VirtuSphere from Shark Tank

VirtuSphere shark tank

The Virtusphere is a unique virtual reality platform because of its spherical shape. Ten feet in diameter, the hollow sphere is positioned on a pivoting base that can turn in any direction in reaction to the user’s movements. The Virtusphere was created by Ray and Nurulla Latypov of Binghamton, New York’s Virtusphere Inc.

The user can spin on an infinite plane within computer-generated simulations and virtual worlds. The head movement of the user is recorded by gyroscopes included in a wireless head-mounted display that also shows the virtual world. Virtusphere has numerous applications, including health and wellness, entertainment, education, and training.

The components of a Virtusphere are as follows:

  • 72 plastic segments
  • 11 metal supports with wheels
  • Other pieces of hardware to bring everything together

There is also something called a “walker,” a metal frame placed within the sphere to help beginners and prevent falls.

In addition, all the essential electronic components, such as sensors, VR headsets, and personal computers, are supplied. Its physical properties include dimensions of 55 inches by 48 inches by 45 inches.

When it is taken apart, the sphere has dimensions of 4 feet by 4 feet by 6 feet and weighs 860 pounds. Because of its low weight and manageable size, it can be moved by virtually any pickup truck or minivan.

How Did the Shark Tank Pitch Go?

In episode 109 of “Shark Tank,” creators of Virtusphere Ray Latypov and Jim Dimascio presented their avant-garde virtual reality product to the panel of investors known as “the sharks.

With wide-open eyes, creative businesspeople Latypov and Dimascio entered the Shark Tank in search of a $1.5 million investment in exchange for 10 percent of their company. They needed the money to launch a sustained attack against 59 U.S. military outposts.

The Sharks were skeptical that the reality simulator would be a successful business venture. It was both excessive in size and cost. Kevin Harrington, before bailing, mentioned that there might be liability concerns with the Virtusphere. It seemed like a boy’s toy to Barbara Corcoran, and she couldn’t get into it. It was “too rich” “She decided the door was best left closed for her, and she left as well.

Daymond John’s explanation for his departure was straightforward: he didn’t have the knowledge or connections to make it happen. Robert Herjavec grasped it as well as anyone.

However, he also said no in the end, sending the visionary business owners home with their “virtual hamster ball.” “Without the Sharks’ financial backing, yes. From the beginning, Virtusphere faced formidable odds.

Unfortunately, the sharks chose not to invest in the innovative product.

Our Review on VirtuSphere

The Virtusphere is a cutting-edge piece of equipment that has the potential to be utilized to provide training to members of the armed forces or the police force in a setting that is both secure and under their direct supervision. In addition, it can transport gamers into the world of their preferred video games in a manner that is both realistic and hypnotic.

We believe that is incredibly fundamental, and more since it is the silver bullet for a million issues.

It offers more engaging, believable, and valuable immersive experiences than just about every other device yet to be imagined, with virtual reality making quick advancements in its other signatory areas.

Using Virtusphere, a VR system, users can completely engage themselves in a digital world that allows for various interactions. Because of this, the virtual reality experience provided by current VR helmets is much enhanced because users can freely roam around the virtual world.

This extra-terrestrial super-sized plastic sphere is called a “virtual hamster ball” in the technology industry. Just picture a massive hamster ball. It has wheels and platforms underneath it and is big enough to fit a person.

The platform’s ability to spin in any direction provides the user with the liberty to walk or run for an indefinite amount of time. Moving about freely once the user is comfortable inside that sphere is possible. This implies that an individual can run, jump, move from side to side, and virtually act as if it is a real-world scenario.

After entering it and donning a headset, the user is immediately transported to a digital version of the real world. Because of how it is constructed, there is only room for one person inside.


  • Useful in military equipment
  • Fun and addicting for gaming
  • Useful for medical centers
  • Useful for several educational institutions


  • Expensive
  • Too Large

Who is Virtusphere for?

The VirtuSphere is for the entertainment of everyone around the globe. It is for people of all ages interested in advancing to a new level of excitement, upgrading their typical and ordinary gameplay.

The purpose of Virtusphere is to provide the player who enters within it to play with a realistic experience as close as possible to the real world. The simulation of real-world events, on the other hand, is not merely for entertainment purposes.

Even though the product developers could not interest sharks in investing in their business, the company is still operational and generates $3 million in sales each year.

Are There Any Alternatives?

Several smaller, cheaper competitors exist to the original product, but they aren’t as effective or feature-rich.

Our Final Thoughts

It is not precisely a consumer product designed for widespread distribution and retail for nearly fifty thousand dollars. In addition to having a high price tag, the item’s size is another factor that makes it challenging to sell. The sphere’s interior measures one hundred square feet and has a diameter of ten feet.

However, this product has several potential clients, including naval research sites, medical centers for the United States Army, and several educational institutions. Germany, Russia, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom are just a few of the countries represented by owners.

We are confident that the VirtuSphere will be the catalyst that finally brings Virtual Reality to the masses. It provides a more compelling, believable, and relevant virtual reality experience than any other device. This is saying a lot with VR fast developing in its other core areas.