Turbobaster from Shark Tank

Turbobaster shark tank

Turbobaster is an innovative alternative to bulb basters, marinade injections, and basting brushes; they are special kitchen appliances operated by batteries. One can use an excellent product to marinate difficult meat, specifically Turkey. The two best features of this product are that it saves a lot of time and you can clean it up quickly afterward.

The background of Turbobasters’ origin is to make cooking experiences free from hassle. The main reason behind Turbobasters’ popularity and why people choose them over traditional bulb basters is because it is easy to use and adapt, making your occasions enjoyable and problem-free.

The world learned about the Turbobaster after the 113th episode of season 1 of Shark Tank, in which Marian Cruz aimed to collect $35,000 for her new invention’ campaign, Turbobaster.

Marian Cruz is the legitimate product developer of the Turbobaster. She charmed the sharks with her persuasive elevator, in which she sought 25% of shares from the interested sharks to continue the marketing campaign.

Marian Cruz, the resident of Fremont, California, United States, was initially a talented home chef who evolved into an entrepreneur who got the global right regarding the marketing of her product, Turbobaster.

Marian Cruz’s rationale behind producing the Turbobaster was to minimize the struggle and maximize the enjoyable experience while marinating your favorite food. The Turbobaster is a lump of injection-based meat marinating brush that easily comes off, making washing and cleaning easy.

Our Review of the Turbobaster

According to our evaluations, the Turbobaster is a perfect problem-solver for all the people who find the traditional marinating process time-consuming and hectic. Turbobasters can save time and give better results than the conventional method.

Turbobasters are an excellent example of innovation and creativity; a tool that resembles a pen can be easily gripped and used to marinate and fill in the turkey that once seemed like a tough job.

We think of the Turbobaster as another excellent example of women being creative and productive within limited resources, empowering other women, and significantly impacting the innovation industry.

Marian Cruz secured a deal with Kevin Harrington for $35,000, in which she will have 100% of the profit and 2% of all the sales. Marian also got another offer from Daymond worth $40,000, in which he would get 51% of the company’s share and 2% of the product’s sales.

Marian’s elevator pitch did not interest much of the Sharks as the Turbobaster idea was vague and hanging in the air. It lacked a working model and sales representation, and the product developer had not yet planned how much it would cost to manufacture the Turbobaster.

Towards the end of the show, we can see that Marian accepts Kevin’s deal, trusting him with her innovative idea. After six months, global rights for the marketing of Turbobaster were given to the company. However, there have not been many updates on the product yet.

Turbobasters are not yet available for sale, and no such news of their launch has been on the information till now. The social media representation of Turbobasters is also absent; there are not many details available on social sites such as Facebook regarding the launch of production of the product, which has led the interested buyers in great confusion.

According to the Shark Tank updates, not much has happened after the successful acquisition of the deal of $40,000 between Kevin Harrington and Marian Cruz. This has led the audience to wait for the launch of the product.

Pros of Turbobaster

Marian Cruz’s innovative prototype, the Turbobaster, seemed to have a lot of advantages for all those who cook routine or the one show cook occasionally. According to our evaluation, a few of the benefits of Turbobaster are below:

  • Turbobasters are battery-operated, relieving the users from the worry of finding a switch to attach the wire.
  • The Turbobaster is easy to use as the user only needs to press a single button, and the pen will do its job independently.
  • No need to worry about the battery life of the Turbobaster; it is chargeable.
  • Another excellent feature of the Turbobaster is that you can easily clean it. The lower portion of the pen can be easily removed, cleaned or washed, dried up, and reattached to the battery portion.
  • The product’s main focus was to make the marinating process hassle-free and save time during the traditional marinating of meat.
  • The prototype of the Turbobaster has been designed to be quick with its job, giving maximum results and saving time side by side.
  • The expected price of the Turbobaster made it affordable for everyone, which would have made the product popular.

Cons of Turbobaster

With pros come cons; with many of the advantages, Turbobaster went with a few shortcomings, which are below;

  • Even after a successful deal, the product never made it to the market.
  • Social media presence of the Turbobasters’ marketing is missing
  • No proper roadmap of Turbobaster sales or production pattern has been given out yet by the developer, Marian Cruz.
  • To some people, the Turbobaster is just another luxury item, so they might not be interested in buying the product.

Who is Turbobaster For?

The Turbobaster is an excellent product for those who want to conserve as much time as possible. It is for the people who are always in a hurry and struggle with time management. This product can prove to be one thing in life that feels like a blessing to a busy person.

The Turbobasters are perfect for home chefs, be it men or women. Whoever likes to cook unique dishes, this tool can be an excellent addition to their kitchen tool bucket.

Are There Any Alternatives?

A credible and traditional alternative to Turbobasters is the Bulb Basters. They also serve a similar purpose; marinating meat while roasting or cooking. Bulb Basters moisten the food to the center to make it tender after being cooked. They are readily available in the market and the nearest stores.

The Bulb Basters also save time and ensure proper tenderization of the time-taking food such as poultry, beef, or Turkey. A rubber bulb is on the top of the tool, which one must press to inaugurate the liquid suction process from the baster tube.

Our Final Thoughts

Turbobaster could have proved to be a trending and a chef’s favorite tool if it had been launched into the market. The unique features and time-conserving techniques are what we all desire in this busy era.

However, after the successful deal of Marian Cruz with Kevin Harrington on the Shark Tank show, the audience was looking forward to the launch of the product as the company received more investment than the required amount.

With the absence of the market and social media, the interested buyers are confused about whether the product prototype is credible to launch.