The Measuring Shovel from Shark Tank

The Measuring Shovel shark tank

The Measuring Shovel is one of those seemingly apparent tools we don’t realize we might need until somebody makes it. Maddox Prichard, 13, upgraded a tool most commonly used in gardens daily: a shovel.

A Shark Tank spectator could understandably question, “How do we not have it already?” when they see the Measuring Shovel, one of those things that seem so obvious and perfectly logical. The Measuring Shovel, in this instance, is a shovel with marks for yardsticks on the handle.

Plants can get damaged when flowers and trees are planted too closely together, as the entrepreneur and inventor noted, since their roots suffocate one another.

He put measures on the handle of his Shovel to help him spread out his saplings, preventing congestion between plants and giving his planting some degree of consistency.

The Measuring Shovel inventor developed the first version in grade 4. The product has improved and now incorporates measurement lines on the handle that goes upward and downward on both sides, serving as a substitute for a meter stick or tape measure.

In essence, it’s a 2-in-1 product, and it’s more suitable for sloppy digging and similar tasks than for precise measuring. According to the businessman, his dad’s contractor friends genuinely loved using his Shovel.

Measuring Shovel was not yet in commercial manufacturing when it appeared on Shark Tank, and the entrepreneur displayed its prototype on the show. They also said that they hold a patent for the Measuring Shovel.

In 2019, while the business was in its pre-launch stage, the founders of Measuring Shovel were quite confident about securing a deal with the Shark and ended up on the show.

They entered Shark Tank seeking $40,000 in exchange for 15% shares in the company,

While Jason and Brenna (Parents) assisted with the demos, Maddox and Amanda (Children)delivered the sales pitch. The accomplishments Maddox had made at such a young age pleased the Sharks. They were also unconcerned that manufacturing hadn’t yet begun.

Lori Greiner and Kevin O’Leary advised Maddox to sign a license agreement and offered $40,000 for a 30% stake. If the entrepreneur was willing to take on additional responsibility, the invited investor Daniel Lubetzky offered $40,000 for 25%. Maddox decided on Kevin and Lori, but he fought O’Leary for an additional $10,000.

The Measuring Shovel has not been made commercially accessible for three years. Therefore, it is losing money. Kevin and Lori’s arrangement was never finalized.

The business is still in existence today, and its webpage remains active. Production has possibly been delayed because of the demise of Maddox’s father. Even after the setback, Maddox did great during the pitch while under a lot of pressure, making his parent proud.

The Measuring Shovel’s patent is said to be worth $250,000. They hope to sign a license agreement with a significant business and get royalties as income.

Our Review of the Measuring Shovel

Gardening is highly labor intensive, and it takes a lot of effort to keep a check on the growth and planting procedures. The difficulties that gardeners frequently have while determining the distances between their plants are generally unknown. All those issues are solved by the Measuring Shovel, which gives individuals a convenient way to measure the distance between plants.

The Measuring Shovel saves time and energy during the digging process and when one can quickly determine the depth and distance where they should sow the seeds without needing a measuring tape.

The Measuring Shovel has one-inch measures starting at the base of the shovel blade and proceeding toward the handle. The measures are printed on the back of the grip and go from top to bottom. There are further markings for one, two, and three feet.

PROS of Measuring Shovel

  • Makes measuring the distance between plants easy.
  • Dig holes with the Shovel and gauge their depth.
  • Great gardening equipment

CONS of Measuring Shovel

  • No major cons

Who Is Measuring Shovel For?

Anyone searching for a more straightforward method to cultivate in their backyard could use the Measuring Shovel, fantastic gardening equipment. The Shovel’s markings are unambiguous, allowing you to dig holes and gauge the hole’s depths without having to go out a tape measure. It has made gardening easier since you can calculate the distance between planted seeds and ensure there is enough room without using additional gear.

The Measuring Shovel will make life much easier and more productive for gardeners who spend a lot of time digging seedlings and measuring them apart. To calculate distance or drill holes, you won’t require a couple of other tools.

You won’t get lost because of the indicated measures and will be able to tell how far apart the plants are.

Are There Any Alternatives?

The Measuring Shovel is the only available on the market, and Maddox has a patent to protect his invention from being stolen. The Measuring Shovel is distinctive and unlike any other item on the market, making it a valuable tool for gardeners because they don’t need anything else.

Our Final Thoughts

A Measuring Shovel is a unique tool that contributes to its appeal and attractiveness because there isn’t any other gardening equipment that can replace it. Gardeners of all stripes have recognized its value and hailed it as a game-changer throughout the agricultural business.

Even the Sharks, who made the huge offer, believed it was a brilliant tool that would alter the dynamics of horticulture. How effectively the product performs on the market is yet to be determined. Most Shark Tank viewers still wait to see the product on the market.