The Modern Christmas Tree from Shark Tank

The Modern Christmas Tree shark tank

Nowadays, even holidays like Christmas are not safe from the cancel culture at the hands of woke individuals. The reason for backlash? Christmas or mainly Christmas trees are harmful to the environment. So now, naturally, people have been revolutionizing the ways they celebrate such holidays (or at least trying to), which requires a lot of effort for something which was mainly for having fun or a family affair at most.

So naturally, market space is emerging. Such space is where entrepreneurs are trying to enter and create their niches and serve a clientele that has a demand for environmentally-friendly festive products. Given the role that Christmas trees play in the holiday tradition, a considerable improvement has been made concerning them. Moreover, the designs are really that good. It’s almost like there is no compelling need for conventional Christmas trees.

After all, the traditional way of procuring Christmas trees is extremely harmful to the environment, from increased carbon emissions from the manufacturing and delivery process to using toxic pesticides. Additionally, there is an issue: after we are done with Christmas festivities, we must discard the tree. It is an inherent fire risk that can catch and spread fire quicker than paper.

Hence, such a tricky situation leaves space for a superior, more present-day solution to deal with Christmas trees that also is harmless to the ecosystem and safe for our use. Considering how far cutting-edge technology has gotten with innovation, it is time we are answerable for our decisions to use it. And that is precisely where The Modern Christmas Tree by Matt Bliss fits in the traditional charms of the Christmas holidays.

An endeavor in the works from the 1960s by his grandfather, it was formally updated to match current plan strategies in 2011. Matt happened to showcase his works at the Denver Modernism Show in 2011, where they turned into a gigantic hit. It was more of a tribute to his granddad. However, Matt needed to carry on his granddad’s inheritance after the latter was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s.

Fast forward to the 50th Anniversary celebration of The Modern Christmas Tree, Matt effectively outperformed his objective of procuring $15,000 in funding to make another great release called The Jubilee. Before long, the business had disruptions, nearly ensuring Matt as a contestant on Shark Tank a year later. Somewhere, Matt knew that he needed an upper hand to stabilize this inherited business and make it his own.

So his underlying proposal of $100,000 worth of 10% value in the organization was met with dissatisfaction and discussions. Even though the judges were intrigued by the business advancement, they couldn’t concur with the proposed bargain as they suspected the unit cost was on the heftier side. The visual allure was most certainly there. However, the topic of scaling the business was where they were drawing their concerns.

Regardless of the worries of the appointed authorities and Herjavec and O’Leary going out, Barbara was excited about checking the business out with how new and creative the methodology was. At last, following a few counter offers, Matt had the option to get an effective $100,000 for 18% value of his business with Barbara taking over the management part of it all that, quite frankly, Matt needed in the first place.

So with Barbara at the ready, it was an ideal blend of the exact things that The Modern Christmas Tree required. With Matt pushing the understanding part of it all, thanks to the steps taken in the right direction, the company’s internal business tasks turned out to be smoother than before, all the while of which Shark Tank’s prominence keeps on cementing the business to this day.

Our Review of The Modern Christmas Tree

Since Barbara got on board with the temporary fad, it was a given that she would need to address the essential worries of the Shark Tank judges – the sticker cost. Consequently, it was inevitable before Matt concocted new plans. Hence, it was for Barbara and Matt to come up with more modest sizes and forms of the tree – all principally chasing the goal of presenting more affordable models.

Hence, as expected, it helped scale the business, which was the initial concern of the judges. So now, when you visit their website, you are met with an elegant setting exhibiting each model size accessible in different areas. The site acquaints you with each proposal without appearing excessively self-evident, setting the aesthetic for which people might be intrigued to explore more.

The visual appeal is so attractive that even if you don’t buy anything, you will go on to explore the product. Furthermore, assuming you are more of a motivational buyer, you would track down your strategy for getting around and going overboard on something stunningly beautiful. But at the same time, you would want to justify purchasing something you would only pull out once a year.

Aside from the design innovation of the featured product called The Jubilee, you will have options like The Grand 10’, The Classic 8’, Wall Tree, and a choice to custom-form your tree without any preparation. From the outset, the names are carefully basic, making it incredibly simple for you to comprehend where each separates from others’ elements. However, to simplify it even further, they are mainly allocated to define the “size” of the tree.

Next thing you know, you will have a choice, and as perplexing it may be, if you are there to buy a tree, you will have to make up your mind. However, with that being said, we suggest that the best version to buy is The Classic 8’. Remaining at a perfect level of 8ft, it will squeeze into most homes with normal to higher roofs without looking like a massively awkward lamp. It is one of the most comfortably fitting versions available.

Moreover, besides the cost, considering that it is a cutting-edge development, it will generally be a lavish expenditure. So be ready to spend some, however affordable it may seem, given that the notion is more subjective to the purchasing power of the person. Undoubtedly, you get an improved, smooth, modern piece of innovation that incorporates solidly into your festivals. You can find a creative outpouring of features like:

  1. Modus Mood LED Uplight
  2. Sputnik tree topper
  3. Tree Storage Case
  4. Ornament Hooks
  5. Tulip Tree Stand inspired by classic mid-century modern design
  6. Almost hundreds of Hand-cut and Polished Glass Chandelier Crystals and Glass Bulb Ornaments.
  7. Mirrorball & Battery Powered Mirrorball Rotator Device

Pros of The Modern Christmas Tree

  • Harmless to the ecosystem
  • Mechanically progressed
  • Enhanced ease of use
  • Astonishing features
  • Contemporary design input
  • No more hassle to arrange a tree
  • Convenient to put back after use

Cons of The Modern Christmas Tree

  • It is on the pricier side.

Who Is The Modern Christmas Tree For?

The Modern Christmas Tree is a new twist on the conventional Christmas tree arrangements we have seen since childhood. It is contemporary and environment-friendly. Also, with this new one, you can say goodbye to all the pet and toddler issues that come with the conventional Christmas tree arrangements and decorations. Hence, the Modern Christmas Tree is a well-suited addition for anybody’s home who finds these features speaking to them.

Are There Any Alternatives?

Changing Mood Smart Corner Light

Even though there isn’t precisely an option that is even remotely similar to The Modern Christmas Tree’s design offering, there are a few different items that genuinely match the basic premise of it all. For example, you can track down other choices online under the category of “Mood Lighting” or “Mood Lamps.” For a much lower cost, you get the feature of putting an aesthetic light on your bedside or salon corner and enjoy the relaxation it brings. However, as it isn’t precisely intended to impersonate a Christmas tree, it doesn’t fall as an immediate option in contrast to The Modern Christmas Tree.

Our Final Thoughts

As of February 2022, The Modern Christmas Tree has gained about $500,000 in yearly income. Safe to say, the organization is doing great with its product’s design innovation and advancement. Before long, given its ever-expanding popularity with newer customers pouring in every year, The Modern Christmas Tree might soon be gaining its much-deserved reputation for the Christmas tree for a better future. Cheers!