What Companies Does Emcor Own: Your Comprehensive Guide to Emcor’s Portfolio

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If you’ve heard of EMCOR Group, Inc., then you’re already familiar with a global leader in mechanical and electrical construction, industrial and energy infrastructure, as well as building services. But did you know this Fortune 500 company is also parent to over 80 subsidiary companies? That’s right! EMCOR owns a plethora of businesses that operate within its diverse portfolio.

Each one of these subsidiaries plays an integral role in the sectors they serve. These range from commercial property management firms like USM Services and Fluidics to specialized construction groups such as Dynalectric and F&G Mechanical. So whether it’s managing facilities or constructing energy-efficient buildings, EMCOR’s subsidiaries have got it covered.

By owning various companies across multiple sectors, EMCOR has positioned itself as a formidable player in the market. This diversification not only strengthens their overall business model but also allows them to provide comprehensive solutions for their clients’ needs.

A Brief Overview of Emcor Group, Inc.

When it comes to mechanical and electrical construction, industrial and energy infrastructure, or building services, Emcor Group, Inc. is a name you’ll frequently hear. This Fortune 500 company has established itself as a powerhouse in the field of commercial technical services and construction.

Let’s dive deeper into its business model. Emcor doesn’t just operate under one brand. It’s a multifaceted conglomerate with over 80 subsidiaries operating across various sectors. These companies provide a range of services from planning and design to installation, operation, and maintenance.

Here are some notable names owned by Emcor:

  • Bahnson Mechanical Systems
  • Dynalectric Company
  • Fluidics Inc.
  • Mesa Energy Systems
  • Newcomb and Company

These are just a handful of the many businesses that fall under the extensive umbrella of Emcor Group, Inc., each contributing their unique expertise to the group’s overall success.

The company’s reach extends far beyond our shores too; it isn’t confined to domestic operations only. Internationally recognized brands like UK-based Norland Managed Services also add significant value to Emcor’s diverse portfolio.

With so many companies under its belt, Emcor’s revenue stream is quite robust. As per recent data:

Year Revenue
2018 $8.13 billion
2019 $8.89 billion
2020 $8.79 billion

As you can see from these figures alone, Emcor’s financial health remains solid despite market fluctuations.

So next time when someone asks “What companies does Emcor own?”, remember that it’s not just one singular entity but an impressive collection of businesses spanning multiple industries both at home and abroad.

Who Calls the Shots? Key People Behind Emcor

Emcor, a global leader in mechanical and electrical construction services, isn’t run single-handedly. Instead, it’s steered by a team of seasoned professionals who’ve devoted their careers to making this company what it is today.

Anthony J. Guzzi, the current CEO and President since 2011, sits at the helm. Under his leadership, Emcor has seen consistent growth and expansion into new markets. Before taking up the mantle as CEO, Guzzi held various top management roles within Emcor including COO.

Keep an eye out for Mark A. Pompa, Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer (CFO). He’s been with Emcor since 2000 and became CFO in 2006. In charge of financial operations, he plays a key role in maintaining the company’s fiscal health.

Another crucial player is Maxine Lum Mauricio, serving as Senior Vice President, General Counsel & Secretary since 2012. She oversees all legal matters pertaining to Emcor’s operations.

Here are some other key leaders:

  • Steven H.Bjorgum, Executive Vice President – Corporate Development
  • William A. Rodgers, Executive Vice President – Shared Services
  • R.Salvatore Robert Massa, Senior Vice President – Risk Management
  • David C.Hayes, Senior Vice President – Human Resources

Each one brings unique skills and experiences to the table which contributes significantly to driving Emcor forward on its successful path.

Remember that while these individuals play critical roles in shaping the direction of the company, they’re supported by thousands of dedicated employees worldwide who keep Emcor running smoothly every day.

In understanding what companies does Emcor own or operate under its umbrella, knowing about these key people helps you get an insight into how decisions are made at this multi-billion dollar corporation.

