Twist It Up Comb from Shark Tank

Twist It Up Comb shark tank

Twist It Up comb is the brainchild of Noel Durity, who experienced the struggles of people with Afrocentric hair. Afrocentric hair grows up rather than down, is thick, and has a texture that proves quite difficult to groom. Many products on the market claim to solve this problem; however, in Durity’s experience, those products damaged his hair.  Products such as afro picks or curling sponges were either too harsh or unhygienic. Durity identified this major gap in the market and brought forth his invention, which explicitly targeted people with Afro-centric hair like his.

Durity’s invention, the Twist It Up comb, is a pocket comb that looks like a miniature tennis racket. This comb has stainless steel meshes that go smoothly through the thick hair and provide natural curl patterns. The idea came to Durity when tired of his hair struggle, he used an actual tennis racket on his hair and was pleasantly surprised by the results. The comb is quick and easy to use, and most importantly, it does not pull on the hair causing pain to the user.

Durity’s invention is patented and currently going from strength to strength. It is sold in hundreds of barber shops and hair care stores and is also available on Amazon. He has also expanded his product range to include a hair wax, which is a sign that he is looking to expand his already thriving business.

How Did The Shark Tank Pitch Go?

The Sharks were already excited about what was in store when Durity casually strolled in with his friends to deliver his Shark Tank pitch. Without saying a word, the entrepreneur exuded confidence and charisma, and the Sharks were hooked from the get-go. He asked for $225,000 in exchange for 15% of his company.

He explained that this product was specifically for people with Afro-centric hair, as only they could relate to the grooming issues that come along with the hair texture. Durity, however, communicated the issues with clarity to the Sharks as he knew most of them would not be able to relate to the problems.

Durity communicated how his product was a game changer because, for people with Afro-centric hair, there was no easy way to get up in the morning and groom their hair in minutes as most other people would be able to. His product seamlessly goes through the curls due to its stainless steel meshes and provides aesthetically pleasing natural curl patterns. The product’s main selling point was its ease of use and the fact that it did not damage the hair.

The initial pitch was concluded with a little dance routine by Durity and his friends, which incorporated the product. It got the Sharks moving in their seats and made the overall vibe of the pitch very infectious and easy-going.

The Sharks got down to business instantly and asked for sales numbers. Durity revealed that he had initially made $95,000 in the previous year, but since he had started attending the beauty show circuit, his sales had surged; he had made $100,000 in about five months in the current year. The Sharks were impressed by the business’ potential.

Mark Cuban inquired about bookkeeping and the overall administrative structure of the company and was concerned to hear that Durity was doing it all on his own. Robert Herjavec ulled out of making any offers due to his limited knowledge about the product. He praised Durity but emphasized that this was not his domain.

Cuban and John Daymond were fascinated by the entrepreneur’s tenacity despite the administrative issues. Daymond provided a counter offer of $225,000 for 25% of the business, contingent on a licensing deal. Durity was skeptical about the licensing process, and during this pause, Lori Greiner started to make her offer. Cuban decided to jump in on the Daymond deal and offered to pick up the pieces if the licensing did not go through. Greiner’s offer was stopped in its tracks as Durity accepted Cuban and Daymond’s offer. They celebrated their partnership with the dance routine from before.

Our Review of Twist It Up Comb

Twist It Up Comb is a game changer in an evolving beauty industry that is now catering to the needs of people of color. The beauty standards of before meant very few products addressed the specific needs of different demographics, but that is changing now. Twist It Up Comb is at the helm of evolving beauty industry, and its black-owned status means people cannot doubt its authenticity and mission.

Like any beauty product, the comb has its pros and cons. However, many satisfied customers vouch for this product

Pros of Twist It Up Combs

  • Does not damage hair
  • Pocket-sized and can be taken anywhere
  • Unique design that appeals to a lot of people
  • One-time investment that does not need to be replaced frequently
  • Durable meshes made out of poly carbon
  • Washable

Cons of Twist It Up Combs

  • Price can be too high for average customers
  • Shipping costs are too high for a small product
  • A lot of customers with thicker hair complained about the product having no effect on their hair.

Who is it For?

This product is explicitly targeted toward people with Afro-centric hair. Greiner asked in the Shark Tank pitch whether women also use the comb. Durity explained that the comb is for all genders, provided they have a particular hair texture that needs to be twisted into natural curl patterns.

Are There Any Alternatives?

The alternative to these combs is the commonly used afro picks. However, those do not form curl patterns. The most like-to-like replacement for this comb is curling sponges. Those, however, need to be replaced after every use due to hygiene issues. There have been a lot of counterfeit combs on the market, but Durity has tracked them down and delivered a cease and desist due to his patent.

Final Thoughts

These combs are an excellent innovation and capture the true spirit of entrepreneurship. Durity identified an issue close to his heart and came up with a solution that now benefits thousands of people. These combs also indicate that there needs to be a change in the beauty industry, and more products for people of color should be launched.