The Original Comfy from Shark Tank

The Original Comfy shark tank

The Original comfy is a delightful product that works as a sweatshirt and a blanket. These wearable blankets are incredibly handy in the winter weather as they not only provide warmth they provide practicality as well. We all have wished to stay under our blankets during frigid days. The Original Comfy has made that wish a reality by making it easy to take our blankets everywhere without sticking out like a sore thumb. The blanket has a soft Sherpa interior and a sleek microfiber sweatshirt exterior. The sweatshirt is one size fits all, and its oversized appearance adds to the product’s character.

The Comfy is a passion project of the Speciale Brothers, who stayed true to their name and introduced a special product. There are no frills attached to it, and the product is straightforward. This simple product struck the fancy of many customers, as The Original Comfy is now one of the biggest companies to come out of Shark Tank.

When appearing on Shark Tank, the brothers had no sales but an abundance of charisma.  Their humor and product appealed to the masses as their business is now booming. In 2019, they had made total sales of $150 million and appeared on the greatest money makers segment of Shark Tank. They landed licensing deals with giant corporations like Marvel and got their products in retail giants like Bed, Bath, and Beyond. The pandemic further helped their sales as the sweatshirt is the ultimate “Work from home uniform,” according to the founders.

How Did The Shark Tank Pitch Go?

The brothers delivered what was perhaps one of the most memorable pitches on Shark Tank. They kept the mood light and jovial from the get-go by announcing their unique surname in a singing voice. This elicited laughter from the Sharks who were already enthralled by the charisma the brothers exuded.

As the episode was aired during the holiday season, the brothers put an incredibly festive twist on their pitch. Continuing the light and upbeat mood, the brothers introduced their product using an especially composed rendition of Deck The Halls. Their vocals earn quite a few hearty chuckles from the Sharks who had also seemed to catch the holiday spirit.

The brothers introduced their product by showing just how to cuddle up on the couch with the blanket on. The Sharks were hooked at this point and were laughing at all the right moments. The brothers explained how their product was both a sweatshirt and a blanket that is excellent for curling up during cold days. They invited the Sharks to try their products which led to probably one of the funniest sequences on Shark Tank. Robert Herjavec, Barbara Corcoran, and Kevin O’Leary joked and laughed around in their oversized blanket sweatshirts and were not able to control their laughter. The product and the atmosphere created by the brothers has clearly uplifted the mood overall.

After all the fun, the Sharks wanted to know about the sales of the products. The brothers revealed that they hadn’t officially sold any products yet and the samples they had handed out were also prototypes. They were around two months away from officially launching their business. After quite a while, a true start-up had pitched its project in the Shark Tank, but it also made the Sharks hesitant to invest due to the uncertainty,

The Sharks wanted to know how the brothers got the idea for the product, and the brothers narrated a story about one of their sons using an oversized sweatshirt as a blanket. The story was personal, and also detailed the personal family struggles of one of the brothers. The Shark were, therefore, even more emotionally invested.

There were inevitable comparisons to the closest market on the product. The Snuggie was brought up in conversation and the Sharks wondered how the Comfy will do in competition. Lori Greiner refused to make an offer due to her business affiliation with the Snuggie. The brothers now had to convince the Sharks that their product was different from the Snuggie.

Mark Cuban was the next Shark to pull out of negotiations. He thought the brothers had a wonderful project, but it was far too early in the journey, and he could not invest in it. Kevin O’Leary faked the brother into thinking he’s about to offer, but he also declines to make an offer.

This left the brothers with Robert Herjavec and Barbara Corcoran as options. Herjavec was willing to take a risk on the product once he found out the sales numbers of the Snuggie. He offered $50,000 for 50% of the company. The brothers were perplexed by this offer, as they did not want to part with half of their company. Corcoran took the opportunity to offer the same amount for 30% equity. The brothers countered with 25% but Corcoran remained adamant on her original offer. After some back and forth, the brothers accepted her offer.

Our Review of The Original Comfy

The comfy is a fun product which might not be targeted toward solving a huge problem but it provides ease and comfort. Its success shows that there is always a market for a product if it strikes a chord with the people. The Comfy is excellent for curling up during frigid days and provides warmth, all aspects that attract customers. The product is designed with premium material, however, the company could still improve upon a few aspects to make it an even bigger hit.

Pros of The Original Comfy

  • Multipurpose, can be used as a sweatshirt and blanket
  • One size fits all, therefore, there is no sizing hassle
  • Lined with Sherpa fleece making it super warm
  • Reversible

Cons of The Original Comfy

  • Several customers complaining of subpar stitching and seams falling apart
  • Emits a strong odor when first delivered as a package
  • The fleece lining makes the sweatshirt  quite heavy

Who Is It For?

The product is not targeted toward any demographic, but it presents itself as a novelty product for adults. The marketing is also focused on being comfortable with family; therefore, the Comfy is mostly used by adults looking for comfort and fun with their families.

Are There Any Alternatives?

The major competitor on the market is the Snuggie. However, the Comfy has managed to set itself apart from the industry behemoth. There are now many replicas on the market, but the Comfy stands out due to its craftsmanship.

Final Thoughts

It would have been hard to believe that a sweatshirt and blanket hybrid would become one of the biggest products from Shark Tank. However, the brothers and their charming persona coupled with the comfort and warmth their product promised made it a massive success. The Comfy continues to grow as a business and is a true model for any aspiring entrepreneur.