It’s always important to put faces behind giant corporations such as Emcor; after all it’s not just about numbers or statistics but also about people who make things work!

Understanding Emcor’s Business Model

To truly comprehend the scope of Emcor’s business operations, it’s vital to grasp their unique business model. Emcor is a diversified company, providing key services in the fields of mechanical and electrical construction, industrial and energy infrastructure, as well as building services.

Looking at Emcor from an ownership perspective, you’ll find that this company isn’t just one entity but rather a conglomerate of several businesses. It encompasses over 80 subsidiaries strategically spread across various sectors. Some noteworthy subsidiaries include Fluidics Inc., Ohmstede Ltd., and Poole & Kent Company. These companies offer specialized services ranging from fire protection systems to refrigeration and HVAC services.

In terms of financial performance, Emcor has shown steady growth over the years. Here are some key statistics:

Year Revenue (in billions)
2016 $7.6
2017 $7.7
2018 $8.1
2019 $8.8

What makes Emcor successful? A large part comes down to their strategic approach towards expansion and diversification:

  • They acquire businesses with specific expertise or presence in certain markets.
  • Post-acquisition, they enable these entities to operate semi-autonomously while providing them with necessary resources.
  • This approach allows each subsidiary to maintain its unique identity while benefitting from being part of a larger group.

So yes, when you’re talking about what companies does Emcor own – it’s far more than you might initially imagine! The mix of autonomy for each subsidiary combined with centralized support creates an efficient network that drives consistent revenue growth year after year!

Remember that understanding a corporation like this goes beyond merely knowing its name or reputation; comprehending its structure, strategy, and financial performance is equally crucial!

What Companies Are Owned by Emcor?

When you’re navigating the world of business, it’s always interesting to discover which businesses are owned by larger conglomerates. One such powerhouse is Emcor Group Inc., a leading company in mechanical and electrical construction, industrial and energy infrastructure, as well as building services.

You might be surprised to learn that Emcor owns several companies across different sectors. These include:

  • Bahnson Mechanical Systems
  • Dynalectric Company
  • Mesa Energy Systems
  • Poole & Kent Corporation

Let’s dig a little deeper into each of these subsidiaries.

Bahnson Mechanical Systems specializes in complex mechanical systems services and comprehensive HVAC solutions for clients across multiple industries.

Then we have the Dynalectric Company. This outfit provides commercial electrical construction services and has been lighting up cities since 1961!

Next up on Emcor’s portfolio is Mesa Energy Systems, an industry leader in providing HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) system maintenance and repairs.

Last but not least, there’s the Poole & Kent Corporation. They’ve been delivering top-notch plumbing and HVAC services since their inception back in 1877!

Each subsidiary plays a unique role within Emcor’s conglomerate structure enabling them to maintain their strong foothold within the industries they serve.

Remember though this isn’t an exhaustive list; it merely provides a snapshot of the range of companies under Emcor’s ownership umbrella. The actual number may be much larger given how expansive their operations are!

Different Sectors Covered by Emcor Subsidiaries

Diving into the world of Emcor, it’s clear that their reach is vast. They’re not just a single entity but rather a network of subsidiary companies, each specializing in different sectors. Let’s take a moment to examine these sectors and understand how they contribute to Emcor’s overall dominance.

First up, you’ve got the construction sector. It’s overseen by subsidiaries like Bahnson Mechanical Systems and F&G Manufacturing. They handle everything from complex HVAC systems installation to intricate sheet metal fabrication. So, if you’re looking for experts who can deliver on large-scale mechanical projects, these companies have got you covered.

Moving on, there’s the energy sector managed by entities such as RepconStrickland and Ohmstede Ltd. These subsidiaries provide specialized services for industrial plants and refineries including turnaround management, plant maintenance and heat exchanger services. With their help, Emcor ensures your facilities are efficient and compliant with all safety standards.

Then we delve into the realm of facilities services handled by USM Inc., Fluidics Inc., among others. Whether it’s janitorial service or complete building maintenance solutions you need, they’ve got it sorted.

