of quality cabinetry, three names likely come to mind: KraftMaid, Merillat, and Quality Cabinets. These brands are owned by Masco Corporation, a leading manufacturer of home improvement and building products.

KraftMaid is known for its customizable cabinetry solutions. You have the freedom to choose from a variety of styles, finishes, and storage options that best fit your needs. With their dedication to craftsmanship and design innovation, it’s no wonder they’re one of America’s most popular cabinet manufacturers.

Now let’s talk about Merillat. This brand has been setting trends in kitchen design since 1946. Merillat offers three lines of high-quality cabinets: Classic (affordable and practical), Masterpiece (premium and sophisticated), and Basics (budget-friendly). From modern minimalist designs to traditional charm, there’s something for every taste.

Rounding out the trio is Quality Cabinets. As the name suggests, this brand prides itself on offering well-crafted cabinets at a reasonable price point. They offer both framed and frameless style cabinets which allow you more flexibility when designing your space.

Here’s a quick overview:

KraftMaid Merillat Quality Cabinets
Style Options Customizable Classic to Modern Framed & Frameless
Price Point Mid-high Varies by Line Affordable

Each brand under Masco brings unique strengths to the table:

  • KraftMaid provides customization,
  • Merillat sets design trends,
  • Quality Cabinets offers affordability without compromising craftsmanship.

This shows Masco’s commitment not only towards diversification but also towards meeting different customer needs across various market segments.

Remember this when planning your next remodeling project or new build – with these brands under Masco’s umbrella; you’re guaranteed quality products designed with your needs in mind.

The Global Reach: Understanding Behr Process Corporation

As we delve into the corporate structure of Masco, it’s impossible to overlook one of its most prominent subsidiaries, Behr Process Corporation. You’ll find that Behr is a leading name in the paint industry, with a global footprint that speaks volumes about its success.

Behr was established in 1947 and has since grown into an international powerhouse. A part of the Masco family since 1999, Behr leverages this association to extend its reach even further.

What sets Behr apart? It’s their dedication to quality products and customer satisfaction. They offer an extensive range of paints, primers, decorative finishes and more. Each product is designed keeping you, the end-user in mind – whether you’re a professional contractor or a homeowner embarking on your first DIY project.

With presence in over 50 countries, it’s safe to say that Behr has truly gone global under Masco’s umbrella. Their products are now accessible across North America, Europe, Asia and Australia.

Here’s a simple breakdown of Behr’s presence worldwide:

Continent Presence
North America Yes
Europe Yes
Asia Yes
Australia Yes

This widespread distribution network isn’t just about selling more cans of paint though. It means more homeowners can experience the quality assurance that comes with using Behr products.

In conclusion, when you talk about companies owned by Masco and their global impact – don’t forget to mention Behr. With its diverse product range and far-reaching presence under Masco’s ownership – it’s certainly making waves around the world.

Divestitures and Refocusing Strategies over the Years

Over time, Masco Corporation has undergone several divestiture processes. You may remember some of these changes as they’ve notably reshaped the company’s portfolio. Let’s explore a few of them.

In 2007, Masco made headlines when it sold off its UK-based joinery business, Jeld-Wen, to Onex Corp for $675 million. This move was part of their strategy to focus on their more profitable operations in North America.

Fast forward to 2015, they decided to spin-off their installation services division into what is now known as TopBuild Corp (BLD). This strategic decision allowed Masco to concentrate on manufacturing high-quality building products.

Here’s an overview:

Year Company Buyer Value
2007 Jeld-Wen Onex Corp $675M
2015 Installation Services TopBuild Corp Spin-off

To further sharpen their portfolio, Masco sold off two more divisions in recent years: The Cabinetry division was sold to ACProducts Inc., while the Windows business found a new home with MI Windows and Doors. Both transactions were completed in 2020.

The following bullets summarize these deals:

  • Cabinetry Division: Sold to ACProducts Inc.
  • Windows Business: Acquired by MI Windows and Doors

These series of divestitures have led Masco Corporation to where it stands today – a streamlined entity focused primarily on plumbing products and paints/coatings businesses such as Behr paint and Delta faucets – iconic brands that you’re likely familiar with!

Ripples within the Industry: Impact of Masco’s Business Decisions

Let’s delve into how Masco Corporation’s business decisions have sent ripples throughout the industry. A leading manufacturer of home improvement and building products, Masco owns a diverse portfolio of companies. These include household names like Behr Paint, Delta Faucet, and KraftMaid Cabinetry.

Your understanding of Masco’s reach broadens when you realize that their operations span across numerous countries with sales globally. The company’s strategic decisions have significantly impacted the home improvement and construction sectors in different ways:

  1. Innovation & Product Quality: By continuously investing in research and development, Masco has introduced innovative, high-quality products to the market. This focus on innovation has raised the bar for other manufacturers in terms of product quality and customer expectations.
  2. Market Consolidation: As a giant in its field, Masco’s acquisitions have led to market consolidation. With each purchase, they’ve effectively reduced competition while expanding their own product range.
  3. Supply Chain Management: Owning multiple businesses across various segments has allowed efficient supply chain management within the organization itself – an advantage that not every competitor can boast about.
  4. Job Creation: The sheer size and scope of operations mean that Masco is also a significant job creator in many regions where it operates.

Here’s an insight into some numbers representing Masco’s impact:

Aspect Data
Number of Employees 26,000+
Countries with Operations 20+
Global Sales (2020) $7 billion+

From this data we see just how far-reaching an entity like Masco is – impacting economies through job creation, influencing markets with its sizeable presence, setting standards for product quality through constant innovation, to name just a few consequences.

So next time you’re painting your house with Behr paint or using a Delta faucet, remember there’s more than meets the eye – you’re interacting with a product from one large umbrella corporation whose business decisions are shaping your consumer experiences imperceptibly but surely!

Conclusion: Unwrapping the Masco Conglomerate

Let’s recap what you’ve learned so far. The Masco Corporation, a significant player in the home improvement and building product industry, has a diverse portfolio of companies under its umbrella. It’s responsible for some well-known brands that are most likely present in your home.

While it sold many of its businesses over the past years like Delta Faucet Company and KraftMaid, it remains influential through its current holdings. These include Behr Paints which is popular among DIY enthusiasts and professionals alike. Then there’s Liberty Hardware, offering a range of stylish yet functional hardware solutions for homes.

Masco also owns Merillat Industries, known for their quality cabinets that enhance any space they’re installed in. Additionally, there’s Milgard Windows & Doors providing top-tier windows and doors solutions to homeowners across the country.

Here’s a brief rundown:

Company Known For
Behr Paints Paints
Liberty Hardware Hardware
Merillat Industries Cabinets
Milgard Windows & Doors Windows and Doors

Looking ahead, you can expect Masco to continue making moves in the home improvement arena with innovative products that enhance your living spaces while providing solid value. It’s clear this company knows a thing or two about creating successful brands – something that should give consumers confidence when choosing products from within their corporate family.

In summary, when you buy a product from one of these brands owned by Masco Corporation – whether it be paint or hardware or cabinets – you’re investing not only in quality items for your home but also supporting an organization with an impressive lineage in this industry.