TushBaby from Shark Tank

TushBaby shark tank

Having to carry a child is exhausting for the majority of parents, and this is a fact. Being a parent isn’t always easy, and although it is very gratifying, having to carry a baby on the shoulders or back while doing daily chores isn’t exactly a dream, particularly if you’ve already had a long hard day at work.

The struggle gets real when you have nobody else around you to assist you in holding the baby while you can get your task done. Even the possibility of such a situation might have brought tears to your eyes.

However, if you make smart choices, things can be very easy and stress-free.

And what we mean by smart choices is getting a little support to help you carry your baby along. And one such support is available in the shape of the TushBaby infant carrier.

What is TushBaby Infant Carrier?

Tammy Rant, a mom of two and an accomplished saleswoman, created the TushBaby carrier since she realized the struggle a mother goes through in order to keep herself and her family afloat. While things could easily fall apart without mommy dearest, she shouldn’t have to as well. She should be able to manage everything while being comfortable carrying her baby around.

Tammy Rant was seeking a product that would make it more convenient and less stressful on the hips, back, and shoulders for parents who have to carry their babies around. Rant attempted to come up with a solution after failing to locate one that satisfied her requirements. Hence, TushBaby was created in this manner.

TushBaby is a type of infant chair that is attached with a powerful Velcro strap that can comfortably be worn just above the hips. That carrier includes a sturdy belt that is used to secure it to your body in order to protect your youngster.

Since it is tied around the waist, it effectively relieves the pressure from the back, shoulders, and hips.

Rant had first designed this baby carrier for herself since she had difficulty using the conventional backpack baby carrier, and it was also very uncomfortable. Since she was seen around wearing the TushBaby, mothers would inquire about it, which is why she decided to do business out of it.

Her business started to take off, and soon demand started to rise, which is when she decided to take TushBaby further by getting an investment from one of the sharks.

TushBaby on Shark Tank

Tammy appeared on the Shark Tank along with her husband and baby to demonstrate TushBaby. She tells the shark her asking price is $200000 in return for 10% equity and explains to them how she came up with the idea of an ergonomic baby carrier. She explains to them how her business went online just 5 days ago, and she had already sold 2500 units which impresses the sharks, and Daymond is the first to offer her exactly what her asking price is.

Kevin offers Rant $200000 in return for 15% equity; however, she declines both their offers and wants a deal with Lori. They both agree on a $200000 investment for 20% ownership as Tammy walks out of the tank with a deal.

Our Review of Tush Baby

The TushBaby carrier is an excellent design for a comfortable baby carrier that doesn’t put too much stress on the parents. Additionally, it is made with machine-washable high-quality material making it easier to wash without ruining the fabric or leaving stains on it.

Moreover, the carrier includes a memory foam seat and YKK zippers to guarantee your baby’s comfort. The TushBaby carrier is a comfortable hip seat and features a buckle that is easy to fasten. This distributes the weight of the baby so that parents may take them up and set them down easily.

The infant carrier also has storage compartments for extra comfort. These pouches give parents easy access to items they would need while on the go by acting as a little purse or wallet.

Pros of TushBaby

  • Very durable
  • Certified safety baby carrier
  • Easy to use
  • Practical storage
  • High-quality fabric
  • Machine washable
  • Recommended by chiropractors and pediatricians

Cons of TushBaby

  • As compared to a stroller, the storage space is less.

Who is TushBaby For?

TushBaby is targeted at all parents and caretakers of little children who are hunting for a practical method of carrying their kids. Furthermore, it is extremely useful for women who are pregnant and parents who already have hip, back, or shoulder issues.

Adding more pressure on an already painful shoulder, hip, or back will only cause more inconvenience, extra hospital visits, and an increased medical bill.

The best part about TushBaby is that it is designed not just for the parent’s comfort but also for the baby’s comfort.

Are There Any Alternatives?

Despite the fact that there are various other companies that provide baby carriers, TushBaby is a distinctive item because of its ergonomic construction and storing pouches. Nevertheless, you can check out Weego, Mission Critical, or Nesting Days to learn more about your alternative possibilities. While all three alternatives are respectable, we advise choosing Nesting Days since It’s the best comparison to TushBaby you’re going to get; thus, we definitely advise it.

Our Final Thoughts

Although the deal with Lori Greener never materialized, Rant has been doing very well as she successfully made over $124000 and $75000 from Kickstarter campaigns, which was enough for her to work on the inventory issues and raise production to meet the increasing demand.

As of now, TushBaby is doing extremely well with several new products under its brand name, including tote bags, pacifier protectors, changing mats, and manny packs. TushBaby makes over 4 million dollars in annual revenue.

If you are amongst the parents who also find it difficult and stressful to carry your infant around, then do yourself a favor and get your hands on the TushBaby baby carrier. It can also make an excellent gift for new parents and will only cost you 79 bucks!