Let’s not forget about the fire protection sector where firms like Shambaugh & Son hold sway providing comprehensive fire protection systems design, installation and service.

Below is an overview:

Sector Subsidiaries
Construction Bahnson Mechanical Systems, F&G Manufacturing
Energy RepconStrickland, Ohmstede Ltd
Facilities Services USM Inc., Fluidics Inc
Fire Protection Shambaugh & Son

In essence,Emcor doesn’t just own companies – it owns entire sectors! By leveraging its diverse portfolio of subsidiaries across various industries, it continues to be a market leader in mechanical and electrical construction as well as industrial energy infrastructure.

Geographic Spread and Presence of Emcor and Its Subsidiaries

Emcor’s sphere of influence is not limited to just one corner of the globe, but rather spreads across a vast geographic landscape. As you might already know, Emcor Group Inc is an American Fortune 500 company that provides mechanical and electrical construction, industrial and energy infrastructure, as well as facilities services to commercial, industrial, utility, and institutional customers.

In terms of Emcor’s subsidiaries’ presence in the U.S., it’s quite substantial. They operate through 70+ operating companies spread across various states including New York, California, Connecticut among others.

Here’s a quick glimpse into some key locations:

State Notable Subsidiaries
New York F&G Mechanical
California Dynalectric
Connecticut Emcor Services NE

However, they’re not just confined within the boundaries of the U.S. The company has expanded its reach globally with operations in Canada under Comstock Canada Ltd, in the U.K through Emcor UK, and even as far away as Singapore with Emcor Singapore Pte Ltd.

This wide geographical distribution enables them to cater to diverse markets effectively. Each subsidiary specializes in different areas such as building services or construction services which allows for more targeted service delivery depending on your needs.

It’s noteworthy that these subsidiaries work independently yet are guided by Emcor’s comprehensive set of standards ensuring quality control across all its businesses. This robust network promotes efficiency while also providing local expertise wherever it operates.

So whether you’re seeking HVAC services in California or need facility management solutions in London – there’s likely an Emcor subsidiary near you ready to meet your requirements.

The Impact: How Does Their Ownership Influence These Companies?

When you take a closer look at EMCOR Group Inc., you’ll notice its extensive portfolio of companies. But what’s really intriguing is how EMCOR’s ownership has shaped these businesses.

You see, EMCOR isn’t just about acquiring companies; it’s about fostering growth and operational excellence. When a company becomes part of the EMCOR family, it gains access to vast resources and expertise that often drive significant improvements in service delivery.

Let’s delve into how this plays out.

Strategic Planning: With EMCOR’s guidance, each company can develop effective strategies for their specific industry and market conditions. This strategic input paves the way for companies to expand their client base and increase profitability.

Operational Efficiency: By tapping into EMCOR’s industry-leading practices, the owned companies can streamline operations and reduce costs without compromising on quality. It’s this balance between efficiency and excellence that helps businesses thrive under EMCOR’s umbrella.

Financial Support: As part of a financially robust parent company like EMCOR, smaller entities receive ample financial backing to fund necessary business expansions or investments in new technologies – opportunities they might not have had as standalone firms.

Here’s an interesting fact – EMCOR owns over 80 subsidiaries, each benefitting from this impactful approach:

Company Name Industry
Bahnson Mechanical Systems Industrial Services
Contra Costa Electric Electrical Construction
  • …and many more!

You see, being owned by a conglomerate like EMCOR doesn’t stifle individuality or innovation—quite the opposite! Each entity maintains its unique identity while also benefiting from shared knowledge, best practices, financial stability, and strategic planning provided by EMCOR. It truly is a case where the sum is greater than its parts.

Public Perception: Are there Any Famous Brands under Emcor?

Emcor’s vast portfolio includes a broad spectrum of brands, each contributing to its reputation as a global leader in mechanical and electrical construction services. If you’re wondering whether any these companies have attained fame or significantly influence the public perception of Emcor, let’s dive into some facts.

