VaBroom from Shark Tank

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If you’re one of the many people who find mopping your floors tiring or hate dusting, VaBroom may be the solution to all your problems.

VaBroom, a product created by Trever Lambert and John Vadnais, combines a vacuum cleaner with a broom.

The VaBroom has a strong built-in suction that can remove dirt and other debris without needing a dustpan.

Enhance Goods Development, a Minneapolis-based industrial design company that works with well-known consumer product manufacturers and start-ups, is the company in charge of representing the product.

VaBroom was successfully introduced to the Shark Tank by Trever Lamber and John Vadnais. The broom runs on the pressure that creates a vacuum and is perfect for cleaning up little spills and stains. It’s not meant to take the place of your vacuum; rather. It’s meant to be an improved broom. This portable, lightweight product is quite popular among busy mothers and those with problems bending over.

Sales for VaBroom totaled $3.1 million during the previous 12 months. The product was promoted at Bed Bath & Beyond and was also available directly to consumers, so there is a demand for it.

Despite some reservations, the sharks liked the VaBroom. The first shark to withdraw was Mark Cuban, who stated that the ownership proposal was minimal. He also listed problems with their business strategy for a design firm as one of his excuses for walking away from the deal.

Peter Jones, the guest Shark on the episode, raised the same concerns. He dropped out because he felt that the product was redundant.

Daymond John promptly left after saying that the stock was relatively low to consider. Even more, he implied that they could be there for publicity.

Two sharks were still on the deck after this. Although Kevin O’Leary loved the product, he required more motivation to market it. For a 2.5% ownership interest in the design company, he pledged $350,000. Kevin had to pay a $3 royalty for each unit until he recovered $700,000.

Lori Greiner was uncertain about the product’s patents and dropped out too.

Kevin declined Trever and John’s offers to barter for a 5% interest worth up to $700,000. They ultimately agreed to the royalties arrangement. Was Kevin getting a decent bargain here? The co-founders of Vabroom finally decided on the deal with Kevin.

Our VaBroom report showed that the business is still doing well. Over a dozen magazines profiled the business, including Trend Hunter, Digital Trends, and others. The agreement appeared to suit Kevin and VaBroom’s founders, but regrettably, fans weren’t as thrilled. Many supporters shared the opinion of the other Sharks that VaBroom was just a useless product.

Our Review of Vabroom

With VaBroom’s robust 2-in-1 design and integrated vacuum, you can say goodbye to bending over to sweep your floors and filthy dustpan lines. The purpose of this ingenious tool was to make the laborious work of cleaning your house enjoyable and simple. Its 20,000 RPM silent motor will effectively remove all the dirt and grime from the floor, leaving a spotless surface.

A USB power charging cord and a durable lithium battery provide longer service life and dependability, ensuring that the battery never drains out and that you can always clean up any mess.

The vacuum’s 1-cup capacity storage allows for simple disposal of its contents with only one press of an eject button.

You can release the broom while hovering over a trashcan to make some space!

Despite having powerful cleaning technologies and drivers, the fully cordless vacuum sweeper guarantees quiet cleaning.

Pros of Vabroom

  • It makes cleaning and sweeping unexpected spills a breeze.
  • It is quite unlike other vacuum cleaners.
  • There’s no need to touch dirty dustpans.
  • It works well on all types of smooth surfaces.
  • It is cordless, which makes it portable and convenient for all types of cleaning.

Cons of Vabroom

  • Some users claim that it is pricier and only offers the same effects as any other vacuum cleaner.
  • It only has a 3.4 rating on Amazon, with reviews complaining about its functionality.

Who Is Vabroom For?

Vabroom is a hybrid cleaning device coupled with the cleaning functions of a broomstick and vacuum cleaner. This device is quite helpful for those who can not bend to sweep the floor using dustpans or for moms with children who love making a mess around the use.

Despite its negative reviews on the functionality, this product is helpful for quick and easy cleaning. If you don’t have a vacuum cleaner at home, you can consider investing in a Vabroom for everyday cleaning.

Are There Any Alternatives?

While there is a range of easy cleaning tools like Vabroom, there aren’t any products that can stand as a competitor against Vabroom.

Here are some of the similar products you can check out on Amazon:

  • BLACK+DECKER Dustbuster Handheld Vacuum with Floor Extension, Cordless, 4-in-1 
  • Eureka Blaze Stick Vacuum Cleaner

Our Final Thought

VaBroom is a strong broom and vacuum cleaner hybrid that sweeps away the dirt and messes with the need to use dustpans. Numerous of Enhance Product Development’s products had their Kickstarter campaigns. In this scenario, the campaign finished with $74,494 from 1,378 backers, rapidly exceeding its financial target.

The Covid outbreak delayed initial production in China and order fulfillment, but funders received regular updates, and by the end of 2020, all orders had been delivered. The vacuum nozzle of VaBroom was upgraded in October 2021 to include a rubber tip to prevent scratching of hardwood floors.

The growth may have been slow, but Vabroom is on its steady pace and is taking baby steps to establish its position in the market.