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Thrive+ cheers shark tank

Almost 70% of adults in the USA enjoy drinking alcohol annually. However, alcohol doesn’t have excellent effects on the liver. That is why alcohol isn’t promoted as a health-conscious drink, as it meddles with your system and doesn’t let your body function properly the day after indulging in a drink or two.

Brooks Powell, the founder of Thrive+ (Cheers), wanted to create a product that would support the liver of those who consume alcohol.

Thrive+ (Cheers) capsules intend to make people feel better the day after they consume alcohol, as they are proven to treat hangovers and help you enjoy your drinks while being responsible.

The Thrive+ (Cheers) capsules don’t claim to treat any disease or other medical condition, and it is recommended that people should consult their doctors before using this product.

What Do They Make?

A team of PhDs created Thrive+ (Cheers) to bring together their customers and promote healthy and fun drinking habits. The company doesn’t aim to encourage excessive drinking but to drink reasonably and consciously.

That is why they have created Thrive+ (Cheers), dietary supplements that protect your liver health and, simultaneously, reduce the effects of a hangover.

Take three capsules of Thrive+ (Cheers) after consuming your last alcoholic beverage or before bed. The results make you feel 50% better than you would typically feel the day after.

Thrive+ (Cheers) Restore capsules reduce the effects of a hangover and promote liver health. The Thrive+ (Cheers) Protect can be incorporated into your daily routine to protect your liver.

What Makes Them Unique?

Dihydromyricetin, or DHM, a flavonoid with novel anti-alcohol intoxication properties, is the latest market trend as a “cure for alcohol hangovers.” It has antioxidative, anti-inflammatory, lipid, and glucose metabolism regulatory properties and exhibits health benefits while posing minimal adverse effects.

Thrive+ (Cheers) is unique and different from similar supplements on the market because it contains the highest dose of DHM compared to those products.

The Thrive+ (Cheers) Restore capsules promote liver support by increasing acetaldehyde metabolism, and the results are highly efficient when 2 to 4 capsules are taken before bed.

Are They Still an Active Company?

The company is still selling the products on Amazon and has received more than 60% of 5-star reviews out of the 5000 global ratings. The product has been featured in The Washington Post, Rolling Stones, BuzzFeed, Forbes, and USA Today.

How Did the Shark Tank Pitch Go?

Brooks Powell pitched his company, Thrive+ (Cheers), on the show and was seeking $400,000 for 10% equity in his company.

He explained the concept of his hangover-curing dietary supplements and handed out samples to the Sharks.

The Sharks asked whether the product was patented and about the effects and health benefits of the vital ingredient in Thrive+ (Cheers), Dihydromyricetin, or DHM.

Throughout the pitch, Mark Cuban continued criticizing the product and said that Brook’s claims to cure hangovers with his products were exaggerated.

Mark Cuban was against the dietary supplements and didn’t let Brook present his pitch on the show properly. Since Brook couldn’t provide specific numbers and valid data on the front or compare his product to other similar brands in the market, all the Sharks were quick to go out one by one, the first being Mark himself.

Mark didn’t believe in the product, and Robert was confused by the poorly constructed pitch. Both went out.

Bethenny thought the market competition for Thrive+ (Cheers) was too challenging. Hence, she didn’t want to invest in the company, so she went out as well.

Daymond thought that the product’s investment and money spent on marketing and educational campaigns would be too much. That is why he didn’t invest in the company as well.

Lori was the last Shark left. She thought that Thrive+ (Cheers) company was still in a very early stage, and after saying that, she went out as well.

Brook left the show having secured no deal with any of the Sharks.

Our Review of Thrive+ (Cheers)

Thrive+ (Cheers) is a beneficial product if you want to enjoy some alcoholic drinks with your friends without worrying about having a hangover the next day. It works very well and reduces your anxiety. You might still feel tired and hung-over, but the effects are reduced by up to 50%.

Pros of Thrive+ (Cheers)

  • Protects from liver damage
  • Reduces the effects of alcohol consumption
  • Makes you feel focused and increases clarity by reducing the hangover effects
  • Thrive+ (Cheers) has a clean list of ingredients, including Vine Tea, Ginger, and Milk Thistle

Cons of Thrive+ (Cheers)

  • Thrive+ (Cheers) capsules formula is not vegan.

Who Is it For?

If you struggle with the after-effects of alcohol and experience anxiety and fatigue after a night out consuming alcohol, Thrive+ (Cheers) is for you. The clean and effective ingredients used in the formula reduce the effects of a hangover, making you feel refreshed and much more focused the next day so that you can go to your office or continue the day’s work. It also protects your liver health in the long run, so regular alcohol consumption doesn’t lead to severe chemical-induced liver injuries.

Are There Any Alternatives?

  • Liquid I.V Hydration Multiplier
  • Goody’s Hangover Powders
  • Emergen-C.

Our Final Thoughts:

Even though the Sharks shot down the owner of Thrive+ (Cheers), the company is still successfully running its business and has garnered tons of appraises from its customers due to the effective formula of the capsules. The rejection didn’t stop Brook since he could scale his company into a successful business by staying true to his claims, which was evident by verifying reviews of all the customers that benefited from the product.