Bahnson Environmental Specialties is one such brand that has gained quite a name for itself. Known for its state-of-the-art environmental chambers and service solutions, Bahnson is recognized across industries including pharmaceuticals, academia, and government research.

Another noteworthy brand is Mesa Energy Systems, which focuses on providing energy-efficient HVAC systems. They’ve established their standing in the market through continuous innovation and commitment to sustainability.

The list doesn’t stop there! Other prominent names include:

  • Performance Mechanical Group, specializing in industrial construction services.
  • Trautman & Shreve, a long-standing provider of mechanical contracting services.
  • FGS Comunicações, offering communication infrastructure solutions in Brazil.

These are just examples; Emcor owns over 80 operating companies spread across various sectors. Each company has made strides in their respective fields, thereby adding value to Emcor’s overall reputation.

Nowadays it’s vital for businesses to manage not only their financial performance but also how they’re perceived by the public. In this regard, Emcor seems to be doing quite well with these famous brands under its umbrella. Their combined efforts have painted an image of reliability, expertise, and innovation associated with the parent company – attributes that certainly resonate positively among customers and partners alike.

So next time you come across these brands remember – they’re part of an industry giant known as Emcor. And who knows? You might already be using a product or service from one of these renowned companies right now!

Future Prospects: Does Emcor Plan to Acquire More Businesses?

Let’s delve into the future prospects of Emcor. As a leading company in mechanical and electrical construction, industrial and energy infrastructure, and building services, it’s only natural to wonder if they plan on expanding their ownership to include more businesses.

Continuing its growth has always been part of Emcor’s strategy. Over the years, they’ve acquired numerous companies that complement their existing services and expand their reach. This includes entities like Fluidics Inc., Ohmstede Ltd., and USM Services Holdings Inc., among others.

However, it’s essential to note that acquisitions aren’t made haphazardly. Emcor follows a strict set of criteria when considering potential new additions to their network:

  • The target company must align with Emcor’s core business model
  • It should have a strong management team in place
  • The financial health of the company is crucial
  • Potential for growth within its market is also considered

As per these guidelines, there’s no doubt that any future acquisitions by Emcor will be calculated moves designed to strengthen and diversify their portfolio further.

While we can’t predict which specific companies may catch Emcor’s eye next, we do know they’re continuously scouting opportunities for expansion. Their focus remains on businesses offering unique capabilities or access to new markets – both domestically and internationally.

In conclusion, while we don’t have specifics yet about which businesses Emcor plans on acquiring next, it’s safe to say they’re not done growing. They’ll continue seeking out prime opportunities that align with their principles of providing excellent service across multiple industries while ensuring healthy financial returns.

Wrapping It Up: Summary of Known Companies Under Emcor

You’ve made it to the end of our comprehensive exploration into the subsidiaries owned by Emcor. This vast corporation has a multitude of companies under its wing, each contributing to its global reputation in the fields of mechanical and electrical construction, industrial and energy infrastructure, as well as building services.

Let’s recap some key names that stand out in Emcor’s portfolio:

  • Bahnson Mechanical Systems
  • Contra Costa Electric
  • Dynalectric Company
  • Fluidics Inc.
  • Mesa Energy Systems

Now, these are just a few examples from an extensive list. Each company within Emcor’s network plays a crucial role in its operations and success.

In terms of geographical reach, here’s how these companies spread out across America:

Company Name Location
Bahnson Mechanical Systems North Carolina
Contra Costa Electric California
Dynalectric Company Multiple Locations across U.S.
Fluidics Inc. Pennsylvania
Mesa Energy Systems California

Remember, this is just a snapshot of where some subsidiaries are based – Emcor’s influence reaches far wider!

So there you have it! You now know more about the breadth and depth of companies that fall under the umbrella of industry giant, Emcor. With such diverse holdings spanning multiple sectors and regions, it’s clear that this corporation isn’t just big—it’s influential on a truly impressive scale.