Walkee Paws from Shark Tank

Walkee Paws shark tank

Walkee Paws is a company that sells dog leggings to protect our furry friends from any damage sustained to their paws on dog walks. The leggings protect the dog’s paws from hot or cold surfaces or other harmful substances on the ground.

What makes the Walkee paws unique is that, unlike other dog boot brands in the market, they have managed to create comfortable dog boots. The Walkee paws don’t restrict the blood flow and stay on for the whole walk without coming off. Another great feature of the Walkee paws is that the leggings are connected from the top, so you will never miss a dig boot on the walks.

The business has doubled its sales each year since its first launch. After being featured in the shark tank, the Walkee paws managed to grow their sales by 900%, and the business has been booming ever since. They are still an active company and have a fully operational website.

Lisa Baronoff featured her business, the Walkee paws, on episode 1212 of shark tank. She asks for a hundred and fifty thousand dollars in exchange for a 5% share in her business. The sharks are impressed with the fact the product is patented and has managed to secure a good amount of sales. However, they believe that it is a high niche product.

Kevin is the only one who shows interest and submits two offers. The first offer is for a share worth a hundred and fifty thousand dollars for 5% of the company, plus a $2.70 royalty per unit. The second offer is for a 20% stake in the company for a hundred and fifty thousand dollars. Lisa exited shark tank without closing a deal since she was only eager to give more than 5%, and the royalty offer also didn’t sit well with her.

Our Review of the Walkee paws

We believe the Walkee paws is a promising product because of its unique features, such as the ability to secure the leggings together over the back. Dogs can get excited on walks and easily lose a boot while running around. This feature assures owners that their dogs will not lose their boots if hit with the zoomies.

Furthermore, a loving dog owner prioritizes their dog’s comfort. The unique design of the Walkee paws dog leggings ensures that the dog is comfortable and that the boots stay tight around the ankle area without restricting the dog’s blood circulation.

Moreover, we all despise it when our dogs’ boots get wet, resulting in wet paws, which defeats the purpose of having the boot on. The Walkee paws dog leggings feature waterproof boots and water-resistant material on the legging. Grips on the boots ensure that dogs can walk comfortably on icy or wet surfaces without slipping.

Another big plus of the dog boots is that it comes in four different sizes, and the fit is adjustable, so you don’t have to worry about getting the most accurate size. The boots have drawstrings you can secure once your dog’s paw is inside.

The extra fabric from the leggings will also help owners ensure their dogs stay clean on rainy and muddy days. This will save you a lot of time and effort that would have otherwise gone into bathing your dog after every walk.

Additionally, compared to the Walkee boots from similar products in the market, the Walkee boots come in unique designs and make your dog look stylish and even cuter on their walks. Your dog will catch the attention of other people on the streets and will become a neighborhood favorite while wearing the Walkee paws.

Considering all of these features, we believe that this is a great product that all dog owners should try. It will protect your dogs from harm and allow them to enjoy their walks in all types of weather while also giving you peace of mind that they are safe.

Pros of the Walkee paws

Here are a few features and benefits of the Walkee paws:

  • Water-resistant fabric on the leggings along with waterproof rubber boots for the paws
  • Anti-slip grips on the boots for comfortable and safe walks on wet or icy surfaces
  • Adjustable and customizable fit
  • Unique and adorable designs
  • Extra fabric helps keep dogs clean on muddy days
  • Available in four different sizes
  • Four-way stretch spandex material to ensure the dog’s comfort
  • Ability to attach the leggings at the back to prevent the dog from losing the boots on adventurous walks

Cons of the Walkee Paws

Here are a few cons of the Walkee paws

  • Some reviews suggest that customers believe the product is a little pricey if compared to other similar products in the market

Who Are The Walkee Paws For?

The Walkee paws are best for dog owners who live in harsh climates and experience extremely hot or cold weather. The Walkee paws will ensure that the pet dogs living in such climates can have comfortable and enjoyable walks without sustaining damage from extreme cold or hot surfaces.

The product will also offer peace of mind to clients who love their pets and want to ensure they stay safe and comfortable during walks. Additionally, the product is designed to stay on so clients with energetic dogs that love running and jumping around can rest assured that they won’t lose the dog boots.

Are There Any Alternatives?

Here are a few alternatives to the Walkee paws:

  • Kurgo dog shoes
  • Dog Helios
  • Pawz
  • Pet Life

We have put Kurgo dog shoes on top of our list as they come with all the features similar to the Walkee paws. The boots have an anti-slip feature and are ideal for use in all seasons. Moreover, the customers on Amazon can’t stop raving about the boots in the review section.

Our Final Thoughts

The Walkee paws is an innovative product that improves the functionality of a dog boot. The product is made of comfortable materials to ensure the pet’s comfort, and it is designed so that it will not come off during walks. So owners can put the Walkee paws on their pets and embark on adventurous walks, knowing that their pets will be comfortable and safe in any weather.