Soupergirl from Shark Tank

Soupergirl shark tank

Regarding healthy eating, most people prefer a bowl of yummy hot soup. However, the question comes down are the ready-to-eat soups available in the market as healthy as they claim to be? Well, unfortunately, not.

Most grocery soup items contain unhealthy ingredients like high sodium, corn syrup, and maltodextrin. And this is precisely why Sara and Marilyn launched Soupergirl. They strive to provide fresh soup to people by using healthy and seasonal ingredients.

More importantly, they label whatever they use so you can rest assured that you are consuming healthy ingredients and nothing you haven’t heard of. The super-mom and Soupergirl started in 2008 and since then has never looked back.

They have struggled, but nothing stopped them from putting their best foot forward. At present, they have two brick and mortars. They also provide retail distribution and home delivery. Their healthy soup products are available in over 20 Costco stores and on the east coast.

It all began when Sara became vegan. She realized that a considerable gap existed in the market for healthy soups. That is what led her to launch Soupergirl. All soups that she offers are vegan and made from fresh ingredients.

Flavors include split pea, Zucchini chickpea, tomato gazpacho, sweet potato chili, and more. She has a staff of thirty people, and together they cook gallons of soup weekly. These are sold in small batches and packed in boxes to supply to their retail locations.

In 2016 the company’s sales were approximately $1.4 million, and it recorded nearly $2.4 million in sales in 2017. Though the company made good sales, its margins weren’t impressive. They needed more money to grow, expand and generate higher margins. Hence, they decided to pitch their idea of Soupergirl soups to the sharks.

The duo pitched in season 10 of Shark Tank. The duo offered 10 percent equity in their business in exchange for $500,000. Sara and her mom told the sharks that they aimed to save the world with their healthy soup products. Not only was their soup range delectable, but it was also healthy. Their unique selling proposition was plant-based, healthful, and small-batch soup products.

Though the sharks thought Soupergirl soup was a great idea, it was not profitable enough to invest in. Mark thought she would continuously require more funds, while Lori believed the margins were not good. Eventually, none of the sharks made an offer. No deal was signed. However, that was most certainly not the end of the Soupergirl. Sara and her mom worked hard to grow their brand.

They have improved their distribution by tapping new areas and markets. In June 2021, their products were available in Whole Foods Markets in Philadelphia, Richmond, and Pittsburgh. Also, Sara was among the five Kroger’s first local supplier winners.

So, she could have her soups in Teeter stores and Kroger’s. As of now, they have earned approximately $9 million annually. This is a significant achievement for the duo, and it seems they are here to stay.

Our Review of Soupergirl

We think Soupergirl has brought tremendous value to the market in numerous ways. Firstly, the product is super healthy. They offer vegan soups with nutritious and seasonal ingredients. This is a good alternative to unhealthy soups that are easy to find in local grocery stores.

So, when you eat your soup from Soupergirl, you can rest assured that it is fresh and healthy. Also, the product is available in natural-good stores and at your doorstep. This makes it very convenient for busy people (seeking quick and ready-to-eat healthy options) to buy good food without compromising their health.

Apart from that, the pricing is also reasonable, and the product tastes great. So, we think Soupergirl will likely succeed in its mission if they continue to be laser-focused and develop innovative ideas to attract an audience.

Pros of Soupergirl

Here are some of the pros of Soupergirl:

· It’s Healthy

Soupergirl soups are nutritious. They use only those ingredients that people recognize and are in season. This further helps accommodate several dietary needs.

· Exciting Options

Another great thing about Soupergirl is that they rotate their menu weekly. They continue to come up with exciting options to treat your tastebuds, from soups to salads, calzones, and more.

· Customizable Bundle

They also offer the option to customize your order. You can visit their website and place your order customized according to your dietary needs.

· Ready-to-Eat

Their products are made from fresh ingredients and are ready to eat. You can also freeze them according to Soupergirl’s instructions on the label.

Cons of Soupergirl

The only con we feel as consumers is that they are 100 percent vegan. They should expand their range and create delectable soups for non-vegan customers too.

Who Is Soupergirl for?

Soupergirl is for different segments of consumers, such as:

  • Those who are vegan
  • Those who love quality soups
  • Those who prefer healthy and natural food alternatives

Are There Any Alternatives?

Similar products are available in the market, like Pacific Organic, Amy’s Organic, Wolfgang Puck, and Bar Harbor. Nonetheless, we feel that Soupergirl products taste so much better and have a great variety to offer consumers. And that’s what makes them stand out.

The company is competing with other industry players based on their menu, quality of ingredients, soup recipes, and taste. We think so far, they are doing excellent in all domains, and if they continue to maintain their standard, Soupergirl soups will lead the pack.

Our Final Thoughts

Overall, we think Soupergirl soups are a great addition to the market. They provide excellent and healthy options for vegans and everyday consumers all year round. Also, despite zero artificial flavors, their soups taste great.

We believe that had the sharks invested in the company, Soupergirl would have reached greater success heights in the fastest time. Nonetheless, the show did help them gain more customers and recognition. Soupergirl has been growing steadily, and its annual sales traction shows that the duo is headstrong and wants to capture a bigger market share.