Podillow from Shark Tank

podillow shark tank

The Podillow is an innovative take on the pillow to make it suited for use when you sunbathe at the beach or the pool.

The Podillow is a face-down pillow with an area in the middle to rest your head in and is best described as a tanning and massage pillow. Lying on your stomach feels unnatural and is not very comfortable, but sometimes you have to.

Founder Anthony Calvert had a similar issue. After a shoulder injury that led to surgery, he noticed that his back was rather pale and wanted to get a tan, during which he found it uncomfortable lying on his stomach. To work around it, he came up with the idea of Podillow.

Together with his wife, Tina Calvert, the two started their business and found a lot of market for the product. After two years in the industry, they got featured in Lillian Vernon and Solution, two of the largest mail-ordered catalogs.

They managed to sell close to six thousand Podillow products, but the increasing demand was hard to catch up to. With insufficient capital, they opted to present their business in Shark Tank.

The married couple appeared in the twelfth episode of the first season in 2010. The couple asked for two-hundred and fifty thousand dollars for thirty-three percent of their company. They pitch their idea to the sharks and show them the product, detailing how they came up with the concept and where they are with it now.

Although the sharks liked the product and agreed with its importance, the evaluation revealed that the Calverts derailed any plans they had to invest in the Podillow. Keven O’Leary states that the number of sales does not back up the assessment and that they evaluated their product much more than the data showed, calling it the difference between the earth and the moon.

Anthony tries to explain that the lack of resources had limited their sales and that the potential was as high as stated in the evaluation; it already did the damage. The sharks criticized the lack of research and pulled out of the deal. Kevin Harrington added another reason for him not investing, saying the product was regional and seasonal.

The Calverts had to return without a deal.

Although the couple previously stated that without the investment they would get in Shark Tank, the product would not move forward; it was furthest from the truth. The Podillow went strong, selling it on their website and Amazon. However, the website seems to have expired in 2021, and Podillow is no longer available on amazon.

Our Review of The Podillow

The Podillow is a pocketed tanning and massage pillow that allows you to rest your head and lay down on your stomach, avoiding uncomfortable back pains. The area in the middle allows you to rest your face without needing to prop it up.

The Podillow also has side pockets that help you keep small things, such as your glasses and mobile phones. You won’t have to worry about your mobile or other items when lying by the pool or at the beach.

However, there are some mixed feelings involved with the Podillow. While the product is much needed in the market and can help a lot of people, the quality is something that has been compromised. While people in urgent need of such a product, such as those who underwent surgery, may find this product a life saver, casual customers wouldn’t feel the same.

The base of the pillow is too thick and can be uncomfortable to lie on as it bends the neck back. The pillow material isn’t very durable and long-lasting as it starts to wear out after a few washes. The Podillow focuses more on the softness of the pillow rather than the firmness, which most customers have antipathy towards.

Another drawback of the Podillow is that it is only available online and not in any retail store, preventing customers from checking if the pillow size fits their needs. Many may find the face area small and tight or the pillow itself too small. Although Amazon does have a quick return policy, customers won’t be willing to buy the same product.

We have listed a few pros and cons of The Podillow to get a better understanding.


  • The first type of pocketed pillow with a face rest.
  • Soft
  • Best for sunbathing or tanning
  • Side pockets allow you to store your things.
  • Easily portable


  • Only available online
  • Not firm enough
  • It May be too small for some
  • Poor quality material
  • No area to rest your shoulders on

Who is The Podillow For?

The Podillow is the perfect product for people who feel uncomfortable lying on their stomachs. You can use the Podillow when getting a tan, a massage, at the beach, and sunbathing.

You no longer have to rest your head on your hand, on a pillow, or keep it propped up. If you prefer soft pads to rest your head on, the Podillow is perfect for you.

People who have undergone retina surgery need to keep themselves in a face-down position, and the Podillow can help.

Are There Any Alternatives?

There are many copies of the Podillow on the market. Many products provide the same function as the Podillow, but one product stands out from the rest.

The Chattanooga Pron Pillo Head/Shoulder Foam Support Pillow is one of the highest-reviewed face-down pillows that can support your head and shoulders to ensure comfortability when laying down on your stomach. You can use The Chattanooga Pillow for the same reasons as the Podillow.

Our Final Thoughts

The Podillow is the first product that addresses the need for a pillow fit for you to rest your head on when laying face down. It has endless applications, including sunbathing by the pool or on the beach, massage, or tanning. However, it’s a pity that manufacturers could not keep up with the product’s demand, and now more readily available products provide the same function.