Corks Away from Shark Tank

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Corks Away is a company that will take six people aboard a sailboat with an auxiliary kitchen for a prosperous voyage across the California coast, serving them wine and food. Due to their tremendous success, they added beer, mimosas, and romantic cruises to their menu.

Additionally, they were exploring methods to expand the company, like making it available to franchising, putting pesto appetizers on the retail market, and developing a Las Vegas indoor float trip.

The company Corks Away Wine Adventures was founded by Nathan Buffet and Shane Cianciolo.

Corks Away offer a beautiful sailing journey around the Californian coast with a departure from Alamitos Bay and an arrival in Naples among the vines.

While you sip the finest wines from Southern California, you and five other friends will be treated like Royalty.

The cost of your trip will also include a variety of snacks. When you go out on a voyage with Corks Away, you’ll be positive that you’ll be sailing in style.

For more significant occasions, you may also hire Corks Away, a bigger yacht from the 1920s.

Compared to the Dirigo 1, which has room for 25, the Dirigo 2 can hold more passengers.

This sailboat will stay in port since there are so many people on it, but it would be a superb location for a private event that meets your needs.

Due to the great success of their one-boat business, they decided to consider franchising as an option for growth.

In an episode of “Shark Tank,” Buffet and Cianciolo made an appearance in an effort to obtain a substantial investment of $105,000 in return for a 20% ownership stake in the Corks Away business.

They continued by telling the Sharks that their customers have traveled worldwide to participate in their wine excursions.

Sunflower is their luxury yacht spanning 30 ft long, and both Buffet and Cianciolo are Coast Guard-certified captains.

Throughout the event, samples of four different wines and a selection of food were provided to visitors.

Cianciolo approached the Sharks, intending to give them a glimpse of the experiences that Corks Away clients have while on their trip.

Following the Tank, Corks Away bought a second boat that could accommodate 25 passengers, which helped them gain even more popularity. But it was short-lived. The company failed. They arrived in Santos Marina in El Salvador with their boats to launch an ecotourism enterprise.

Corks Away had a $525,000 market value at the time of its Shark Tank appearance. As of 2022, Corks Away is no longer in operation.

Our Review of Corks Away

The Corks Away Wine Adventures were essentially begun as a joke by Nathan Buffet and Shane Cianciolo.

The idea driving Corks Away Wine Adventures is simple to grasp.

Six people would be transported on a fantastic sailboat journey along the California coast while being served wine and small bites.

Guests board a sailing vessel for a picturesque excursion, which is preceded by a beachfront winery and orchard tour.

This outing includes hors d’oeuvres and wine tastings all day long.

You may unwind and chill while enjoying a glass or two of your preferred drink.

Due to their enormous success, they added beer, mimosas, and romantic cruises. They also had other suggestions for growing: allow franchising, launch a Las Vegas dinner cruise, and sell their well-liked pesto appetizers in retail stores. The ideas were scattered, to put it another way.

The idea of having such a ride in Las Vegas was ludicrous, especially given the limited market for wine-paired boat rides. The average individual wouldn’t want to go on such a trip, and upper-class people presumably have their boat for such occasions.

Pros of Corks Away

  • The maximum number of people per boat on The Corks Away Tours is six. This keeps the space from being crowded and gives the visitors a chance to rest and decompress completely.
  • They provide lovely cuisine and wine, making the entire experience perfect for spending time with loved ones or gathering with friends and family to unwind.

Cons of Corks Away

  • The trip was significantly expensive compared to other cruises offering about the same.
  • The proprietors of Corks Away were condemned for not delivering enough services as promised, and they could not maintain the caliber of their service.

Who is Corks Away For?

Corks Away is a cruise experience in a small sailing boat that can accommodate six passengers. If you wish to spend some quality time relaxing with your clan or want to enjoy a romantic evening sailing on the Californian coastline, you can try this luxurious voyage.

Following a coastal winery and vineyard tour, the customers join a sailing boat for a beautiful voyage.

As part of this journey, there will be snacks and wine tastings all day long.

While unwinding and sitting back, you may luxuriate in a glass or two of your preferred wine.

Are There Any Alternatives?

Cruise experiences like Corks Away are not entirely unknown in the market. The quality and capacity of passengers may vary, but this idea dates back to the 1700s. The direct competitors of Corks Away can be Royal Cork Yacht ClubAmerican Cruise Lines, Regent Seven Seas Cruise, and many others.

Our Final Thoughts

Although Nathan and Shane were unable to come to an agreement with any of the Sharks, they remained adamant about continuing with their venture. A second boat was subsequently bought by Corks Away Wine Adventures to accommodate more patrons. They were even more well-liked by locals and visitors to California thanks to this boat, which could accommodate 25 passengers.

After Nathan and Shane presented their idea on Shark Tank, the coastal wine excursions remained a modest success for a while, but sadly, they ultimately failed. The company’s website was knocked down, and perhaps in 2012, its Twitter account stopped active. When the wine excursions failed, they decided to bring their boats to Santos Marina.

They intended to launch an ecotourism company, but no updates were publicly disclosed about it.

The ambitious pitch by Corks Away couldn’t make a lasting impact either on the Shark or the viewers.