Tough Apparel Ties from Shark Tank

Tough Apparel Ties shark tank

Ties are an important part of one’s professional attire. However, they are also delicate and can get dirty easily. They are also difficult to clean as machine wash may damage them. These delicate items frequently require dry cleaning or hand washing. Tough Apparel Ties provide the ultimate solution to stain-resistant ties and socks that are long-lasting and can be machine-washed easily.

What Makes Tough Apparel Ties Unique?

Tough Apparel Ties was created by Kevin Shoemaker and Skylar Bennet in 2017. The two friends had known each other for a long time and became fathers around the same time. Once while catching up, they began discussing how important it was to dress formally and how impossible it was to do so when they were around their children.

Kevin and Skyler were real estate brokers and often had to be dressed smartly. The duo were loving dads and often had their young children spit up on their ties. Both dads were fed up sending their ties for the occasional dry clean. Often, they also had to throw their ties away as the pitting, drooling, and dry cleaning would ruin the look.

The two friends began brainstorming ideas on creating ties that could withstand machine wash and resist stains. They got in touch with fashion designers, studied the market, and experimented with new ideas. Eventually, they risked their professional careers and focused entirely on creating tough ties and turning them into a business. In 2017, they started a Kickstarter campaign for their company Tough Ties for $15000. This encouraged both entrepreneurs to leave their jobs and pursue their businesses full-time.

The two friends ended up manufacturing stain-resistant ties that could easily be machine-washed. These ‘tough ties’ came in traditional patterns and colors, and their extreme resistance made them stand out. Each tie also had a small microfibre cloth stitched on its tip that could be used to clean screens and glass. These ties came in two categories, regular ties and premium ties. A regular tie, priced at $39, could be worn daily. A premium tie, priced at $45 could be worn on special occasions. They also created customized ties for weddings or other formal occasions for an additional fee.

How Did the Shark Tank Pitch Go?

Tough ties appeared on Shark Tank season 11. Entrepreneurs Kevin and Skylar sought $100,000 in return for 35% equity in their company. The owners had generated $200,000 in year-to-date sales; however, their company was still not profitable due to customer acquisition costs. They entered Shark Tank in search of an investment that could help balance their finances and eliminate financial debt.

The Sharks were impressed by Kevin and Skylar’s presentation but doubted the business’ ability to provide a return on investment. Mark Cuban was the first shark to drop out, followed by Daymond John. Both sharks felt the company was too niche and didn’t offer products other than ties. Lori Greiner was not too keen on the tie business and backed out.

Kevin O’Leary didn’t see the initiative making money and refused investment. This only left Robert Herjavec. Robert showed interest in the product line and offered to invest the sum the entrepreneurs asked in return for 35% equity in the company.

Is Keyword an Active Company?

After the Shark Tank segment, the entrepreneurs changed the business’s name from ‘Tough Ties’ to ‘Tough Apparel.’ Today Tough Apparel is an active company and has also introduced several other categories of products. These include a range of durable socks, belts, and shirts.

However, research before this Tough Apparel Ties Review showed that Robert’s deal never materialized. Despite this, the company generated an estimated revenue of 4 million dollars annually as of 2022. So despite the investment with Robert not working out, things worked out for Kevin and Skylar.

Our Review of Tough Apparel Ties

Pros of Tough Apparel Ties

  • Stainless technology is used to help remove stains.
  • IronLockTM stitching is used to retain the freshness of printing and keep the material fresh for longer.
  • Each tie contains an excellent quality microfiber patch.
  • The ties are long-lasting and easy to clean. They can also be machine washed without undergoing any damage to the fabric or shape of the tie.

Cons of Tough Apparel Ties

  • This product is comparatively new in the market.
  • The product’s selling point isn’t quite clear; there remains room for ambiguity.

Who Is Tough Apparel Ties for?

All professionals who need to be dressed smartly throughout the day can benefit from his product. These products are specially created for new dads with toddlers who drool and spit up often at home. Buying products from Tough Apparel Ties can relieve one from repeatedly purchasing new ties and socks or hefty dry-cleaning bills. These products are created from high-quality materials offering stainless technology. They last longer and are especially durable.

Are There Any Alternatives?

There is no direct competition for Tough Apparel Ties. The idea of machine washing your ties and socks is rather new, and so is the concept of wiping stains off easily. However, the market for ties and socks is currently quite inflated, with a lot of competition.

Our Final Thoughts

Tough Apparel Ties creates unique socks and ties available in different designs and colors. You can choose from different sizes and lengths and get great, long-lasting, durable items. This company has surely created a stir in the market after its appearance on Shark Tank.